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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Commissioned Golden Wedding Anniversary Card

It has been a lovely here in Somerset, and they say its going to good all week, I think summer might have come back at last. But the evenings are drawing in and the nights are getting cooler, at least the sun has been shinning.
We had a good restful weekend, going to Longworth Nr Oxford to see my husband family for a couple of nights. I did my craft table at the Cheese and Grain on Saturday morning before we left, I had a good morning, although it was quite to start with, it got a bit busier and I sold a few items of tatting and cards plus a couple of knitted cup cakes. In all I had a reasonably good weekend with not too much pain which was good, but I still don't know when the MRI scan will be. I am hoping it will be before we go away on holiday, the hospital say I can go, just crossing our fingers I will be OK to go.
Today I bring a Golden Wedding Card that was commissioned, the front side panel is Kanban gold miri board with black hearts and flourishes printed on it and the right side has some gold patterned damask paper unfortunately it does not show up very well in the photo, I have put yellow/gold silk flowers and finished off with gold peel offs.
Unfortunately that's all I have today, but I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog and hope to see you again on my blog soon.
Until then take care and Happy crafting.
Hugs Margaret

Thursday 26 August 2010

Tatted Ladies

Another horrible day here in somerset, all its done today is rain, I hope the sun will shine soon and we have not lost our summer so soon because it will be a very long winter.
Today I am bring you a pattern which Suzanne found when looking for something else. The designs are by Darlene Polachic and called Sunbonnet Sue motif, but I would like to call them Tatted Ladies.
The picture above was done in no 20 merchandised cotton in pale yellow and white.

This one is also done in merchandised cotton no 2o in white and ramdon colour thread, this thread I brought when I was learning to tat in Woolworth's for only a couple of shillings. Thats showing my age! I did not really like the thread and don't use it but I thought I would give it a try and see how it would work out. I can't find any ramdon threads and I only wish I could find a supplier as it would be to tat in some lovely threads instead of always using single colours.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog today and I must thank Suzanne for finding such a lovely pattern.
I look forward to seeing you again in blog land soon.
Take care
Hugs Margaret

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Just a few new Birthday cards


I am not going to say good because it is raining and has been for many hours, the roads are flooding up and standing water in many parts, not a day to do anything outside. Today is market day in Frome but to be honest there is no way I would be standing in a market selling today.

Unfortunately my mojo is coming and going at the moment and with the pain I am still waiting for the Royal United Hospital Bath to do something. I have a surgeon with a plan only at the moment I don't know quite what his plan is. So for now I go on in pain taking pain killer like sweets and just hope, I cant drink coffee don't like tea so at the moment I drink mostly water. Our holiday is getting nearer and nearer and with a big question mark if we should go although the surgeon has said he has no reason why I cant go, I have been in touch with the insurance company so I am now covered. Roll on Turkey.

My first cards in the picture above are from the new squeeze collection CDrom which I brought a couple of months ago now and I found them easy to make, they are going on my table on Saturday its a try out before I make any more and see how they sell.

These are a selection of cards I made for my table using some lovely images I have been sent and given, from fellow do crafts members.

This card was made from a stamp that I brought from Suzanne, I thought is was a lovely stamp and I hope she likes what I did with it,
Well I hope the weather is better where ever you are and you have not got this rain that we are pleased with today.
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again in blog land very soon, for those of you that enjoy my tatting I do have some new pieces coming.
Take care
Hugs Margaret

Monday 23 August 2010

I won an wonderful award


After a night of heavy rain, we have had some really heavy showers and sunshine today with Strong winds, after yesterday which we lovely, my husband and I went to Weston Super mare yesterday for a few hours shopping.

Today Janette gave me this wonderful award, I am so pleased that I have won this and she gave it to me, now all I have to do is pick 7 wonderful blogs to pass it on to. so here goes.

A Man alone
As I do Rodos,
The little Land of me
Tatting and not a lot else
Typs Tatting.

I hope all of you will accept this award and collect it for your blog.
Take care

Friday 20 August 2010

August Friendship card

On this rainy but very warm day that feels more like November than August and more rain forecasted it not going to be the best weekend. I know the gardens want the rain but it would be lovely if it rained at night and the sun put its hat on during the day.

Anyway today I bring you my August friendship card for a do crafts member. I think my mojo came back for a few hours to make this card. I have not been doing a lot of card making over the last week, with the lack of sleep due to the pain and forcing myself to go to work its not been an easy week.

This card was made by the Glitter girls fan board, I cut out three sections of the fan and put real lace inside each panel and a plain colour paper behind it to make the lace show up more. I made the parchment feathers from July's parchment magazine, it was quite easy when you get the scissors at the right angle, I did two sizes placing a row of small rows in front of the large ones, and then added a small circle in the same card and then placed a ribbon rose on the top to cover the bottom of the feathers. I finished the card off with gold peel offs.

