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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My new Special Shuttle

I started Tatting lessons in the local wool shop a few weeks ago,  one of the ladies last week was very pleased that she had brought this commemorative shuttle.   When I saw it I just had to have one too, and it arrived this morning.    It is the 1914 centennial of the Great Ward 2014,  Last year was in some ways a year of memories my father was born on the first day of the 1st War world 4.8.14 and to me this shuttle is in memory of him.  I doubt if I will ever use it as far as I am concerned it is a piece of history and a memory.
  They are on sale at www.Roseground.com if you are interested.
                                                 We should never forget.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Thank you Wendy


This is a very belated thank you although I have sent an email thanking Wendy,  what with the flu and then the spare bedroom being done which is now finished with a new carpet etc,  this was put away for safe keeping over christmas.
I won this lovely organza bag from Wendy's Blog link to her blog
This bag is gorgeous with a tatted motif called shouting star in Ice Blue thread.
Thank you Wendy the bag is totally gorgeous sorry its taken so long to blog it.
The Peacock I was working on is now finished and I will blog him in a couple of days.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend, and keeping warm although the temperature has gone up today.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Thank You Kristen


Just a quick thank you to Kristen,   I received this lovely card and beautiful snowflake on Saturday.
It is from the book 24 snowflakes by Lene Bjorn and is called the first day of December, It is will hanging on my tree next christmas.
I hope you received my email Kristen,  not sure if the email address is still the same now you have moved to Australia.
Very cold here today might get some snow during the week.
Until we meet again take care

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Flu and the Pinterest Challenge for January(updated)


This is the first post of year,  I was hoping for a good start and I got flu,  well Vernon got it first and I looked after him but in his gentlemanly way he passed it onto to me.   I still cant get rid of the cough and its driving me up the wall.   Just before christmas I was diagnosed with Fibromalgia a painful condition so with that and the flu its been a rather painful start.   I am not complaining just got to get on with it.  I have been tatting a little at the moment I am working on the Peacock,  its nearly finished so I will wait until it is to show you.
Anyway back to the post my friend Suzanne challenged me to find something on Pinterest each month for 12 months,  and then try and do it.   Well the above picture was something that caught my eye,  no pattern yes I do not agree with people printing patterns on Pinterest that's not fair on those who spent so much time working out the pattern only to have someone print it out.    Anyway this picture caught my eye I just worked on it from the picture so the count may not be the same but this is how it worked out,  I feel my top is too big for the design. If I do it again I will change the top.   I used Lizbeth red burst at the top I had some on a shuttle to use up and Lizbeth white both are  no 20 for the tree.
Do pop over to see Suzanne's Blog and see what she's been doing. here is a link to her blog
I have my next challenge for February in the planing, not sure if we can do it for 12 months but I am sure we will both find some great ideas  it will be different things not always tatting that's for sure, without upsetting other peoples copyright.
Hope you are having a good weekend,   its cold here and we have had a few dusting's of snow nothing lasting,  tonight is forecasted as the coldest night for two years. 
Until we meet again Take care 
Update,  this pattern is one of Jan Stawasz patterns from his book Tatting Theory and Patterns,  I have updated Pinterest with the information.   I also checked my rough pattern from the picture with his pattern and I was not far out.  But if I do it again I will do a different top I still feel its too big.  Thank you to those tatters who were able to tell me who designed it I do like to give credit to the designer of any design I make.