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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A selection of christmas cards


This is a scheduled post, I do hope these are working OK.
These are some cards I made from a free gift that was in the magazine called Papercraft Inspirations, November 2011. I did change them a little bit from the ideas in the magazine. I hope you like my ideas and how I used their free gift.

I hope you are keeping well and everything in your world is OK. see you soon



Monday, 28 November 2011

Purple Twist


This is a scheduled post.

Today I thought you might like to see these tatted items, they are done in Lizbeth no 20 Purple Twist, I brought this thread by mistake I wanted to order the variegated green and something happen with the computer and I got this. Purple is really my colour but it has worked up well and makes a change from the normal colours I use.

The above is the Celtic 5 point motif, buts its 10 points as 5 do not sit with me, so I have done 10 and I think it looks better, the pattern is by Sue Hanson.

This is a selection of items, the butterfly and cross are Mary Koniors and the little cross is a pattern which was on "intatters" and I have to confess I cant remember who's it is.

This is a close up of it, it makes a lovely tiny cross.

Hope you are keeping well.



Friday, 25 November 2011

Selection of Easel Calendars

This is a scheduled post, today I thought you might like to see some easel calendars that I have made.
This one has an art deco lady design, with the backing papers from the Joanna Sheen's Enchanted Dreams CD, finished off with pink ribbon and peel offs.

A close up

This one has an image and backing paper from the Joanna Sheen's Pamela West Collection Cd, the image was mounted on purple miri card and I have put some peel off dragonflies and finished it off with peel offs.

a close up.

This one has popcorn the bear image surrounded with pink roses, the strip and green backing paper was from stock, and again finished off with peel offs.

A close up.

I hope you are keeping well and have a lovely weekend.



Thursday, 24 November 2011

Peter Tyrer


Just a very quick post from Grand Carania, we are very upset at the moment as Peter our Brother in Law was killed over the weekend in Kenya, You may have seen a piece in the Daily Mail and on Television.

When I get home I will write more, we are not having the best of holidays, Mother is still in hosptial. the hospital has a bug so we were unable to visit her before we left.
All other posts are scheduled.
Will write more when we get home in the meantime take care.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mary's Butterfly

This is a scheduled post, I wanted to show you Mary's Butterfly.
Her link to her blog is

This gorgeous butterfly is her own pattern and is made up of all rings, its quick and easy to do and looks well as I say gorgeous I have done a few now in various colours.

This is Lizbeth no 20 Falling Leaves

Lisbeth no 20 Rainbow Taffy

Red which I think might be no 20 DMC by the shape of the ball which I found last week in the draw.

Lisbeth No 20 Butterfly Breeze

I hope you are all keeping well



Sunday, 20 November 2011

Happy Birthday and Retirement Vernon

Today is Vernon's Birthday ( my husband) and he retires from work after 50 years of working from today he his own boss (well in his dreams). I made this card not the one I originally thought up as I wanted a picture of him as a baby, the great British Post office failed us, his Dad sent me a picture and the post office lost it. So this card is my second thought about what to do for him. I am not very good at parchment so I really hope he likes it.
I did my own design and used peel off boot and hat embossed in the designs, Vernon is into Country and Western so I hope he likes it, as I say I am still learning parchment and their are no teachers in this part of somerset, so its self taught, reading the parchment magazine and books. I hope you like the card its takes many hours for me to do just a simple card. I put blue paper behind the parchment and blue ribbon down the side. The ribbon is from Joanna Sheen's online shop.
At work they said to Vernon that he would be under my feet from now on, he replied "I told them you would be under my feet", I don't think so. On one hand it will be nice to have him home but all day not sure about that.
He says he is going to do the garden, there's plenty out there to do, as it has not touched the garden for a year, its my job to do the garden and being ill I have not been able to get out there and play.
Its amazing how mild it is at the moment I have a plant called Lady Mantel, it flowers in June, well I have found some in flower now yes November and its in flower, I cant believe how some plants are so confused about what time of year it is.
This cross stitch picture I made Vernon ten years ago, I knew he liked Country and Western and the first Country and Western night he took me too they had a special Indian night, so I saw this picture and decided to make it for him. It was the hardest cross stitch picture I have ever done, I vowed then I would never do another one, the detail in the Indian is vast and took many hours to do. Most of it was done at work then as I was a live in carer, that way he did not see it, that's how we meet he was a friend of the family of the old lady I was looking after.

