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Tuesday 24 April 2012

The CD Sunday Challenge -Sweets for my sweet

Well the sun is shining as I write this but don't expect it to stay too long we have already had a few drops of rain. I did put my washing out only it rained so its indoors now and can finish drying on the radiators. Tomorrow they say its coming in again and its going to be a very wet day,  well whats new.  Don't forget this country is in drought mode.

Today I bring you my card for the Sunday Cd challenge, this weeks its sweets for my sweet,  I hope you like my choice of card,  not bad for a diabetic.
The card comes from the My Craft Studio Klever Konstruction CD volume one.
I have 3d the lid with gold peel off line and put some lace around the top of the box lid and a couple of gold hearts.
I 3d the red rose and the rose banner on the bottom layer.

Close up of the box lid
Close up of the rose banner

I hope you like this weeks card and hope you are getting enough rain for your garden,  even if it does only make the weeds grow.
Until we meet again take care and keep dry.

Monday 23 April 2012

Happy St Georges Day


Today is St Georges Day,  the patron saint of England,  so I wish you all a very Happy St Georges Day.

Until we meet again have a lovely day and take care


Saturday 21 April 2012

Parchment cards with Peel offs

Today's post is under the new blogger,  if you have not tried it yet,  then you might be tearing your hair out as I am now.    I finally got the pictures in the order I wanted them,  but as for the words,  well I can only hope.
I hope where ever you are the sun is shining and its warm,  here we are having heavy rain showers with sun in between,   its windy and its not very warm.  The lovely spring weather seems to have disappeared since they said we have a drought.  Although here in Somerset we have enough water so they say,  the wildlife are the ones suffering as the river levels are very low.
Today I thought I would show you three new cards, the first is my Oriental card with the dragon, and bamboo with the water lilies.   The gold peels have been put on plain parchment paper and them embossed.  I layered the parchment on gold card and then placed on a cream card.   The parchment is attached with brads in the corners.

Close up pictures of the dragon.

This card is of a peacock,  I love the peacock colours and I coloured the peacock with felt tip pens,  and embossed the parchment from the back though the peel off.

Put it on purple card with brads,  and then on a square cream card

Finally this card is orchids,   my favourite flower (my orchid is starting to come in flower I will post a picture when it does)  in the meantime this peel off of a spray of orchids,  I embossed with dots on the petals,  placed the parchment on blue shiny card with flower brads,  on a blue card. 

Well I have battled Blogger,  with hubby saying scrap it,  now I am sure if he meant the whole blog or just this post.  He says I spend too much time on my blog so I think he means the whole blog.
I hope you like today's post,  I still have a few strands of hair left on my head,  but the air is a bit blue here.
Until we meet again take care and have a lovely weekend.

Monday 16 April 2012

The Sunday CD challenge - Ring of Roses

Its been a lovely sunny day today the nights have been very cold but the days have been cooler than of late. We managed to do some gardening, there's a lot to do, as I was unable to do any last year, at least we have made a start and hopefully the garden will start to look a lot better this year.
I have not done the challenge over the last few weeks as I was not well, apart from my stomach I am beginning to feel better, so here is this weeks challenge card.
This week the Sunday CD challenge is Ring of Roses, link to the blog here
My card is from the Roses CD by Robert Addams, its a lovely Cd full of gorgeous roses images.
I used this yellow peace rose and backing paper to match, I matted it on gold miri board and 3d the rose. I was going to make some roses but I did not have any ribbon to match the picture so I used two white ones and coloured them with pro makers, I added ribbon and some silk leaves to the side of the image. Place a white ribbon and bow down the side and finished off the card with gold peel offs and a few small butterflies.

We are forecasted to get rain tonight, although we are not short they have today announced that we are now in drought, there is not enough water in the rivers and wetlands to support the wildlife. Some areas of the UK have been in drought for a few weeks and have had there fish taken out of the rivers due to a shortage of water in the rivers.
I hope you had a lovely weekend, and until we meet again take care.

