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Sunday 30 June 2013

The Woollen Project - Cumbria

This post should have been done months ago but has been on the back burner so to speak.   I was asked to contribute to the Woollen Project which is part of the Eden Arts.   Many crafters were asked to contribute items to make the woods full of woollen items.
The exhibition is open at Acorn Bank until 3rd November (closed Tuesdays)  details of the project can be found at www.canopyart.co.uk and many of the patterns can be found on the web site.
The above picture is the woollen walk this picture was sent to me in April and as you can see the trees had not come into leaf.
 This picture shows the Dove nest which they tried to the branch.

 These are my pictures before I sent them off,  the Dove which I sent two in white wool,  red seed beads for eyes and pink beak.   I left a piece of wool on all items so they could be attached to whatever.

 Nest with two eggs and leaves
And a few butterflies these are just a couple of pictures of them but there was more than two sent.

It was very nice being asked to submit items for the woollen project and have my name on the roll of honour.

I am not sure how long they will survive the English weather in the woods and if or not the birds and animals living in the wood might take a fancy to them,.  If you are going to Cumbria do pop in to the Exhibition and let me know what you think.   There were so many pictures of an array of flowers, birds, etc in wool, and felt,  it should be colourful.
Its taken a long time to post,  its just one of those things that have got put back for something else to post.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend,   I have been watching the F1 I got very excited at one point won't say at what but I really wanted an English driver by the name of Hamilton to win,  he was there at the beginning but the tyre problem lost him the race, never mind he came in 4th.
Until we meet again  Take care

Friday 28 June 2013

Thank You

I want to say thank you to whoever sent me this lovely book,  it arrived yesterday from a book company with nothing on it as to who ordered it or arranged for it to be sent.   So thank you I really love the book and the gorgeous patterns which I will be looking forward to tatting,  I will post my efforts when I have done some.
 I am behind with blogging but I want to show this beautiful pendant which I won from Wendy, it arrived last week from Singapore.   It is totally gorgeous and the tatting is beautiful,   so thank you Wendy I will wear it with pride.
Thank you Wendy.

This weekend is Glastonbury,  so here we again roads clogged with festival goers, its been raining of course would not be glastonbury without some rain,  it's now a muddy, and cold hopefully it will warm up over the weekend.   Hope they all remembered the wellies.  This year there is  200,000 visitors, plus day visitors, 300 stalls selling food around the clock, a glam tent for those who want to hire a hairdryer,   a childrens area for the kids to play.  a meditation area,  you name it its there,  the whole area is the size of Bath.  A sea of every colour tent there is on the market and every shape.  The Rolling Stones are making an appearance for the first time, tomorrow.    I have never been and I will never go to Glastonbury which by the way is 6 miles from Glastonbury in the village of Pilton,  roll on Monday when they all leave total chaos on the roads,  and for the nearest station in Castle Cary (I used to live there) they have an average of 100 people per day,  will be inundated with thousands of people wanting to leave at the same time.  After all these years they have coaches to the railway station when they will be escorted onto the trains. 
Have a lovely weekend,  and until we meet again take care.

Monday 24 June 2013

Bristol Parchment Show


Yesterday I went to the Bristol Parchment show,  it was brilliant, I really had a great day.  There was a lot of parchment on show, unfortunately I did not take any photographs this year,  but came away with some brilliant ideas,  and of course there was plenty to buy,  well what crafter goes to a craft show and does not spend a bit.  I brought some lovely patterns and some parchment paper and some parchment flowers from Carol.
I meet Carol from Carols parchment Place link to her Blog.  She was the lady who got into the CD Sunday Challenges,  do pop along to her blog and see her great stitching designs and parchment.
I also had a lesson from Judith Marslen from www.judithmaslen.co.uk,  she showed me how to colour parchment, something a shy away from but from now on I will be trying.  She made me laugh by telling me when colouring and using felt tip pens with water, it drys very quickly so ignore the phone and door bell,  my husband was watching her colour in these flowers, so I told him that included him, she agreed.
We had a late lunch at a pub on the way home, all in all a great day out.
If you fancy a new craft or help with parchment (like me). I well recommend this show and hopefully they will have another one next year.
Hope you are keeping well, until we meet again take care.

Thursday 20 June 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Kimono

I had a wonderful surprise this morning in the post,  I was not expecting anything, and then this packet arrived,  it was from Jocelyn for the CD Sunday Design Team last week's card had won first.  Thank you I will enjoy the CD rom I have not seen this one so will look forward to finding out what's on it.
Now onto this weeks card the challenge this week is Kimono.  I found this backing paper on the Joanna Sheens CD The Royal Horticultural Society CD collection.  I thought it looked Japanese,  it was not my original thoughts for the card.  I  used some white peel offs I put the round one on some purple miri board and used the corner peel offs to make a square,   the lady was also a peel off which I put on purple miri board and cut around her leaving a narrow border.  Then using 3d glue placed her on the card raising her up from the card.  Put some bamboo strips and border peel offs around the sides.  Added a white ribbon down the side.
I also want to thank Wendy I received the most gorgeous tatted pendant which she gave away on her blog,   I will post the pendant another day soon.
Until we meet again Take care.

