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Saturday 31 October 2015

Pinterest Challenge for October - Open Heart

This months Pinterest Challenge was hard not only did I have to restart it, after a disaster with the iron,  I embroidery the heart and thought I would iron the material,  wrong the silver thread definitely did not like the iron and well lets just say a mess.  Then the roses I made for the heart using a pin that had instructions how to make them were too big for the design,  so I scrapped them and made my own the way I have made thousands of them.  I tell you between the iron and the first lot of roses which I spent hours on this pinterest for October has been a big headache.
I combined several pins and made up my own design,   I love these ribbon embroidery designs on pin and there's a lot of embroidery on there too,  so rather than do all ribbon or embroidery I combined them into my own design for a change.
I am calling this design open heart,  the roses and larger leaves are ribbon,  I embroidered the smaller leaves with variegated thread and the white  French knots which are not showing up in the photo,  and then added the silver beads scattering them around the design,  I did sew a few on the roses to make it look as if the I thrown them on the material.

This challenge has taken me the whole month,  what with trying to get days with good light so I could see to embroider,  and days when the pain was too bad to do anything,  yes it was a challenge,  a big challenge,  did I enjoy it yes and no, but I do like what I achieved,  I just hope Suzanne and Carollyn like it,  I know they had problems so please do pop over and see their blogs

As its Halloween I have not had time to make anything new so here's a picture I used a few years ago
 So I wish you all a very happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend, until we meet again, take care

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Evening Primrose


Sunday was such a beautiful day,  and my Evening Primrose was looking so lovely in the sunshine,  I just had to take a picture,  it grows wild in my garden,  pops up wherever it wants to,   I don't mind,  as its no good moving to where I would like it to grow as it as it dies, so its best to leave it to grow and then pull it out after its flowered in the Autumn.
Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Meadowhall Shopping Centre. - updated

It seems ages since I put anything on my blog,  but last week was not that good,  Its a beautiful day here,  the sun is shining and its now quite warm, very cold first thing, hopefully my washing will dry.
 I had some brilliant news regarding my eye the tumour has almost gone,  its a relief is nearly over.
We always visit Meadowhall Shopping Centre for some retail therapy, after the hospital appointment,  it is a huge shopping centre,  with 290 stores,  and covers 1.5 million square feet of floor space,  12,000 parking spaces and even a helicopter pad for those wanting to spend lottery millions,  attracting 25 million visitors a year.  I don't think we have seen it all yet,  even though we have visited it many times over the years,  The locals call it omeadow hell.
The restaurants range from Thai and Japanese,  Italian, American and British cooking.   Yes there is something for everyone including a cinema.
While we were walking around we saw these hearts dotted around,  I have no idea what they are for,  but here are just a few of them.  I did try to find out what they were for, but there's no information on their web site.  The hearts were lovely, colourful and well designed and every one was different.
Thanks to Kathy I have been given a link to read about the heart,  if you want to know more follow the link
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Margaret

Thursday 15 October 2015

Tatted Ribbon Candy Christmas Trees 22/25 Motif Challenge

This scheduled post,  although these pictures are not the best and I tried hard to hang the trees up so the Chinese glass Bicones caught the light,
This pattern is by Bonnie Swank 2014,  its the most easy pattern which is simply making a strip and then threading the beads though the rings at certain points,   I was not sure how this pattern would work out but I am very pleased with them,  I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in Christmas green and white in different combinations,
I put a doddad at the bottom to weight the tree. I am sorry I don't have a link for this pattern I must have got it a little while ago and it was on my to do pile.
Hope you are keeping well
Happy Tatting

Monday 12 October 2015

CD Sunday Challenge - Bloomin' Marvellous

Another beautiful day here in Somerset and the week looks set to be dry and fine, although chilly at night.  We are set to go to Sheffield later on in the week so no doubt it will be slightly colder up there. Hopefully the news on how my eye is doing will be good.
This fortnight the CD Sunday Challenge is Bloomin' Marvellous, and for this challenge I used Robert Addams Roses CD,  I used a red damask backing paper,  and then the strip down the side is from the red rose image,  the red rose image was matted onto a gold shiny card, and 3d.,   The cream Ivy leaves die cut is from a friend, she knows who she is and thank you.  The red and green spotty ribbon is from stock and the small red roses in the corner is also from some I brought a while ago.   There is room at the bottom for a sentiment which I have not decided on yet.
Hope you enjoy the weather this week,
Take care