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Sunday, 30 October 2011


I am sorry I have not been around this last week, I have been struck down with flu, and spent the last few days in bed, I need not say anymore. After all I have been through this year and just as I was getting back on my feet, and having a flu jab in September here I am with flu.
I hope to get back to blogging very soon, and leaving you all comments on your lovely blogs, so if you have missed me which I doubt don't worry I have not forgotten you, in the meantime take care and hope you don't get this flu.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Knitted cup cakes.

Well the washing is out but not sure if it will dry, it was dizzying early on, the sun has shown its face on and off but its windy and that might dry the washing, its not cold in fact is quite warm.
I thought you might like to see my new knitted cup cakes, they went on my craft table yesterday for the first time, I used double knitting wool in a random blue/brown/white mixture for the base, cream for the top and then a small ruffle flower for the top. I am pleased with these they look pretty and the colours go so well together.
It was not the best craft fair but there was a lot of people in the hall at times, at least they are looking, I wont be there in November, and so my next one will be December.
The pattern for the flower is easy and I will put it on my pattern blog in
the next couple of days.
I would like to say well done to New Zealand in the Ruby cup final, I am not a Ruby fan but Vernon watched some of it and it was a very even match, well he said it was, who am I to say otherwise.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and until we meet again take care.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Sunday CD Challenge - Around the World


Very chilly this morning we did not get the frost they forecasted which was good, the sun is now shinning, I wonder for how long today. My mojo does not seem to have returned this week so I am hoping you will like my effort, several ideas did not work out until I finally went with this, not my best effort by far.
The challenge this week on the Sunday CD challenge is around the World you would think with all the travelling I have done it would be easy............ NO.

This card was made with the Art Deco ~~Timeless Keepsake CD, the backing paper and images both have come off this CD. There are many images with different scenes around the world until I went to print them off, Oh no only three showed the scene the rest the scene disappeared leaving the ladies in an art deco design, which made me cross. anyway I settled for these two, both in blue, I added the blue sheer ribbon which I brought from Joanna Sheen, brilliant ribbon and a wonderful price, plus free delivery even better. I finished off the card with silver peel offs.

I hope you are keeping well and the weather is not too bad where ever you are, until we meet again take care.



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Earrings, and new thread


Its lovely bright sunny morning and the sky is blue with just a few white puffy clouds, so far its not rained, funny yesterday while Vernon was at work only 9 miles away it poured down where he worked, Mother said it rained yesterday shes only 6 miles away, well they might have heavy rain but the sun shone most of the day, I even went out into the garden and pulled up my Geraniums put them in pot and placed them in the porch for the winter before the frosts come. Should not have done it but left to Vernon they will be dead before he thinks about it. I am hoping when he retires next month the garden will be looking a lot better, I live in hopes, as you see the garden is down to me and so far this year I have been unable to do anything, so just taking a few geraniums out of the tubs and putting them in pot is a start.
Today I am showing a new pair of earrings they are just simple split rings, I have not thought of a name for them yet, they are nothing special but I am pleased with them, they have not been ironed so they will look better when I get the iron on them. but I wanted to show you, the thread is Lizbeth no 20 Raspberry Frappe, I really do love this colour thread.

This is a new thread I brought last week, called Butterfly breeze again Lizbeth no 20, I don't think this photo does it justice, as its a lovely random thread of colours of the rainbow. another one to put on the favorites list. The heart is by Be-stitched called Rose Heart, and the Butterfly is my old favorite by Mary Konior.

That's it today I hope you are keeping well, in the meantime take care



Sunday, 16 October 2011

Knitted White Dove

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, I thought I would show you my knitted white Doves, They are hand knitted with white wool, stuffed with toy stuffing so they are washable with glass beads for eyes.
This pattern came from a new book I brought recently called 75 birds, butterflies and beautiful beasties to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield. Well I don't crochet but the knitting patterns are lovely. The leaves, butterflies and other items have clear pictures, my only problem is that it has its own instructions and some of the abbreviations are not the usual ones so I had to keep looking up what she meant.

I thought these would make some nice decorations for Christmas and would look good on my door wreath. I have put a piece of wool to hang it to photo the Dove but they can be sewn onto the door wreath or placed on a Christmas decoration various ways.

At last the sun is shinning after a cloudy morning, they say its going to get colder next week well it is October so I suppose we must expect the weather to start getting colder.
I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again Take care

Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm very Pleased with myself and Ruffle Scarfs

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and its quite mild today no wind for a change. The washing is out in the garden to dry and I feel a lot better,I have driven for the first time on my own into Frome, I had an appointment. I drove on Wednesday with Vernon, he felt I could do it. So I took my time, I managed to get parked and got back home OK. I feel I have achieved something as I have not driven since the 1st December, I feel this is a real achievement after all I have been though.
I showed you my scarfs last month on the 4th September, in the post I said I had blue, black and white, and a bright red wool to knit up. Looking though what I could put on this post I thought I would show you my scarfs and how they worked out. The first one is blue and green, the wool used is Stylecraft, and is called Ruffles, they are easy to knit, one ball makes a scarf.

Bright red.

Black and white.

All the above are in my Esty store.