Here are some close up pictures for you

I made it ten years ago before we were married and has been admired by many visitors. It was a Gold Collection Petites from Dimensions and called Noble Warrior.

Update on mother she is now in a community hospital at Paulton, shes very confused, but they have a bug in the ward and they wont let me in to see her, I have left her a note to say that I have been and that we are on holiday, plenty of nighties I have never known so many nighties coming home for washing in such a short time, I think they change her for something to do. It going to be a long job as they have said 6 to 8 weeks in hospital and that I am to go on holiday and not to worry about her.

From now on all posts until the 5th December are scheduled as we are in the Canary Islands soaking up the sun. this is his planned holiday for his retirement, we are going to make the most of it.

Until we meet again in blog land take care and keep well



Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Commissioned christmas cards

On this sort of sunny day, at least it is fine, even if the sun is hazy. Its still mild although not quite as mild as it has been, hopefully this mild spell will make the winter shorter.
Today I am showing two commissioned cards, they are both decoupage images from Joanne Sheen's Thomas Kinkade collection.

I have mounted them both on cream card and used gold miri board, gold ribbon, and glitter both images on the snow where the lights hit it.
This is a close up of the card above.

I do hope he likes them as they are being sent to him as I wont see him again in time for Christmas.

Mother is doing quite well and will be in hospital for 6 to 8 weeks, at some point she will be transferred to a community hospital, not sure when that will happen. We have found someone to look after the Joey while we are away. This week is proving to be a busier week than I had planned and I am already feeling knackered.

This card is also a Thomas Kinkade image from Joanne Sheen, but was mounted on silver card and has a sheer blue ribbon and matching bow, the ribbon is also from Joanne Sheen's online shop. It is also glitter and is in my esty shop.

I hope you like the cards today, and until we meet again take care



Sunday, 13 November 2011

My visitors

Its a lovely day here, the sun is shining, amazing for November I don't think I have ever been out and about in just a top and no jacket or coat, not in this country, well yesterday I was it was really quite warm. I have been wearing my summer fleece up to now, usually I wear it in the summer on a cool day, and here it is November and I am still wearing it. Long may the mild weather continue, after the bad winter last year I really don't want to see the snow and frost yet.
I said I would show you my visitor, This is Joey and hes mothers budgie, at the moment he is making a lot of noise, he seems very happy looking out of the window at my garden. Not sure where he is going when we are away.

Vernon found this on the steps in the garden this morning, he even walked passed it without it moving, hes been around during the summer but I thought he had disappeared for the winter, but here he is still around.

Just a short post today, Have a lovely weekend and take care

Friday, 11 November 2011


Today is a day of remembrance for those killed in the first war world, at 11am on the 11th November, the guns fell silent. Today it is not only the first world war, the second world war and those wars since that are remember in this country. Afghanistan is also high on remembrance not only for those who have lost their lives but those who are serving in Afghanistan and other countries around the world.

I have made this lovely tatting pattern for today, Its in white Lizbeth thread no 20 and red thread which I don't know I think it might be DMC by the shape of the ball, as there is no label and I know its been in the draw for a long time. The pattern is called Eternal Rose Cross by Yarnplayer
Its the first time I have done this pattern and I found really easy, I did make the bottom half of the cross longer than pattern.

