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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Purple Paradise


This is my last week as Guest Designer for the CD Sunday Challenge,  I really have enjoyed my time as the guest designer and the weeks have flown by.  I feel its been a great honour to be chosen to be a guest designer.
This week it is Purple Paradise,  I used a different shape for this card, and putting the image inside which I used Joanna Sheens Pamela West Collection,  its a lovely image and I thought went well with the challenge. The backing paper is from stock I used two shades one purple and the other is more lilac.   The spray on the sides have a flourish which again is from Suzanne,  thank you Suzanne,  with a matching flower which I think is from Jeanette,  which she sent me ages ago,  thank you Janette, and a piece of ribbon from stock.   The whole design was put on a piece of gold miri board and then another piece of gold miri board behind the main image finished off with gold peel off words.

I am pleased with how the whole card ended up, its not often I am pleased with a card but this one worked up to plan so easy,  in fact its the blank I was going to use for last weeks card,  but I think it worked up better for this challenge.

I hope you are having a good weekend and the weather is behaving itself  where ever you are.
Until we meet again take care.


Friday, 26 April 2013

12 Snowflakes 2/25

I was asked to make 12 snowflakes like last week,  she chose the pattern she wanted which was an old pattern from Anna Magazine December 1991 number 39.  I have adjusted the pattern slightly,  which I find works better.   I have put a close up at the top,  she had the first five last weekend and the other seven pictured below are on there way.
I think she thinks I have a machine,  my fingers were a little sore trying to tat them quickly,  which proves I know I need the tunnels on my wrists doing one day.  I have been putting it off, perhaps when I retire.  Now I can go back to the tat along mat and finish off a couple of pairs of earrings,  which I will show you another day.
Take care

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Aprils Toys


This is Aprils Toys I knitted,  its a bit late as the lady in the market had them in the first week of April but as you know I have had flu over the last few weeks,  and I have a lot to catch up on.
 First was the blue Huggins the Hippo which is knitting pattern from Fluff and Fuzz,  lovely pattern and easy to do,  I really loved doing this pattern and plan to do more.
Next is my elephant pattern which I have done countless times this time as a sailor and I am showing you the front and the back.

And lastly say Cheese to the mouse,  he was finished at night so the picture was taken by flash,   he is an old pattern from a magazine sorry I cant remember which one, but he worked up quickly and was easy to do.  His scarf which I added is simply 5 stitches four rows knit and four rows stocking stitch.
They are all knitted with wool usually Double knitting apart from the elephants which are 4 ply,.

I am working on the next toys for the lady in the market,   so I will post them in May as May's Toys.

Until we meet again Take care

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy St. Georges Day.


Just to wish you all a very Happy St. Georges Day.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Majesty

I am sorry I have not  been blogging much over the last two weeks, blame the flu,  today is my third week as guest Designer for the CD Sunday Challenge, I had three goes at this card, I wanted something different and a shaped card and in the end I started again and finished up with an easel card.  The theme this week is Majesty.  This theme was picked by Carol whose birthday is this week,  I wont say how old she is,  but it has a big 0 in it.
Well as You can see I chose our Queen,  this year marks the 60th anniversary of the coronation and also my 60th  (you did not see that) so my card marks 60 years on the throne.
I the backing papers from Klever Konstruction Once in a Lifetime volume two,  the image I got from Google as a free image.   The frame,  the flourishes and name plate are die cuts that Suzanne sent me,  (thank you Suzanne),   the sprays with red flowers I found the other day (amazing how you loose things, forget about them and then find them)  red and blue ribbon from stock.  With a name plate on the base card reading "Happy 60th"   finished off with gold corner peel off 's.

I wish Carol a very Happy Birthday and hope she has a very happy week.
I have some items to bring you hopefully next week I will be back with new goodies, and some news I have to share with you in the meantime I am fighting time as I have been asked to make 12 snowflakes only they would like them like last week.
Until we meet again Take care.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

CD Sunday Challenge - Thank you

Why do things go wrong when you are not feeling well,    Its a good job I made this card last weekend as I have flu and spent the later part of the week in bed.  Not something I wanted as each cough hurts like hell and with the pain in the stomach wall which I am having a scan for on Tuesday,  is causing more pain.   Never mind its all sent to try us.   This is my second week as the Guest Designer for the CD Sunday Challenge and this week the card is - Thank you.
This week I used a new CD which I brought when we were in Oxfordshire over Easter, Debbi Moor Designs have brought out an Art Deco Bookazine with a CD,  nice because all the designs are on the CD so I dont have to cut the book up.  I used the template from the CD for the base of the card and she calls it a rocker card,   it does rock by the way.
I went back to Pop corn the bear for the image and backing paper,   I used green card cut by hand and then matted onto gold miri board,  a gold peel off thank you and glittered the flowers in the image,  I put roses in blue and pink to match the flowers which I brought off a market stall at the beginning of March.  Its amazing what you find when you are not looking.  and added green ribbon from stock.

If you have not seen Debbi Moores Bookazines I recommend them the designs are brilliant,   and there will be a lot more art deco cards coming up in the future,   I will be doing this rocker card again,  it was so easy to do.

I hope you are having a nice weekend and the sun shines between the rain drops.  Until we meet again Take care


Sunday, 7 April 2013

The CD Sunday Challenge - Through the Window

Today I can announce that I have been chosen to be the Guest Designer for the CD Sunday Challenge for the month of April.
Today I bring you my card for the team which is Through the Window,  I used Joanna Sheens The Pamela West Collection CD, both for the backing and image.   I cut out a window in white card which is embossed with wood grain effect,  matted that onto the image,  I took a piece of card and rolled it into a blind, cut along the edge and added a piece of lace,  a piece of cotton and a bead for the pulley.
Put a peel off vase on some pink card and cut around it to make a vase on the window sill,   and finished off the card with gold peel off's.
I am so pleased to have been given this chance to be a guest designer and I am looking forward to visiting all the other entries for the challenge.   Thank you ladies for giving me this privilege
Until we meet again take care


Monday, 1 April 2013

International Tatting Day - 1.4.2013


It might be April Fools Day (and the weather still feels like winter) but its International Tatting Day.  I am often asked it is just in this country to which I reply NO,    I can simply say tatting is world wide,   on all five continents, from Europe to South America  Africa, North America, Asia and Australasia    Whatever language is spoken tatting is universal,  all that is needed is a drawing of a pattern,  is enough to tat.
I found this little mat the other day,  I have no idea when I made it,   its from the book Tatting with visual Patterns by Mary Konior and its called flower piece,   there is another round,  for this one I know I used dark blue no 60 as I still have some left,   and  I think it was by Coats  I am afraid these days no 60 would be a little too small for my eyes,  my eyes must be needing stronger glasses must be my age!

As promised her is the tat along mat by Renulek (Intatters) in Sea Island Citrus Lizbeth no 20,  by the time you see this I should have finished this round and might have started the next.   Its taken a couple of months to get back to normal and start it again after my cock up and having to cut out a bit,  but its now my mojo seems to be back and its firmly on the way to being finished,   hopefully..

For more information on tatting click on the intatters badge in my sidebar or on the link for leaning tatting by Marilee  (Craftsy)  

I hope you are having a lovely Easter,  keeping warm,  they say we have this cold weather possibly until the end of April,   With the clocks going forward yesterday into British Summertime, all I can say is its going to be a long time before we see summer.
                                Take care