I also made this on in a different colour for my table.
Have a lovely weekend, and whatever you are doing stay dry.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again in blog land soon.
Take care
Hugs Margaret

Friday 13 August 2010

8th Wedding Anniversary 16.8.2010

A card at last you cry, well my mojo is not working very well at the moment and I am still in pain, sorry to keep on but now awaiting the surgeon who has a plan, yes a man with a plan, I don't know if it will work as well as the A Team and come together, He has said I can go on holiday to Turkey, I am just hoping I can go.
Today I am bring you my husbands wedding anniversary card, its our 8th wedding anniversary on Monday 16th August. We were married at the Mendip Lodge Motel which was pulled down a few years ago for housing, but the site is still in a mess and as yet no houses have been built. It was a real shame as it was a lovely place to have a wedding with view over the Somerset country side.
Unlike the weather we have had this year, August in 2002 was very wet, until the day of the wedding, it was cloudy when I went to the hairdresser, when I came out the sun was shinning and it was hot. The sun stayed out for the rest of the day and it was the best day in the whole of August.

We meet while I was working as a live in carer, looking after a friends mother, he had been friend with her daughter Ruth and son in law Mervyn for years, his previous wife had died suddenly the previous year. Vernon has been Friends with Mervyn now for over 50 years and they meet when Vernon age seven moved to the village of Batcombe.
We had snow between the Christmas and new year and Vernon came to our rescue as we were running out of bread and milk, he had a 4x4 and it was the only vehicle able to do the single track lane. My little car would not have even got out of the driveway. Anyway its long story so I wont bore you, The family arranged a blind date and well that was the start. Everyone said I would never meet anyone doing live in work, but there is always an exception to the rule and at the time I was working for an agency called Featherbed Nannies, working seven on and seven off, living in a tiny rented stone cottage when I was home, built by the crooked man as all the walls were not straight, the floor upstairs well I went down to the dressing table and up to the bed. But it was home and all I could afford, cold in the winter and hot in the summer. That was eight years ago, gosh it does not seem like eight years ago, time has flown. and here we are today celebrating eight years of marriage, and very happy years.
The day was beautiful, I did all the wedding flowers and tatted the butterflies I used silk flowers as on a hot day wedding flowers can wilt very quickly and like all brides I wanted my bouquet to look at its best all day, so I went for silk and made it well in advance. I attached butterflies to my bouquet and the posy's for the two bridesmaids. I made in all about 100 butterflies in pink, yes I know the picture shows a white one but I cant find the picture with the pink butterfly. I had butterflies made from three strands of cream embroidery silk on my wedding dress and on the puddle train going up looking as if they were fluttering up. The favours I made also had a butterfly on each one. I knew the pattern backward, forwards and in my sleep by the time I finished.
These are pictures of my bouquet, I had white Orchids, Lilly of the Valley and pink Tiger Lilies, with American white and pink lace ribbon.

This picture shows the butterfly attached on the bouquet

On the wedding day my mother was 80 year old three days after the wedding so we gave her a small party in the evening, with a Birthday cake.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again in blog land.
Have a lovely weekend
take care
Hugs Margaret

Monday 9 August 2010

Toad or Frog?

Look what walked across the patio yesterday, my husband Vernon was cooking lunch, (he likes cooking Sunday lunch so I leave him to it). He looked out of the open kitchen door onto the patio and was amazed to see this Toad or Frog just walking across without a care in the world.
He called me just to have a look so I grabbed my camera to take this photo. So is there anyone out there in blog land can tell me is he/she a Toad or a Frog. We don't have a pond, we have a large tray on the patio which the blackbird and sparrows love to have a bath in so he might make his home in there, it would be lovely if he stays.
Last year we had a green frog living in the empty flower pots but unfortunately we lost him during the hard winter as he went into the tray and froze in the shallow water, as the tray was frozen for weeks, as was the bird bath and bird dish around the garden. Hopefully we will not have such a hard winter this year.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my new visitor to our garden and look forward to seeing you again in blog land.
Take care
Hugs Margaret

Thursday 5 August 2010

Had enough of hospitals


I have nothing to show you today, I have not felt like doing any craft over the last week. I have spent the last two days in hospital, to get the scan done quickly they made me an in patient but let me go home, and then yesterday I went back and had the scan.
I have been in pain for some time, but just keep working and trying to carry on with life, but the pain at times has been severe. the pain killers really dont work and I hate taking them. Anyway I had the scan and it showed no stones which upset me, I was told on Monday that scans don't always show the stones, if they are small. I felt upset yesterday how can anyone be in so much pain and nothing shows up.
I meet the surgeon yesterday and he has a plan, he feels that the gall bladder may not be working properly so I have some more tests to go though, One test is to put something into the gall bladder, not sure what that will involve. At the moment don't know when these are going to be done, so in the meantime its pain killers and carry on. On our way home Vernon my husband and I both agreed he sounded like the A team........ I only hope his plan come together and it works. My father had gall bladder problems and had his removed when I was a child and apparently it can run in families.
We go to Turkey in September and he is happy for me to go so its another holiday in pain. hopefully by then something might have happen.
Thank you for all your wishes and thank you for visiting my blog today hope to see you again in blog land.
take care
Hugs Margaret

Monday 2 August 2010

Another lovely candy to win

Another lovely day and the sun is still shining, I don't have anything for my blog as I have been ill over the weekend, but this candy is up for winning from
Pop over and put your link in for a chance of winning these stamps.
Have a nice day
Hugs Margaret