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Monday, 23 May 2016

CD Sunday Challenge - something beginning with B......

It seems ages since I posted anything on there but its not to say I have not been doing anything,  its just been a busy couple of weeks, hopefully I can catch up this week ???
This fortnights challenge on the CD Sunday Challenge is Something beginning with B....,   I hope you have got it because when I asked my husband he said blue,  nope my something beginning with B..... is Butterfly actually with the amount of butterflies perhaps we should make it Butterflies.
I thought I would keep this card simple and clean,  so I used Joanna Sheens Enchanted Dreams CD,  the image and the belonging backing paper,  I mounted the image on cream card and added a pink and blue ribbon making them into one bow,  and then added the parchment butterflies with pink  self adhesive gems  in the middle,  one gem thought it was better to stick to my finger than on the butterfly no matter how hard I tried to get it to stick on the butterfly it firmly thought one finger or the other was better, half and hour later it was on the butterfly with glue.
I hope you like my card,
Until the next time take care

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

CD Sunday Challenge - Songs from the Movies

This fortnights challenge on the CD Sunday Challenge site is songs from the movies.  It took a lot of thinking about and in the end I came up with this card,  I hope you like it.
We have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up that we have to give a card to and when I saw this image well this card is what you could say is killing two birds with one hit,
The image comes from La Pashe CD Something for everyone and the song is from the movie Titanic I think you might have already got there - My Heart will go on.
The image and the backing paper have come from the same CD,  I matted the image on gold card,  cut gold hearts from the same card,  used two beautiful die cuts that were sent to me by friends,  thank you  they are beautiful dies,  gold ribbon behind the bottom dies cut and gold ribbon bow and pieces in the spray of flowers.

I hope you like my cardI have not been around much this week so if I have not commented on your blog recently I will catch up with you,  
Until we meet again take care

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Goal - Finished

My goal is finished,   I passed the point which my goal was supposed to be finished for the course at the Mineral Hospital in Bath,  and I went on and I can now say its finished.
Here it is 14 inches in diameter in Cranberry Bush and light leaf green Lizbeth thread no 20,  The pattern Land of Laces Heart Doily,
I do like this design and will do the mat again one day but my only thing is there is a little ring between the hearts that you do when joining the hearts to mat which just wont lay down and will need a bit more blocking,  if I do the mat I wont be doing the little ring.
My next appoint at the Mineral hospital is the 16th May so I can say I did achieve my goal and more.
Have a nice day

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Craftree 2016 year long 24 Snowflake Challenge

The Sixth day of December

Its a bank holiday here in the UK,  but the weather is not what you would call spring,  more like winter.
You know what they say you wait for a bus to come along and then you get two well its a bit like this blog you wait for a week and then you get two posts in two days.
As you know we are doing a challenge over at Craftree from the book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn, and their is a design for each day of December leading up to Christmas and we are doing two snowflakes per month.  well here is day six and seven,  yes its the 1st of May and I am a bit behind but we did not really start the challenge until February.  
Day six is above I did this one in white Lizbeth thread no 20 this is a lovely design to do nothing hard about it.
The Seventh Day of December
Here is Day 7,  this design is a little bit harder with onion rings,  not many tatters like onion rings but I love them,  why are they call onion rings well they are the rings in the design where the rings are tatted together,  in other words you do a ring and then put chains around the ring,  hence onion rings.  I hope that explains it to the non tatters who read my blog.   I used white and Niagara Falls (blue) Lizbeth thread no 20,  for inside the onion rings and the middle of the snowflake
I am pleased with both these snowflakes,   and will do both again,  may not be saying that with the next two which are harder.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend

Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Pinterest Challenge by the Pin chicks

This month gosh is it really the end of April its more like February here in Somerset,  this week we have had rain, wind,  snow, hail and sleet.  even today the sky came over black and down it came hail, sleet and snow all mixed in.  Roll on Spring or perhaps summer might get here first.
With the nasty flu bug I had I never thought I would even get started at one point but I did and here is my efforts for the month.
This month I have done some stitching on card and the patterns I found on Pinterest with this link.  Both pictures are free and there are some more designs on the link.
I used metallic thread for them both pictures and beads on the flowers,   The above one I am going to call "You are my sunshine"  I used gold thread and beads for the centre and variegated thread for the middle and pink for the outside with pink beads.  I hope you can see the beads better  on the close-up.

This is the other picture,  the picture is of a rose which I did in red thread and put silver beads on it brighten up because  the red which looked a bit mat,  even though it was metallic thread.
I hope you can see the beads on the picture.  I am putting the words "With Love" on this picture.
I did enjoy doing these pictures and at a later date I hope to frame both pictures.
I have no idea what the other ladies have done so please pop over and see there blogs  Carollyn,   Suzanne,   Muskaan

Imoshen seems to have already posted hers but here's a link to her blog

I hope you have a lovely weekend

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Happy St Georges Day


Happy St Georges Day,  Have a great day.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

CD Sunday Challenge Special - Birthday Celebrations

As special celebrations the CD Sunday Challenge is to BACK LINK to our favourite card that we have made for the challenges, Well that was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time,  the brain cells have been working overtime. Although I have not been doing the challenges for the whole six years I still had a lot of cards to look though.   In the end it came down to two cards and tossing a coin we decided on this card. It was made for the Coffee, Peach and Cream challenge in November 2014.   I used the Joanna Sheens CD Patience Strong. Down beside each image there are some of the flowers which I used to 3D the image, and then I put glitter on the flowers,  I matted the image on peach and cream card and used the backing paper from the image,  The ribbon down the side is cream with a narrow coffee ribbon and I made a bow with both ribbons,  I added coffee ribbon to the spray of flowers.  and peach gems at the top and bottom.   I finished off the card with gold peel off of Happy Birthday.
Here is a link to the original post with this card from November 2014
You may ask why is this my favourite card,   I just like the colouring and the image,   peach is one of my favourite colours, and out of all the cards I have made for the CD Sunday Challenge this is one of them that stands out the most.
These ladies come up with some great challenges and I hope they keep going for another six years,  I really don't know how they do it and think of something new every fortnight
I hope you like it too.