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Monday, 30 January 2012

The CD Sunday Challenge, Tag You're It

This morning we woke up to snow, just a light covering, but when I drew the curtains, there's still a little left around, most of it has melted. Its going to freeze tonight so another cold day fore casted for tomorrow.

Today I am showing my card for the Sunday CD challenge, Tag You're It, link here this is the first one I have done for some time, as my followers know its been a very busy time over the last couple of months.
Anyway I hope you like my card, the image is from Joanna Sheen's CD The Pamela West collection,
I used a scalloped edged card, and used the same backing paper as the image on the CD, I like this image of the lilies, I punched the gold card that I matted the image on at the corners so the image fits into the corners. I added two flowers and a tatted butterfly in pink. I put rainbow ribbon down the side of the card and on the tag and finished off with pink and blue gems, the pink ones I put on square and the blue ones to pick up the blue in the image I put as diamonds.

I hope you are keeping warm, and until we meet again take care.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

TIAS day 7 and My beautiful present

Its very cold here today and we have snow forecasted for later, hopefully it will just a small amount or rain if they are wrong.
Today its Day 7 of the TIAS, well that could be a tail, but there again it could be anything. Have you any ideas, don't forget if you think you know what it is leave a comment and if you are right, I will make you one when we get to the end. It not too late to join in the TIAS the link for the blog and information is here
Yesterday when I got home I had a lovely parcel from Rachel of Piney Woods link here
This is her New Year Giveaway, I must say its a beautiful Journal book which Vernon said the cover looked like tatting. The pendant is gorgeous, she is a needle tatter, tatting can be done with a needle, I have always been a shuttle tatter, this is the first piece of needle tatting I have seen to my knowledge. The pendant has a crystal bead in the middle and smaller crystal beads around the circle with tiny seed beads, The middle is a Celtic design, with chains in circles around the outside. I will be wearing this pendant with pride.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and are not snowed in. Until we meet again take care.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

On your bike

I had a good day in Cheese and Grain at the Craft Fair, but its cold, the heating was very welcome in the hall.
The forecast is for cold weather and we might get some snow, please please whoever does the weather up there, we don't want any snow until we have finished emptying Mother bungalow.
Anyway on to today's card, I thought with all the tatting I have put on over the last week it was time to show you some more stitching cards. These are two bicycle designs, I have done the first one in two shades of blue metallic thread on a white card, matted on a gold card. I kept it simple to show off the bike.
Close of the stitching.

This card is also gold but with my own drawing of a Penny Farthing bicycle, which I stitched in gold thread. This thread
has different colours in which makes the thread very pretty when stitching, again I used the white card.
A close up of the stitching

The next post will be the TIAS day 7 when I have done it and my beautiful gift which I have received from Rachel in the USA.
I hope you are all well, and keeping warm, stay safe and until we meet again take care.


Friday, 27 January 2012

TIAS Day 6

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the TIAS.
This is Day 6 and half way so Jane says, two tails or two legs what do you think?
They are saying we might some snow, its certainly colder than it has been, we don't want snow at the moment, we are still working on clearing mothers bungalow, its been a hard job as due to her age shes not kept up with most things.
I was hoping to join in the Sunday Cd Challenge this week, but I have not had time, hopefully I will be able to join in soon, I really enjoy doing that challenge.
Tomorrow I am in cheese and Grain Frome doing my craft table, hope it does not snow over night.
Keep warm and take care until we meet again in blog land.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

TIAS Day 5

Its a bit late but here is Day 5, well it looks like a tail but knowing Jane it still could be anything, last year was an aeroplane, at the moment it looks like a kite.
I know Carol said it might be an earring, sorry Carol its already a bit big for an earring.
If you have an ideas what it might be, just leave a comment whoever is correct I will make one for them.
I hope you are all keeping well, I am feeling very tired nearly about half way with mothers bungalow, I will be glad when its finished.
Until we meet again take again.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

TIAS day 3 and 4, and Celtic Medallion

Its a bit dull and overcast today, we had rain yesterday and over night but its beginning to get cold again and they say a frost tonight. I noticed in Mothers garden there is a sole daffodil flowering, I don't think the plants know if its time to flower or not.
Today I am showing you the TIAS this is day three, yep we have gone around in a square. and this is day four any ideas what this is yet. Don't forget if you guess correct I will make you one, whatever it is.
I put the link for the TIAS on the last post if you need it.
I forgot to tell you that I am using coats No 20 cotton in pink, its an old ball I found a few weeks ago when I was looking for something else.

Now this is a Celtic medallion pattern which was on "intatters" in the last couple of weeks, the pattern is by Becky Clark
here is the
Its a lovely pattern and not too difficult well if you don't a mistake like me, this one shows the cock up, I was using Lizbeth thread no 20 butterfly breeze, I love this colour thread. Vernon said no one would know but I do and I like my tatting to be as perfect as possible.

This is my second attempt this time I used Lizbeth thread Grape Pizzaz no 20. and it worked out better this time.

We are busy clearing out mothers bungalow, not easy when she has not thrown away correspondence since god knows when, hopefully we are nearly to the end of the correspondence, I still have the bureau to tackle perhaps I better not speak too soon, we have sorted out the clothes and she has nearly all of them in the nursing home, its just books and other personal items to sort now, then the furniture, seems a never ending job. To be honest we are both feeling worn out.
I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Northern Lights over Teepees

I was sent these beautiful pictures and I thought I would share them with you.

These are
spectacular and the teepee's are so pretty in the
dark But, check out that thermometer!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed these lovely pictures, thanks Sue for sending them to me.

