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Friday, 25 July 2014

CD Sunday Challenge - Kind and Caring Thoughts Christine


Phew its hot, its not very often I say that, but this week has been so hot, I melted in the nursing home every day.   Thank you to all those who have given me such wonderful kind words over my Mother dying this week.

Anyway this card was made last weekend, apologises for posting it late,    I hope you will understand why.
I use Joanna Sheens CD  Patience Strong's If flowers could talk, for the image and the backing paper.  Matted the image onto silver card and put dotty ribbon I brought somewhere around the image for a change.   Two dies cuts which my friend did for me and added Ivy leaves and pink roses in either corner.  Finished off with silver peel off's.
I hope you are enjoying the weather long may it last,  that may not be very long in UK, but enjoy and hopefully see you soon in blogland.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rest in Peace Mother


This is a sad week,  my mother Marjorie Robinson died on Tuesday night in Clare Hall Nursing Home,   she would have been 92 on the 19th August,   this is a picture of her on our wedding day 16th August 2002,  she was 80 years old three days after the wedding.
This was the best picture I could find, we are not a family that take a lot of photos.
Mother was an ex Japanese POW with many injuries from the Japanese having been torpedo at sea and captured by the Japanese. Her nickname in the Navy was Bubbles.  Nothing made by the Japanese was allowed in the house when I was growing up,  I remember a christmas present being given to me, as I opened the present she saw made in Japan the present was taken and put straight in the bin.
She had a peaceful death, the dementia had taken over and she had lost the ability to know how to eat or drink.  The home had started feeding her and were wonderful I cant thank you them enough,   they gave her so much love and care.
They made sure that we were fed and watered,  I must say no wonder she put weight one they food was delicious and she had better care in there than she would have in a hospital
While I sat at her bedside, melting with the heat, I was knitting or tatting.
This picture below is us on our wedding day (the while picture) with Vernon's Dad and my Mother we had one parent each,   Vernon's dad died last year and now we have none.
                                                              Rest in Peace Mother.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gozo Malta

The day we went over to Gozo its was a bank holiday on the Island,  it was very busy on the ferry across to Gozo from Malta, as many families were having a day out on Gozo  

Gozo is Malta's smaller sister island it is more fertile and more picturesque and far more unspoilt.  Malta and Gozo have a lot of history too much for me to write on here.  The capital is Victoria the Gozitans always use the name of Rabat it is the only town on Gozo and was named Victoria in 1897 and is in the centre of the island and has been the capital of Gozo since the Roman times.  There are several villages around the island.  The picture above was taken as we arrived in the ferry port on Gozo

 We went to the Ggantija Temples,   in the past they were known as the The Giants Tower,  they are the best preserved and most impressive prehistoric temple.  It is probably the finest of ancient remains in these Islands and can be compared with Stonehenge for grandeur.  It was uncovered around 1826.   It is older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

View from the Temple.

 Ggantija consists of two separate systems of courtyards which do not interconnect.   The South Temple is bigger  and earlier (c.3600 B.C.)  and better preserved incorporating 5 large apses.
The North Temple which is smaller and later (c.3000 B.C.) with 4 apse structure.
Wood or animal hides might have been used as roofing material.

 Two types of stones were used in the construction "talfranka" the soft stone mainly used inside as floor slabs and portals.
"talqawwi" a harder stone mostly used for walls and general construction.   Traces have been found that the walls inside were painted with red ochre.

 Inner part of the Temple,  as you can see there is some scaffolding up unfortunately time and the weather is taking its toll on the temple.  As this is a very important site there's not a lot that can be done,  these are the possibly oldest free standing structures in possibly  in the world.

 These pictures show inside and they are the remains of the alters sacrifices where they  were made,  and worshipped,  I don't know what gods they were worshipping,  as I don't remember the guild saying.

I hope you enjoyed my piece on Gozo,  I did not take a lot of photos on this trip over to Gozo some places were just too busy,  we did visit an craft centre and Victoria that's where I brought the bobbin lace bookmark which I showed you a few weeks ago.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Antique Brooch and Renulek's Summer Mat 25/25 Motif Challenge


After a few beautiful days this week here we had rain last night for the first time what must be over week,   its still heavy but at least the garden has had some rain.
I found this brooch in the market in Frome when I had my bad hand back in January and its been sitting in front of me waiting for some enhancements,   well I finally decided on what colour to use and here it is,  its not easy to photograph as the stones around the outside and middle shine all different colours   I use Lizbeth thread no 20 Purple Splendor,  this is the first brooch I have enhanced so it was a bit of a learning curve,  but I am pleased with it, hope you like it too.  This completes the 25 motif challenge no two.    I hope to start another one if Sharon will still let me.  

This is Renulek's summer mat I have completed the seventh round and now just started the eighth,  I have another two rounds to go.
Then I might start her collar,   see how things go.

My card for the CD Sunday Challenge a couple of weeks ago made a third,  I was so pleased and delighted to find out this morning.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
Until we meet again Take care

Friday, 11 July 2014

Tatted Lacy Orchid Pendant Pattern


I have today put in my Esty shop my new pattern for a Lacy Orchid Pendant,    its something different and very lacy,  it is a fiddy pattern but works out as a 3d pattern and I hope those who buy the pattern who enjoy tatting this pendant.
until we meet again take care

Thursday, 10 July 2014

CD Sunday Challenge, - Recycling with Carol

Today has been the most gorgeous day,  sun is shining and there's just a little high cloud,   its warm but not too hot.    My washing dried,  I am having the bedroom painted, so I washed the curtains they are now ironed waiting to go up and the bedding is also dry and can go on the bed when the room is finished.   hopefully Saturday,   when he's finished.
Today I bring you my card for the CD Sunday Challenge  this time is Recycling with Carol,   first my recycled items are from an old birthday card I have kept for sometime,   its the bird table, the butterflies, and the little birdy at the bottom of the image all from the one card.   I used an image matted onto silver card and the backing paper from Joanna Sheens CD  Pamela West.    I made the card into a step card out of green card and added the bird table and then at the back the trellis, flourish and ivy and rose buds with a handmade bow,   and put another flourish along the bottom with a small spray of an ivy leaf and rose bud with a handmade bow.
Unfortunately the camera has not taken a brilliant photo today,  he needs recharging and although the sun is shining it did not take a good picture my apologises.
I hope you like my card and I look forward to seeing you again in blog land soon.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Just a few simple cards

When I was ill I treated myself to two CD's from La Pashe,  they were on offer and the best time to buy is when they are on offer.
I just wanted to see how the images would look on cards and I made these few cards from the CD's for my table yesterday.
Just a few quick and simple cards they speak for themselves really so no need for me to write much.

 I think they came out quite well,  they have a lot of brilliant images, and  they were really a good buy and I recommend them.
The CDs are Flippin Families and Something for everyone.

 I hope you like my simple cards and until we meet again take care

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy American Independence Day, and my Birthday


To all my American followers I wish you a very Happy Independence Day,  I found this beautiful door wreath on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago,  and I thought today was the right day to share it with you.   You will find all the details on how to make it on this site.

I want to thank Kathy she has put a lovely piece about me on her blog this week,  thank you Kathy that is really lovely to say that and here is the link to her blog so you can read it to Kathy's Victorian Tatted Lace blog.

I hope you have a lovely day, and until we meet again take care