Update on Mother she came out of theatre very late last night, I am going in to see her later, the only information I have is that they have put a plate in her leg and have managed to get the hip back in place. The hip was originally replaced back in 1989 as it was a war injury done by the Japanese in the second war world, they pined the hip, knee and ankle all on the same leg but the pin and hip had disintegrated. Mother is a Japanese POW and was captured by the Japanese when she was on the Australian conveys, she was assigned to the Royal navy as a nursing sister and spent two and half years in Japan. My father was in the army in the Dental Cor, he went in France, Belgium and Holland, he was on leave to go to Japan when the bomb was dropped. My mother never played ball with me as a child or ran any school sport day events, I have always known her as disabled. When I was at school the wars were never taught which annoyed my father greatly, many history teachers had their ears bent over not teaching about the wars, they always said it was not old enough history.

We should never forget those who either lost their lives in the wars or those who have suffered since from their injuries.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Sunday CD challenge - Sunsets

After the forecast said heavy rain and wind today it has proved to be anything to what they said, the sun has been shining and I have seen some blue sky. Someone somewhere is getting the wind and rain but not here.
Today has been a bad day, at the moment my mother is still in the operating theatre and I am waiting to hear. She had two falls yesterday, well that's nothing new for my mother, she been walking badly and I had said to her on Tuesday why are you walking badly, all I got was it my knee. Late last night the ambulance was called again, they had already been out in the evening, I got a phone call at 1.30am this morning with a garbled message saying she was in hospital, After ringing the Royal United at Bath who said they had no one by that name I went back to bed, Vernon was not amused saying they might have got the wrong person for all we know, at 3.30am I still could not sleep and rang again, to find she had dislocated her bad hip (replacement hip) and fractured her other leg, I am not sure if she has been walking on these but knowing her possibly and would not say anything. Its been a day of getting Gertie to the kennels and getting her clothes together for the hospital, sorting out a few other things . I am still not sure if I will go in tonight she may not be around enough. Vernon took the day off work to help, he only has 6 more working days left before he retires. This is all we need as we go on holiday on the 21st, it appears she will be in hospital for several weeks and they have said I can go on holiday, with Gertie booked into kennels for the next three weeks plus, I am now left with my visitor, I will show you my visitor tomorrow in the meantime I wanted to show you my card for the The Sunday CD Challenge . This week it is sunsets, I have used an image from the Pamela West Collection Cd by Joanne Sheen, I used the image and the backing papers to match the image was mounted on purple miri board.
The velvet ribbon is two strand of ribbon, one purple and one violet to match the paper, and finished off with silver peel offs.
This image reminds me of the sunset off a Greek island, I was going to use a picture from a Greek island but I could not find the one I wanted, I expect it will turn up next week.
For those who are wondering I had the injection, and the shoulder and arm are very painful, not sure if its going to work.
Until we meet again I hope you are keeping well and take care

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Butterfly Cards

What a beautiful day here in Somerset, after the bad weather we have had over the last week, its a real treat to see the sun, although the temperatures have remind high for this time of year its been very wet.
After the horrendous crash on the M5 on Friday night, my sympathies go out to any family who has lost someone, the weather was bad all day and the road would have been very wet, with patchy fog. At present the road is still closed and being the main motorway down to the West Country it does carry a vast amount of traffic. The cause of this accident is not known and may take some time to find out. Motorways are the safest roads we have and its been a long since there has been such a bad accident.
Back to today's post these two cards have been made with the same butterfly stamp and heat embossed. The top card I used red embossing power and backed it on red flowery card, with red ribbon and finished off with silver peel offs. The other card I used turquoise embossing power, with backing paper from Joann Sheen's Enchanted dreams CD, finished off with white ribbon. Both ribbon have come from Joanna Sheen's online shop and are really good quality. I have not made any cards for two weeks and these I was saving to use on schedule posts while I was away, anyway I thought it was time I put something on my blog and to say I am getting better slowly, this flu is taking a bit to shake off.
I have been having trouble with my shoulder, neck and arm for some time and tomorrow they are going to put a corrosion injection in my shoulder to try and to reduce the pain, just another thing in a long line of things this year, hopefully after our holiday in a couple of weeks time a the new year approaching life might get better, but I am not holding my breath.
I hope you like these two cards, I think by now everyone knows I love butterflies.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend, and until we meet again take care