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Sunday 31 January 2016

Pinterest challenge from the Pin Chicks for January


Another year of Pinterest challenges from us,  we are now called Pin Chicks,  I rather like this name and at my age to be called a Chick is rather nice.  This year we are joined by Muskaan,  I have no idea what she will choose to make,  its going to be an interesting year with us,  so there are now four of us.
This month was a totally nightmare, partly being on the course at the hospital and not being well enough to concentrate on this.   I did like this pattern and I thought it would look good,  as you can see this is as far as I have got,  to say I am sick of it is an understatement. Sick of the pattern,  sick of colour,  sick of it full stop.  The pattern which went with the picture on Pinterest was totally different when I got into it,  to be honest it was wrong some of the spaces had no stitch numbers so it was like working blind and the picture of the butterfly around her neck had no picots but the diagram did.  The digram looks Russian and is marked Cxema K MoAenn 53,   I have tried to translate it but Google has no idea,  and there's no other link to the person who made it.    I carried on and this is what I end up with a butterfly,  no doubt you got there before I told you,  with enormous wings,  its supposed to be on a necklace with this butterfly in the middle,  it could and might look stunning,  I will finish it and I will blog it again when finished.  I am using Lizbeth thread no 20 called Niagare Falls.
Now here's the links to the other blogs do please pop over and see what they have made this month.   First Suzanne link to her blog,  Carolyn's blog,   and lastly Muskaan blog. If you fancy joining us, that us Pin Chicks, then let us know its so simple find something on Pinterest that you fancy making or having a go at,  and then blogging it towards the end of the month.
Until we meet again take care

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Land of Laces Heart Doily

At present I am doing a Fibromalgia course at the Mineral Hospital in Bath,  the first week we were set a goal for the week,  well I set myself tatting the middle of the Land of Laces Heart doily,  I am using Lizbeth Cranberry Bush No 20  I should have posted this last week,  link to post about the start of this doily.   Well with one thing and another and having a day out with family this got forgotten,  I did manage to do the middle in the week and have started the next round only I am trying to finish something else for the end of the month and time if flying faster than me.
I expect you remember my flowering foxglove well he's still flowering but he's looking a bit sorry for himself after a severe frost,  this was taken the day before the frost.   I can't believe this flower is still going,  the frost hit my hardy fuchsias and they were hit hard but no he survived.  link to the post about the foxglove.
Hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care

Tuesday 19 January 2016

CD Sunday Challenge - Wild Flowers

Hope you are well,  its a bit cold here in Somerset,  no snow yet,  although many parts of the UK have had snow,  we are clear,  last night was the coldest night of the winter so far,  going to get milder by the weekend.
Today I bring you my card for the CD Sunday Challenge,  its Wild Flowers this time and I used Joanna Sheens CD  the Royal Horticultural Society for my image and backing paper.  I matted the image on red miri card and added a piece of tartan ribbon around the image,  with a flourish and butterfly,  finishing off with butterfly gems with gems on the top butterfly, and a piece of ribbon down the side of the card.
I tried to make it a simple card for a beautiful flower that means so much to many people.


Friday 15 January 2016

My goal for the week


Time is flying and here we are already in the second week of January,  my apologises to anyone I have not left a comment to,  I don't know where the time goes and I try to keep a pace with the blogs but it seems to be getting harder.
The weather is turning colder and although we have not had any snow, we had our first real frost last night,  you could say winter is here at last,  and the latest on the foxglove he is still flowering, so when I have finished this I will go and get a picture of him.
At the moment I am on a course at the Mineral Hospital in Bath for my fibromalgia,  and they set everyone with a Goal for the week, well after sitting there for what seemed ages I finally decided to tat the doily I had been planning to do, (now what else would a tatter do) so I need to tat the middle of the doily by Monday.    Well I am off to a start not sure if I can get the middle done, but one can only try.  This pattern is by Land of Laces, heart doily and I am using Lizbeth Cranberry Bush thread no 20.
The Mineral Hospital in Bath is a very interesting building and I am hoping to write a piece about it, I know there are several ladies who like reading about history.
Until we meet again,  take care and keep warm

Sunday 3 January 2016

Bethany's Birthday Card

First post of 2016,  hope you had a great christmas and New Year,  and if I have not said Happy New Year to you yet,  then Happy New Year.   Hope you have a great crafting new year.
Bethany's birthday was back in December but I gave her the card before I photo it,  so I had to wait until I went over to get a photo.  I must apologise they are not the best I took these with my mobile camera.  In case you don't know Bethany is one of our grand daughters.
Bethany is mad on Owls so it only seemed fitting that I should make her an owl card,  it took me all day to make this card,  either one piece of card was tooooo big or another was tooooo small,  Anyway this is what I ended up with,  I did heart shape eyes and put a feather at the back of the eye and glued eyes that move on the hearts.  The flower paper on her chest yes I think a pink owl must be a her was a free gift from a magazine.  The butterfly was added on the wing, (I think the crafters might know why???)  I finished off with silver peel off's.
She did love it and it was still on up on the fireplace on Christmas day.
Until we meet again Take care and stay dry in this horrible weather the UK is experiencing.