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Thursday 29 September 2016

September Pinterest Challenge by the Pin Chicks

Another month already and not much to show for it,   I was on holiday for two weeks and hoping to do more tatting but it was very hot and I seem to spend time on the rubbish bookmark which might after Muskaan help turn into something.  Any way back to this challenge, oh I wish I had done this post before I went to Sheffield but I did not and now I am suffering with my eye,   I was hoping to tat a few more while I was in Sheffield that never happen either,
So here is my Button Angels (very good pattern to use up thread left on a shuttle)  the pattern is from birgitstatting.blogspot.co.uk  and is a variation of the Simple Angel by Birgit Phelps my link is very old but you could try .
They are all slight different,   I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in Green Coral Sea,  Niagara Falls and Cranberry Bush.
 I was going to use some beads on some but time was not on my side.  So this is my pin for this month,

Do you remember last months Pinterest challenge,

Well this is a variation of the pattern I did last month,  this time I made the rings bigger 5+5/5+5 and the chains are the same 15 ds.

  Here is a close up of the pattern which I used white and Green Coral sea.

On Craftree they found a name for the pattern  Sound Waves Bracelet. Thank you ladies on Craftree.

I have no idea what the other ladies are doing but here is the link to their blogs do pop over and see their creations,...... Suzanne,     Muskaan,   Carollyn,    Margaret 2

I hope I got that right I cant see that well,  my eye is sore, swollen and painful after having an injection into it,  and I have to go back in a months time and have another one,  there's three in all and this is just the first one,  So if you find any mistakes  my apologises.
Have a nice weekend

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Full English Breakfast


Yes this is the Full English Breakfast,  and it was a small one,   We had this on holiday in the Cockney Restaurant in Polychrono,  Halikidi in Greece,  Halikidi is at the top of Greece, it has three fingers that come into the Aegean Sea,
Are you feeling hungry well there are two sausages, one slice of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, bake beans, I had scrambled egg as I don't like fried egg, and there was a slice of toast under the egg.  and three small hash browns. There should have been a slice of fried bread,  but I don't like fried bread so they left it off.   Honestly this was the small breakfast,  the large one was on an oval plate and had twice as much.
The owner was English and lived out there for six months of the year and then six months in the London,  hence the name Cockney Restaurant.  
After eating this I did not want anything for the rest of the day.
When I get back from Sheffield I will tell you more about Halikidi.
Have a nice day

Sunday 25 September 2016

Holiday tatting


This is what I can only call a total mess,  I did do a little tatting on holiday,  one piece I cant show you yet and the other it waiting for the ends to be sewn in,  But this is what you can call a total mess,  its supposed to be the woven bookmark which Carollyn and Wendy did,  well as you can see the picots are far too long.  I meant to take my picot measure with me and in the end I borrowed a ruler from the hotel and made one from a piece of cardboard from my notebook.
The thread is no 20 Lizbeth thread
This is going in the bin and I will start again,  after I come back from Sheffield,  home for five minuets and back up to Sheffield for another injection this time in the eye.  Perhaps when they get my eye right I might be able to make a better job of this bookmark.....  don't hold your breath.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend

Sunday 18 September 2016

CD Sunday Challenge - Things with Wheels


This is a scheduled post as I am in Greece,  I will be  thinking of you on the beach in the sun.
Anyway this fortnight its Carol Choice and its things with wheels,  I used the La Pashe CD Something for Everyone,  and the BMX Bikes image which I decoupaged and the no 2 backing paper that went with the image,  I thought I would use a round card as its for a wheels challenge.  I matted the card onto a maroon card and also a Happy Birthday banner as well,  and then finished off the card with silver peel offs and corner pieces.  I great card I think for a male birthday.
If you would like to join in please come and join us we would love to see you here is the link for the CD Sunday Challenge blog
Have a lovely weekend
Until we meet again take care

Thursday 15 September 2016

Things we see


I never had time to put a post for this week before I left, and of course blogger does not take photos off the iPad unless you have a special app, which I don't have or normally need.
While out and about I saw this sign in the toilets of a local restaurant here in Halidiki

                                 Men to the left

                                 Women to the right

                                 Because they are always right

So there you have it ladies,   Need I say any more.
Hope you are having a nice day and weekend,  see you some time next week.


Friday 9 September 2016

Butterfly card


Here's a card that I made recently,  Its a butterfly which I embossed though my die cutting machine on parchment and then cut out, I also embossed the green card underneath so when I put the butterfly, just attaching by the body leaving the wings free on the card,  I then matted the whole thing onto a card with green backing paper from stash. I placed green gems on the body of the butterfly and finished off with peel off flowers and a Happy birthday,  
I did like this card and will make another one,  standing the card up the butterfly stood out and in the light,  the green card shone though the butterfly,
Until we meet again have a nice weekend

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Flower Fairies


This is a scheduled post as I am now away soaking up the sun hopefully on a Greek beach.

I thought I would show you some Flower Fairy cards I made sometime ago,   I found the images when I was sorting out stuff in my craft room,  they were part of a calendar which was free with a magazine.

The one above is Gorse,  and this one to my left is Bindweed,

This is my favourite Forget me not,

This one is Fuchsia  and below is Poppy.

Hope you are keeping well and until we meet again
Take care


Sunday 4 September 2016

CD Sunday Challenge - Shades of Autumn

This fortnight the CD Sunday Challenge was picked by Pauline,  and her choice is Shades of Autumn.
I used Joanna Sheens CD The Pamela West Collection disc 1,  for the backing paper and matching image mated onto cream card.
I used die cut leaves in orange,  pale red, and gold,  some flowers from stash in red and cream with red studs,  Yellow and gold ribbon making a double bow and some ribbon in the spray of flowers.
Finishing off the card with a cream and orange card with gold peel offs and corner flower.
I hope you like my card for this challenge,  if you would like to join in please do so here is a link to the CD Sunday challenge blog ,  we would be pleased to see you,  Just remember to use something from a CD