Take care,



Sunday, 15 January 2012

TIAS Day Two

Sun shining, but cold, at least it is dry, nice to see the sun has got his hat today, hopefully we will have a few days of it.
Here is day two, no I still don't know what it is, anyone willing to have a guess, remember anyone can join in with the guessing, if you are right at the end, then I will make you a copy of the item.
If anyone would like to have a go at tatting the TIAS then here's the link, it is open to everyone including beginners.
We are having a day at home, I have to make some new cards for my craft table and Vernon is having his usual nap after lunch, gosh its seems ages since we spent a whole day at home without going out or visiting mother. It will be back to the grindstone tomorrow and sorting out her bungalow. We took a few bits of shopping i.e. her magazines etc., in yesterday, we are planning to go and see her on Tuesday, with a few more bits for her room.
I had trouble with blogger yesterday, so if you did not get a comment on your blog it was not for trying blogger would not let me, it kept freezing on me.
I hope you are keeping well where ever you are and until we meet again take care

Friday, 13 January 2012

TIAS Day one

Its January and the start of the tatting challenge again.
The TIAS or Tat it and See this is day one, anyone can guess what it is, I have no idea what it will be and like last year it was almost to the end before I found out it what it was.
So if you want a guess as it goes post a comment and if you are correct I will send you one whatever it works out at.
Update on Mother yesterday she went into a Nursing Home at Ston Easton, Nr Radstock, Somerset called Clare Hall, its a lovely place and beautiful gardens, her room over looks the front of the building and the gardens so she has something to look at.
Now I have a bungalow to empty and sort out, its going to be a long job over the next few weeks. Mother seems to have collected a lot of things over the years.
I was hoping to do the Sunday Cd challenge but although I have got my mojo working and an idea I have not had time to do it this week, oh well I will have to try and do it next week.
Until we meet again Take care

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vernon's Dad 80th Birthday Card.


Today is Vernon's Dad 80th Birthday, we had a party last Saturday as Becky (Dads Grand daughter) was going back to Tanzania for 9 weeks working. It was a lovely party with many of the family and friends. Dee did a beautiful spread and the cake I ordered on the Internet arrived on time, and I must say it was a lovely cake.
Back to the card, I made this parchment card to my own design, I put a blue footballer for Chelsea which is the football club Dad supports. The motorbike peel off in gold was like the one he had when Vernon was a little boy and two chickens also in peel offs because they had chickens in the garden when they lived at Batcombe in Somerset, they moved there when Vernon was seven years. I wanted a card that brought something from years ago. I did a simple design in embossing and perforating. I don't think this was my best effort and took me about five hours to do.
At the moment with mother in hospital I don't seem to have any time. I p
ut a blue sheet of paper behind the parchment sheet and used a blue ribbon down the side, the ribbon is from Joanna Sheen's online shop.

I know those who regularly visit my blog must be wondering, Vernon was 65 year old last November and here's his Dad 80 years old today, Vernon is his step son and has been since he was three years old, so hes the only Dad Vernon has known.

Well I hope hes had a lovely day and here's to the next twenty years because he says he going to live to be one hundred and wants a telegram from the Queen............ could be King Charles by then.

Update on my Mother she goes into a Nursing home today, on the next post I will tell you all about it.

I hope you are all keeping well and until we meet again take care



Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My surprise today


Look what arrived in the post today, back in November I won a giveaway from Wanda in the US, I know she posted it at the beginning of December and I must admit I had forgotten about it, so when the postman came knocking this morning with two parcels I was surprised.

Thank you Wanda the parcel was lovely containing a pair of small scissors, two balls of Lizbeth thread, of which I do not have, Peacock Blues no 20 and Autumn Apple pie No 40. A book about Kansas landscape and the most beautiful bookmark.

The other parcel was from the Lady Shuttle Maker, I brought one of her hook pens on Christmas day from her esty store, its like a pen but without the ink instead it has a tatting hook which when you press it, it comes down just like an ink nib.

I hope you have had a nice day I am off to see and do the TIAS (tat it as you see) that started today, if you remember I did it last you and it turned out to be an aeroplane, so I wonder what this years will turn out to be.

Until we meet again take care



Friday, 6 January 2012

The last Christmas Cards.

At least its stopped raining and the wind has finally died down. These two cards were made for Christmas, I wanted something that was not the usual things Christmas cards have but were for Christmas. The top one was for Vernon's Dad and the other was for Dee Vernon's sister.
We were unable to go up to Oxford over Christmas because I had flu but tomorrow we are going up to Dads 80th Birthday Party and then I can give them their cards. I was so late with them that they missed the post and we said we would take them with us on Boxing Day. Well they say the best laid plans don't work, and in this case they did not.

I used the tatting pattern 5 point Celtic motif which I have done before but I made them with 10 points instead of 5, the pattern is a Sue Hansons Pattern, I used Lizbeth Christmas thread no 20. I put the motif on a gold miri board card, the backing paper was free from a magazine. The ribbon is sheer from Joanna Sheen's online shop. I have done several of these before and I think they are lovely for cards. I finished off the cards with gold peel offs.
This is a close up.

I hope you like these cards, I wanted something different and I hope I managed that, none of us felt in the mood for Christmas after Peters death. The rest of the family got brought cards which is very unusual from me, but we with so much going on I just could not find the time to make some for them.
I was going to do a challenge card for the Sunday CD Challenge, but with the week I have had I have not had time for myself. Mother is now going into a home so I have been looking at nursing homes for her, I think we have found the one that will suit her, its now just getting the paperwork done and then sorting her bungalow out. Vernon's is wandering how he found time to go to work with all the wandering around we have down over the last few weeks, he would have had a lot of time off work to help me.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and until we meet again in Blog land take care