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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mastering Tatting Book, 10/25 Motif Challenge

Recently I brought Mastering Tatting book by Lindsay Rogers,  I must say I have fallen in love with this book,   I have really enjoyed doing some of the patterns from it,
The Bookmark above is on Page 45 called Daisy Bookmark I did add an extra daisies to the length as I felt it was not long enough,   I used Lizbeth thread No 20 in white and  Summer fun.

These two hearts from page 67 its from part of a Doily called Love in the mist,  and are done separately and then placed around the doily.   I used Purple and white and white and summer fun all are Lizbeth thread no 20.

Both patterns were fun to tat and their will more tatting from this book in the future.  Great book well worth the money and one to have in your own library of books.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dew Drop Pendant 9/25 motif challenge

Its a mild but dull,   windy,  drizzly day here in Somerset,   Last night our local football team won their match in the FA football match and now they will play Manchester United on the 4th January 2015,  Its only a small ground so I wonder how they will fit in a Premier division football team into a 9,000 plus seater ground,  its great to see our little team meet up with one of the big boys.
This little pattern I made up recently and I called it Dew drop Pendant originally had flowers attached to it but them I found this lovely silver leaf in my stock and I ended up putting it in the middle,  with the blue beads on the middle ring of the clovers,  it was tatted in white lizbeth thread no 20.   The clovers decrease in size as it goes to the top point.
Here is the same little pattern again this time I placed a Tibetan silver owl in the middle.
This one is tatted in Lizbeth Purple thread no 20.
I am keeping the pattern to myself for the time being as I am not sure if I will release it or not,  I am not sure if anyone would want it.

Anyway I hope you like my Pendant, I know my grand daughter will want it as she is potty about Owls at the moment.    I hope to make a few more of these with different middles for my craft table over the next coming months.

Until we meet again  Take care


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Knitted Chocolate Heart Shape Cakes


Today I bring you my Chocolate Heart Shape cakes,  from the book 20 to Make Knitted Cakes,   I thought I would change the colours and use brown wool with a pale pink top and a red ribbon rose. As chocolate is a girls favourite food,  at least these don't melt away and as they are stuffed with toy stuffing they are washable and calorie free.
Until we meet again Take care

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tatted Door Wreaths, and Christmas Bells 8/25 Motif Challenge

This is a pattern I did last year and I thought I would try it again,   This door wreath pattern was first started by Lady Tats last year.   The pattern is done with one shuttle with red thread and one with green,  The berries are Josephine rings.    I used Red Burst thread by Lizbeth and Green is Flora thread which I find hard to tat with.   This year I had some white on a shuttle to use up and I try it with white berries and I find it looks just as good,  either way its a nice pattern and I used the ribbon to match the berries.
The hanging part I used the colours alternatively on a chain using flipped and unfliped stitches.

These Christmas bells  this pattern is by Wanda Salmans 2007,   They were tatted using white Lizbeth thread no 20,  the middle one is plain with just a red bow at the top,   The two on the outside had seed beads added with a bow at the top.   Its a lovely pattern and quick to tat.  Link to Wanda's blog

Hope you have a lovely Day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Song Titles - CD Sunday Challenge

This fortnight on the CD Sunday Challenge,   its Song Titles,  easy, hard whatever,  The night before they announced the challenge for this fortnight its was Strictly come dancing,  my inspiration hit me when I saw what the challenge was the next morning.......  not my best card but have you got it what song it is.
I used the image and the backing sheet from the image,  no I don't like the backing sheet, I was not sure when I printed it off and differently don't like it now.   Its from the Royal Horticultural Society CD Collection by Joanna Sheen,   I matted it onto one of the die cuts I had left from my friend,  only a few bits left now.   Found the gold peel off's houses and bicycle and placed them on rainbow card.  added ribbon and a music bar.
Now you must have got it,   of course its "Tulips from Amsterdam"   I love Amsterdam beautiful city, plenty to see and do and if you get a chance you can visit the diamond cutters and watch them cut diamonds.

I hope you are well and keeping warm,  its got a lot colder this week and bad weather coming in from tonight so stay safe.  until we meet again Take Care

Friday, 28 November 2014

Challenge # 46 Food and Drink Cardz 4 guyz

This card is for the Food and Drink Challenge over at Cardz4Guyz blog,  I made this card a few weeks ago and never finished it off so it was really a good choice for this challenge.  Most men like a pint of beer so I thought this was a good choice.
I used an image from Klever Konstruction on the shelf Once in a lifetime Volume one,
 I matted the image onto cream card and with gold peel off's around the outside,  and the backing paper that went with the image.   I white ribbon down the side, not sure if men's cards need any ribbon but I like to finish them off with something.  My photography has worked out a bit pale,  Wednesday it would have needed the flash as it was dull and dark all day yesterday the sun is shinning so I took the picture before the weather changes again.
Have a nice day and until we meet again Take care

Thursday, 27 November 2014

P is for............... CD Sunday Challenge

P is for.............  Pansies
This is the CD Sunday Challenge P is for...... well I choose an image from a new CD I was given for my birthday One Summers Day by Joanna Sheen.  I must say this is a lovely CD with some lovely images.
I used the Pansy image, matted it onto silver card,  and then decoupage it with one of the others on the sheet,  it fitted perfectly.  I used the backing paper that went with the image.  I added the green  ribbon and the With Love from the same image sheet.
At last the sun is shinning here after days of damp, dull and foggy days.
Hope you have a nice day