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Tuesday 29 March 2011

New Threads

Hi, So far today has been dry although the weather said we will get rain later. Its been a lovely spring so far and very dry, although Vernon has not started on the garden some of the plants really do need some rain. I am one who would like the rain at night and sun during the day. Vernon did my craft table again on Saturday, it was a quite day, even though Mothers Day is just around the corner. He only did it on one condition I sit and do nothing but answer technical questions, he does not do technical. Today I am showing you my new threads, I brought a load before Christmas and I am still wading though them, so there are more to come. Only tatters get excited about threads, believe me threads and colours play a large part of a tatters world. Whenever I get a new colour I make a butterfly, it shows me how the colour is going to work up, this pattern is from Mary Konior, I have made so many over the years I know the pattern off by heart now. This is cotton candy Lizbeth thread no 20.
This is Tropical Punch again Lizbeth no 20, I like this colour with the yellow, orange, and two shades of pink, very zingy colours. I made a pair of my Cymbidium Earrings but I used a small bead, also a small basket.

This is thread I was sent by Margaretha (Typstatting) in Australia, again I made the butterfly and also a another pair of Cymbidium Earrings this time I used one of my new pale pink pearls that I got last week, I think the pearl looks lovely and I will be using them instead of the small beads in future.
The next picture is another thread she sent its lovely and I am really pleased with it, the colours of yellow, green and white although the picture looks more blue than green, but it is green.

I have found out that they are Turkish threads, so when I buy some more threads I will be adding this to my order.

I still have a few more threads that I have not got around to so watch out there will be more to come.

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather we have at the moment while it lasts. In the meantime until we meet again in blog land, take care.



Thursday 24 March 2011

Tatted Booties

What lovely weather we are having, and very warm for the time of year. must not speak too quick, it can all change by the weekend.
Today I have my tatted booties, these are from Three- Dimensional Pattern book, I tatted then in white no 20 Anchor cotton and used the shaded sheer ribbon, it has pink blue and yellow so it can be used for either a boy or girl. I really love this ribbon and use it often on my cards as well.
I have some new tatting on the go at the moment so when I have finished it I will post. I am getting on with my knitted cloth nearly half way. I have finished one cardigan for my friend and when I have sewn the buttons on I will take a photo of it for you all, there is enough wool to make a baby's bonnet to match the cardigan.
Hoping you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather. Until we meet again take care

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Knitted Lace for a change.

I was going to post this yesterday, things don't always work out as you plan. Yesterday being the first day of spring, the sun was shining (please note Sheila I have spelt shining right for you) I spoke to Sheila on Sunday, she said every time I write the sun is shining I put two "n" well I hope today I have got it right. Spelling is not my best point, we cant be good at everything and thankfully now we have spell checker on computers. It was Sheilas birthday yesterday, we popped in to see her on Sunday evening, Sheila is my husband sister in Law by his previous marriage and when we got married Sheila said that she had never had a sister in Law before, well neither had I. I hope she had a lovely birthday.
Back to the post I thought I would show you some knitted lace for a change. I have a cloth on the needles at the moment and when its finished I will post it. All three cloths have a close up as well so you can see the middle a bit easier. This cloth is white with a silver thread within the thread. the picture just does not show the silver. The cloth measures 15 and half inches Dia. The pattern came from the German Magazine "Anna".
This cloth and was knitted in pure white. It is a another German pattern from the "Anna" magazines. Unfortunately they do not publish these magazines in English any more. Their patterns are not written like the English ones, they are done from a graph.

close up. The cloth measures 20 inches in Dia.

This is another cloth also from a German pattern from the magazine "Anna" this was knitted in a peach thread,

Close up. This cloth measures 20 inches in Dia.

I hope you have enjoyed this piece today these cloths take a quite a time to knit and are all knitted in merchandised cotton.
Hope you are keeping well, look forward to seeing you again in blog land.

Friday 18 March 2011

Not a lot this week

We have had some lovely weather this week until today, and we woke up to rain, very dark, its brightening up now.
I have some photos to take although I did them yesterday, the light was good but my white cloths look blue, see picture will try again with a different background, I thought red would have shown them up, well you know what thought did. The picture is just not good enough for what I want it for.
These are just a few cards I have down this week, I have had a bad week health wise, so not a lot has got done, not that I feel like doing anything much. I had this bad headache that just would not go. In the end I took a very special tablets I have for migraine which possibly I should not have had with all the other pain killers they have me on at the moment but I just could not take anymore of this continuous headache.
I have started some knitting for a friend, she about to be a grandmother and wants some knitting done, so far I am now half way through the first cardigan, will show you a picture when I have finished it. She has brought designer wool, very soft and in a pale green blue, so far it has knitted up well.
The top card is am image I was given, I am sorry I cant remember who gave me the wonderful little image. I coloured it with pro makers glitter the wings although they don't show up in the picture must add a bit more I think glitter i think. Punch out a yellow piece of card and matted it onto cream card, and added a bronze peel off. The bee embellishment I brought sometime ago from Paper bliss.