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are and you have a lovely weekend. Until we meet again take care



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Sunday CD challenge - Wine Buff

What a change in the weather, after the gorgeous late quick summer we had a couple of weeks ago, this week has been dull, dizzily, and windy. This is the fourth day where the light has been dull and the sun has just popped out for a few minutes a day.
Today I am showing you my card for the Sunday CD Challenge, this week is Wine Buff. Unfortunately my mojo is not working very well and this is all I can come up with. I tried a different shape this week, its been a challenge coming up with something different which is good for my mojo (brain cell #3 as Jane would say)
I used The Pamela West Collection CD by Joanna Sheen, the image and backing paper are both off the CD. I have made it into a retirement card with a bunch of grapes top and bottom and purple velvet ribbon place on the image.

I finished off the card with gold peel offs.

This image is also on the Cd as a bookmark.

I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care.



Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tatted Angels, Snowflakes and Christmas Trees

I am having one of those I can't be bothered days, the weather is windy it has been raining a bit, dull, and not very interesting. The sun has just popped out but there's plenty of grey clouds around.
Today I am showing my tatted Angel, this is Katie Johnson's 3-Dimensional Angel pattern, she glues the skirt onto the body, but I have played with the pattern and by doing two picots at the bottom of the body I can attach the rings and make the skirt so she strands up. I have shown her before but I thought I would show her again.
This snowflake and the next one are from Anna Magazine December 1991, I wish they had not stop printing the English version, I know I have said it before but when I go abroad I always look to see if I can get a copy of any current German ones as they still print it in German.

Both of these are on sale in my Esty store at the moment. they are easy to tat and don't take very long to do.

This is a new snowflake from the book Christmas Angels and other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn, I found this pattern easy and I love the way the rings flow, a couple of the rings look a little drunk but I have not ironed it yet.
This Christmas tree pattern is also from the same book, I also loved this pattern although I had a few unpicking at first its not difficult and once you get the hang of the pattern worked up quite easy, I also did it in the Christmas thread by Lizbeth called Christmas Delight, I really love this thread, well I think by now you all know that. I am going to do it again with some beads. I do like to test a pattern without beads before tatting them in.

All the above were tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and the weather is a bit better where ever you are. I shall be watching the F1 later, I did not get up early for the race this morning so it will be the repeat, Japanese time is a bit too early for me, I hope Jensen Button our local boy will have a good race he was second on the row, I have not seen who won it that would spoil the race for me.

Until we meet again take care



Friday, 7 October 2011

Corinne's Game

I hope you are all well, and hopefully the weather has improved with you, it still windy here and although more sunshine today its feeling a chilly.
Today I bring you Corinne's Game as per her blog, she placed a pattern on her blog and then asked if anyone wanted to tat it, well as you can see I did it in the Christmas thread by Lizbeth, Christmas Delight no 20, I do love this thread. When I looked at her pattern I had to take a double look, as you see I have been doing some more snowflakes and this pattern is the same, as the snowflake pattern which I used from be-stitched.
Nancy's pattern called tatted 10-point Snowflake (2005) and this is the middle of her pattern, I liked it as it was it is so I have not done the otter round. It makes a lovely little snowflake, easy to tat and quick.
I have some more snowflakes to show you over the next few weeks, amazing how patterns can get repeated in many different forms. I enjoyed Corinne's game, and look forward to seeing when she does another one. There seems to be quite a bit going on in the tatting world at the moment, including a thread exchange on "intatters".
Until we meet again take care

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Sunday CD Challenge - Nature's Wonders

Not a very nice day here, its raining at the moment and been dull all day, just managed to get a photo of this card when we had a speck of brightness.
We are just a bit tried today, mother got up in the night and had a fall so I was called out in the middle of the night, 6 miles may not be very much but on unlit country roads with bends and possible nightlife animals roaming around Vernon drove. She was OK, just had a fall the paramedics checked her over and she's fine. Don't get me wrong I could do it if I had started driving again, hopefully this weekend I hope to get back on the car. I have had some good news re the cancerous mole, the skin they took around the mole scar is clear and after a visit to Frenchary Hospital last Friday I am OK, they will be checking me over every three months for the time being, I feel so much better. We went out today well Vernon had had no sleep so he stayed home. Late morning we popped out I had two people say how well I looked, that made me feel even more better, I think it was a bit of retail therapy that also helped. We went out last Sunday for the day to Weston Super Mare and did a vast amount of retail therapy, gosh it been over nine months since I really went out and did some shopping.
Back to today's cards, this card is for the Sunday CD Challenge this week it is Nature's Wonders. I wanted something different, something but in the end this is what I ended up with. I used Joanna Sheen's CD The Pamela West Collection, the image I used instead of putting it in the middle on top of each other I put it to the side and then built it up. The dragonflies are peel offs mounted onto parchment embossed and coloured to match the colour of the backing paper also from the same image on the CD, I used embossed miri board finished off with flowers from stock and gold peel offs. I put the smallest dragonfly on the flowers.


Do you remember this card from last week, well it came First on the Sunday CD challenge, I cant believe it. Thank you for choosing my card, I am totally speechless.

I hope you are all keeping well and the weather is better with you than it is here, we are due to have very strong winds tomorrow as another hurricane hits the UK, after that gorgeous weather we had at the weekend, we are back to usual UK weather.

The next post will be tatting, promise.

Until we meet again take care