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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Two Little Elephants


It seems ages since I blogged anything and although I have done a few things I really have nothing much to show you.   I have started teaching tatting again another beginners class this time I have four ladies which seems to take up a bit of time and I am enjoying it.
Last Friday the UK had a solar Eclipse it would have been fine if we could have seen the sun but the day started misty and cloudy no chance until we went out,  I walked up the driveway to open the gate and there was a hole in the cloud and the sun with just the corner covered by the moon as it left the sun. Unfortunately I did not have my camera and even if I had ran for it we would have missed it,  it was there just for a few seconds really just long enough to see it,  better luck next time in .....years.
I am please to say my hospital appointment went well and I have to go back again in six months it seems the treatment is working.
 On the way up to Sheffield I knitted the pink elephant and their skirts up in Sheffield and then knitted the blue one on the way back,   I am pleased with both of them one skirt is moss stitch and the other elephant has a moss stitch top just make them different.   It took a couple of nights sewing up the bits and stuffing.  I cant remember where this pattern came from as I have had it years and knitted lots of these little elephants.   I had to re type it out again as the pattern was so worn out.
I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A sprinkling of Fairy Dust

This is a scheduled post,   I am away for a few days in Sheffield for a check up on my eye,  hoping everything will be OK.
These two cards are from the new CD-ROM by La Pashe called Gnomes and Fairies I was delighted with it and although I have only made a couple of cards there will be more.   These two are from the Fairy section of the CD

I used the wash day images and the ironing board image and the background paper from the CD,   I matted the images on gold card and then put some glitter on their wings and the washing/ironing.
On the larger card I added some pink papers flowers I brought in Oxford and a butterfly with some pink shaded ribbon.
I can only say this CD was worth the money and has some really great images on it.

Until we meet again in blog land,


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pretty as a picture

Its a dull, drizzly morning here in Somerset,  looks set in for the day.
I made this card the other day, the image and background paper is from Joanna Sheens CD Patience Strong, I matted the image on gold card, added my last piece of die cut flourish I was given from a friend and a butterfly which Carol sent me last year,  thank you both of you for the die cuts.   The flowers and ivy leaves are from stash along with the white ribbon.  Below is a side view.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend, until we meet again, take care

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Update on Renuleks Wiosna Mat


Sometimes in the life of a tatter something goes wrong,   we all make mistakes no mater how clever we are or how long we have been tatting.
Well here's my cock up, yep I tatted the 4th round,  the whole lot and then went to add the flowers in-between the circles,   then disaster stuck I had tatted five rings in each circle instead of six,  the flowers would fit but not the next round.   I had a choice.
                1.  Cut off the whole round and start again, wasting a lot of thread
                2.   leave as it is and stop there,   its still a pretty mat and I do like the colours
                3.   Give it as a birthday present as it is,  the person who is going to get it
                      does not read my blog and wont know there's a mistake
Well there you have it,   I am doing number three at least no thread is wasted,  no time wasted in re-tatting and in the words of my husband you have enough doilies why do you want more.   He's pleased that I am going to give as a birthday present and its not another doily taking up space in the draw.
Will I start again I don't know at the moment,   I am off next week to Sheffield for a check up on my eye, and I have a lot of things to do in the next week.   I was enjoying the pattern and I was pleased with the way the colours were working out.    I will sew in the ends, wash it and block then it will be ready to give.
Hope you are having a nice day

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

CD Sunday Challenge, Everything stops for Tea

  I went for plain and simple this time using Joanna Sheens  Patience Strong CD,   I rather like the idea of the afternoon tea with the plate of sandwiches.   I also used the backing sheet that went with the image blue ribbon down the side and die cut flowers down the side on the back with blue gems in the middle, I cut a piece off the front of the card and placed the image half way.  My camera decided to give up and I had to buy a new one,   but Currys gave me the wrong SD card for it,  so I had to go back again and get the right one,   So now I can take my photos without messing around with the Ipad and then emailing them to myself.
Until we meet again take care

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy St David's Day


To all my Welsh followers Happy St David's Day.
I tatted this daffodil from the pattern by Jennifer Williams,   the inspiration for the daffodil design came from her garden,   I used Lizbeth thread no 20 Pineapple Parfait,   I could not find a yellow button in the shop but i did find this green glitter one,  I only just finished it in time to post it today, I have not put the beads in the middle yet.  I would like to thank Joelle, for some help my brain went blank when it said bridge the chain,  but as you can see I managed in the end.

Our American and Canadian followers are having a very hard winter just to show you spring is nearly here I took this picture of one of my snowdrops this morning when it stopped raining.   I took it with my new camera,  my old one gave up the ghost so I had to buy a new one,  I planted a few in the lawn last year in little clumps and this one has popped up on his own,  Hopefully next year he might find a friend to flower with.
Have a nice day