These two cards are from my Art deco CD ROM, they are on cream card and glitter coloured card with peel off accents. The yellow card has rainbow sheer ribbon and the pink card has plain sheer white ribbon. I rather like this rainbow ribbon it goes well with whatever I used it on.

I have not used these images before so it was nice to find something different to use, funny how we crafters stick to certain ones on a CD and never look any further. We have our favorites and we just keep using them with some images just going unused.

Well that's it today I hope you are keeping well and look forward to meeting you again soon in the meantime take care.

Sunday 13 March 2011

Angelwoods Crafts have three candies to be won.

Thanks to Tilly, she found these three candies from Angelwoods crafts to win
This is no 1.

This is no 2.

This is no 3.

All three are to drawn on the 18th April, follow the links and pop over to see her candies

Hope you are well, the sun is shinning here and its quite warm, spring is really looking like it is here today. I have not made any cards this hopefully I hope to make a few later. I will have some tatting later on in the week.
Until we meet again in blog land take care.

Sunday 6 March 2011

The Fleet is growing and a lovely gift.

I hope you are having a good weekend, and enjoying the rest from work.
Today its been a bit cloudy but looking brighter now the sun has come out, at least its not raining, its been dry now for nearly a week, very cold with a cold bite in the air and frost at night. The spring bulbs are looking lovely and my daffodils nearly out, the Forsythia is now out, the bluebells coming up and the shrubs shooting. Spring is just around the corner, oh it has been a long winter with snow very early in November.
Today I bring you my newest planes to the TIAS fleet, above is one who took off and has landed safely in Cheadle. He was in Lisbeth thread no 20 called Caribbean with black edging and he took with him a few butterflies. I know Nic has now received them, she was the first one of my followers to guess what the TIAS was. There is a blog for TIAS and here is the link if you would like to pop over and see them, the TIAS was done by tatters all over the world and the results are now shown on the blog. A big thank you to Jane for designing and organising the challenge.
This another new thread Lizbeth no 20 in Tropical Punch, I love these colours and they have worked up so well and look lovely. I brought eight new threads back in November and I am still wading through the colours. Below is the newest to my fleet using the Tropical Punch and with black edging. I think this colour will become one of my firm favorites.

I received yesterday this lovely gift from Typstatting, Margaretha loved my cup cakes, and I sent her one, in return she has sent me this lovely gift. Thank you Margaretha the two knit stitch makers and some gorgeous thread, in a little bag. Only tatters get excited about thread and I have already decided what to do with the green thread. I have already put one of the knit stitch makers to good use. Margaretha makes them and I must say they are totally gorgeous.
This is a cloth I am knitting at the moment, the pattern is from the Anna magazine September 1989 I am using white merchandised cotton. When the cloth is finished I will put a photo of it on my blog, at the moment I am on round 71, with 201 rounds altogether. I have a friend whose about to be made a grandmother and has asked me to knit some items for the forth coming baby in August, so I am going to be kept busy knitting for a little while, when they are finished I will let you see them. Being off work is giving me a lot of extra time for tatting and knitting.
Have a good weekend, and unto the next time we meet up in blog land take care

Thursday 3 March 2011

Commissioned Cards, and Update on hospital appointment

Another dull day here in Somerset, we had some sunshine yesterday but today we are back the dull cloudy day and cold. The air seems to have a cold bite in it.
Today these are two cards that were commissioned to make, they have tatted butterflies on them, this first card has three butterflies in no 60 white thread, I sewed then onto blue card added beads on the antennas and mounted on silver card and finished off with silver peel offs.

This card has one butterfly on again sewn onto blue card and mounted onto silver card, I added white beads in the middle and on the top of the antennas. Again I finished it off with silver peel offs. Both were for the same person.
Yesterday I went to the Royal United Hospital in Bath, I saw the surgeon who is going to operate on my gall bladder, he said 6 weeks I was sent down to the pre-op assessment unit, the nurse said it would be 12 weeks, well whenever it is they are finally going to do something and hopefully it will be 6 weeks rather than waiting for 12 weeks. Knowing my luck at the moment it will be the longest time. I cant fly for six weeks after the op but we have a holiday booked to Italy at the beginning of July I worked it out that at 12 weeks it will leave me 5 and half weeks well I shall risk it, whats half a week. I feel a lot better now they have finally said they are going to do something and I will be rid of pain. Keeping to a no fat or low fat diet has been hard, I was told it would help with the pain that I am still in and not able to lay down so I sit up to sleep, I will be so pleased when its over and done with.
Enough of me.
I hope you are keeping well, and life with you is fine, until we meet up again in blog land take care.