Friday 14 June 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Fine Plumage

I am a bit late with this card,  but its been a bad week with pain and not being very well,  even now my hubby is telling me I should be resting, but I wanted to get this card on before it was too late.   Would you believe I made it last sunday and here am I putting it on today, roll on the op.
This weeks challenge is Fine Plumage,  well I know its birds but I wanted to think outside the box,  and this is what I came up with,  A Plume of Feathers as a Fan.  This card seems to have it all,  the backing paper is from the Roses CD by Robert Adams.  The gold peel off was put onto parchment paper and embossed and coloured,  the pink and white feathers put behind it and then placed onto the card, with a gold hand holding it.  Glitter peel off edging,   and pink and white gems in opposite corners.   I did put a white ribbon on the card, but I think it might be better with a pink one. What do you think?
I love to visit all the other blogs in the challenge but so far I have not got to any of them, so if I don't get to visit your blog please accept my apologies   
I hope you have a lovely weekend and the rain does not stop you doing what you want to do.   Until we meet again take care

Saturday 8 June 2013

It's been a lucky week

Its the most beautiful day in here in somerset, yesterday was heavy rain and a thunder storm but today the sun has got its hat back on  again although there is a wind which is keeping the temperatures down.
Its been a lucky week, for me first came an envelope from Hungary with my prize of this most beautiful pendant and earrings,  they are from Orsi link to her blog.   I won her giveaway last week,  thank you Orsi they are beautiful,  and beautifully tatted, do pop over and see her blog and her lovely tatting.


Then the next day I found out I had won these gorgeous stamps from Joanna Sheens Giveaway,  I love house mouse and I don't think I have any stamps.   Looking forward to using those.
And then a beautiful card from Fox with some lovely thread.   All this and a date for my op,  what more can a girl ask for.   Just a few weeks before we fly off to Portugal for my special holiday.   It's unusual for me to be so lucky,  its been a horrible year up to now I just hope things improve from now on.
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and the sun is shining wherever you are.
Until we meet again Take care.

Friday 7 June 2013

June's Toys - Elephants

Another gorgeous day here in Somerset,   I thought you might like to see my elephants,  Lizzy asked for a girl and a boy and I managed to knit the sailor as well.
The girl has a pink dress  with a pink and white bubble wool hem and a pink bow on her head unfortunately the bow does not show up too well  but its there.

The Boy has white shorts, and pale and dark blue striped top 

And below is my sailor Elephant with his black and white hat and white collar.
I use buttons for the eyes as they are very small only about six inches high.   Its an old pattern and one that I love to knit there are so many possibilities with this pattern.

Hope you are enjoying the weather and until we meet again stay safe, don't over do the sun and get burned,  something I have to watch,   as I am very fair skinned.
Have a nice day

Wednesday 5 June 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Faithful Friends

On this gorgeous sunny day, yes summer is here, how long for is anyone's guess but the last few days have been gorgeous, long may it last.  
Today's card is for the CD Sunday Challenge Faithful friends, well it had to be a dog, (Sorry Gian  but for this card it just had to be a dog and those who don't know that's Fox's cat from Tatology) but as a dog person well it could not be anything else could it?
I used for the backing paper My Craft Studio essential backgrounds again and for the image I used Furry Friends Squeeze cards, and the image is called Proud Father.   I did a step card for a change and there is a side view at the bottom.   
I used a die cut piece of Fence which I have for some time and I am sure Suzanne did for me when I need it for a christmas card.   I used pansy flowers which I have had for ages and added a couple of bones for the proud father and puppy.   Then added the words in front in gold peel off's and finished the rest off in gold peels.  The ribbon is a new ribbon which I found a few weeks ago and matches the backing paper perfectly.

I hope where ever you are you are enjoying this lovely weather, Until we meet again take care.

Sunday 2 June 2013

New Tatted Earrings and Pendants 4/25

Today is the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of the Queen,   she's been on the throne 60 years,  well I was not around to see it, but I have seen pictures of it,  I did a card for the CD Sunday Challenge in April for the challenge Majesty  and used the coronation as my card.  link to the card
Its a lovely day here in Somerset, although we have had more cloud for the second day in a row its warm,  is this summer at last well I do hope so,   sick of wind, rain cold, dull and dark days.

These earrings are something new I am  trying and I am very pleased with them,  this is the two layer tatted flower by Jennifer Williams,  I used white lizbeth and pink coats thread both no 20. I put seed beads around the outside of the flower.  The close up did not come up as clear as I would have liked so I hope you can see the two layers OK.

This pendant was made with the variation number two of the two layer tatted flower and I put a heart shape charm in the middle,  although small I really did like this flower I put seed beads on the outside of the top and second layer and one on each petal on the inner layer.  Next time I will make it a bit bigger and perhaps add a couple more layers to the outside.  This is the same thread Lizbeth white no 20.
Now for this pendant again its the coats pink no 20,  but I did a variation of Mary Butterfly which I have done before and added a gold bird charm in the middle.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine long may it last,
Until we meet again Take care


Saturday 1 June 2013

Happy Birthday Mervyn

I have scheduled this post as I will be in Frome's Cheese and Grain with my craft table.  This card is for Vernon's best friend Mervyn,  he is 70 years old  today.  They have been friends since Vernon moved into the village of Batcombe in Somerset when he was 7 years old, so they have been friends 59 years.
The Image is from Kanban,  the backing paper is from a Joanna Sheens CD but I cant remember which one but it was a piece that was left over and I finished off the card with gold peel off's and blue ribbon.
I thought this image of a bird would be fine, as he's very fond of wildlife in his garden
I hope you have a lovely weekend and until we meet again take care.