Friday 6 April 2012

Happy Easter

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, we have had a lovely day after a heavy frost this morning, I managed to get my washing dry today. They say we are going to have rain, the garden could do with it, at least here in Somerset we have not yet got a hose pipe ban. We are an island surrounded with water and we are short of water, in hot countries they used our technology and turn sea water into usable water, but not in this country, we sell the technology to other countries. I will get off my soap box now.
Today I thought I would show you one of my latest stitched cards I have done, this card Starform flowers and borders sewn with pink metallic thread and pink beads with a side panel of green and pink thread matching the flowers and leaves.
I placed pink beads in the flowers and one down the side at every fan stitching.

I have busy with Mothers blanket its coming along and nearly all the squares are stitched and I have started the border, I will of course show you the finished item when its finished.
I hope you have a lovely Easter and where ever you are, the weather is kind to you.
Until we meet again Take care.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

A sad weekend

We had some bad news on Saturday, I was doing a table at a craft fair in aid of Diabetics in Children, (we both have diabetics so we are pleased to help). Actually I did quite well and the kids were running around having fun. They had a table with loads of cuddly toys on, £1 per go and you pick a name from the box and get a toy. What did I get a camel, very similar to the drunken camel we brought Gertie back from Grand Canary in December, why drunken for those who missed the post in December, so much he look drunk.
Towards the end of the morning Miranda popped in with her youngest, he looked so sad and she told us that Gertie had died the previous day in her sleep. Gertie was mothers dog and Miranda was her foster mum, shes been looking after Gertie since New Year, She could not have wished for a better home, they gave Gertie a lot of love and attention, and really looked after so well. Roger had put Gertie's basket out in the garden for her, she had gone to sleep in it, a little while later he found her, she had died in her sleep, at least she did not suffer, as far as we know she was not in pain. I wonder if the camel was from her?
Gussie who died last June ( I still have her ashes) I will put them together as near to their mother (Haie pronounced hay) as we can, the bush she is under has grown so much we might have some problems but we will try to get them as close as we can. They were from the same litter and always together, Gussie used to climb into Gertie's basket backwards and sit on her, lay on her, or push her so she could get in. Just occasionally Gertie would get annoyed with her and bash her with her paw. Gertie was like a mother hen she looked after Gussie and Mother, even trying to help mother up when she fell, I know she missed Gussie when she died, and I am sure over the last few months Miranda and her kids have given Gertie the best possible life she could have had.

Gussie, as she always was with her ears cocked.

Haie, their mother and my dog before she died ten years ago.

Its strange because I had Haie and then when she died and mothers previous dog died, the kennels offered mother the two sisters and then we found out they were from Haie's last litter, they were five when Mother had them, so give or take a few months Gertie was around 15 years old.
Unfortunately Mother still asks about Gussie and misses them so I am going to try and get her a toy dog she can at least cuddle.

Rest in peace my girls.


Sunday 1 April 2012

International Tatting Day


Today is International Tatting Day, I have some new bits to show you which I have saved up for today. Many tatters around the world will be going out and tatting either in a cafe or somewhere in public, unfortunately I am not going out today, but I was tatting at the craft fair yesterday.
Tatting is an art that is practiced all over the world, I am often asked about how old the art is or they have never heard of tatting. It dates back to the 16th century as far as I have found out, although it died out being done for a long time, it is coming back in a big way. I am hoping to start some tatting lessons, but due to being ill its been something that's on hold at the moment. I can say to anyone who does not tat, look down my sidebar and pop over to some of the tatting blogs listed, I am sure they would be pleased to see you, and you will be so surprised just how many tatters there are worldwide. Many years ago tatting would have been used from Doilies and edgings, today beads and many items are being incorporated into tatting, that the scope of uses for tatting has grown.
This is a new design that I have been working on, I call it Daisy Rose, and I have made a pendant with a silver leaf from a pair of earrings I brought to chop about and make into new items, the thread used is Lizbeth Purple Twist no 20.

The pink earrings which I am making a pendant to match, are also the Daisy Rose with silver leaves from a pair of earrings I brought a few months ago. the thread is very old but is by coats I am sorry I don't have the name of the thread its lost its label.

These blue earrings are from a pattern I found on the Internet a few months ago called Tree Earrings, by Nami, www.namiart.blogspot.com. I used Lizbeth thread Peacock blues which Wendy sent me before Christmas, its a lovely colour combination, and I will be using it often.

I hope where ever you are you enjoy international tatting day.

Until we meet again Take care