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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tatting with Wendy plus Renuleks tat along mat.

It seems ages since I posted anything on my blog.   I am recovering well from my op and the infection has gone hooray.  The nurses have stopped coming in and I have the last couple of days been out in the car for a ride.  I am still not allowed to do anything,   at times I forget but I am trying to be a good patient.

Wendy from Uni and Tsuru link to her blog  suggested a tat along,  this is the first round of the pattern we both chose,   the first round is all split rings and a chain from one petal to another link to pattern.    I used Lizbeth no 40 American Apple Pie,   which I think was sent to me a while ago by Wanda. if I am wrong,  its been a while ago.  I have enjoyed this pattern something different,  I will post the next round when done.


Now while I am posting do you remember this.   This is the tat along by Renulek (intatters)  its  been ages since I posted this mat but finally I have finished the snowflake round and the little bits beside the snowflakes.  I stopped doing this mat after Vernons Dad died in January and then I did a bit and put it down and lost interest in it.   Well while I can't do anything but sit I picked it up again and here is the finished snowflake round,  now I am on the next round with three more to do.   I can't see this being finished any time soon but at least its back on track.   I am using Lizbeth No 20 Sea Island Citrus thread.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and messages they are really appreciated.
I hope you are keeping well, until we meet again take care.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Not so well


Nothing to show you today, just feeling a bit frustrated,  I had the op 10 days ago and not allowed to do anything for five weeks.    But the scar has got an infection in and the district nurses who have been coming in to give me a daily injection are continuing to come in until this infection is cleared up.
I thought I would catch up on my tatting and knitting, how wrong I could be,  I have done very little tatting just a few small bits and as for the knitting nothing it's too hot.
We usual moan about the weather in this country, but it's gorgeous at the moment,  hot for this country although the last two days have been cooler it's still pretty hot in the sun. It's just drained me of all energy, not complaining its nice to see the sun.  It's just too hot to do anything.
Thank you for all the emails and comments that have been left,  I will show you the few bits I have done at a later date.
If you have not had a comment on your blog sorry I can only visit when I feel up to it,  I will catch up with you all soon,
Until we meet again take care, stay cool.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Look at this yummy,

What another gorgeous day today,  its very warm but not quite so warm as it was in Portugal,  the day before we left it was 35c,  today here in somerset its around 25 c   I hope this weather lasts for the next couple of months,  its time we had some proper summertime.   They say Saturday will be our hottest day so far this year.
As you know it was my birthday last week,  this is the cake that the hotel gave me,  it arrived quite early in the morning,  Bang went the diet,  it was as nice as it looks,  we thought it was a sponge until we cut it,  I have not tasted a cake like it before,  the texture was firm, although it looked chocolate it was not sweet like chocolate and had a taste of fruit.
I was also given a list of six set menus which I could choose from as a special birthday dinner.  It was yummy  dinner of four courses,  the diet really did go out the window that day.
We arrived home to a pile of wonderful cards,  five of which were handmade,  a great funny one from Dee my Sister in Law,  and of course one very special card from Vernon,  plus a few more from family and friends.  If I have not thanked you and the last couple of days have been busy,  thank you to everyone who sent a card.
Tomorrow I go into hospital for a small op,  so if I don't post for some days don't think I have not forgotten you,  I have a piece to write on our holiday and show you the tatting I did while I was away.
I hope wherever you are the weather is sunny and hot and until we meet again take care.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Tatted Seahorse Dragon 7/25


Another scheduled post,   this time its my Tatted Seahorse Dragon,   I am so pleased with him, he tatted up beautifully and was quick, easy and a joy to tat.
The pattern is designed by Debbie Arnold and Anne Bruvold, link to seahorse pattern.  but I don't have the link for the dragon bit.   I tatted him in Lizbeth thread Tropical Punch no 20.   definitely I will be tatting him again.  
Until  we meet again Take Care

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tatted Bracelets and Earrings 6/25

Another scheduled post these are a few items that I have made over the last month and I saved to show you while I was away.
This green bracelet is from a pattern from the Book Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite its on Page 70 and I thought it might make a nice bracelet,  I used Lizbeth thread Christmas green mix no 20.  It was put on my table last month and sold within a few hours.
 This is another Classic Edge Bracelet by Marilee Rockley also in Lizbeth Christmas Green mix no 20,   I thought I had made it too short as I ran out of thread on the shuttles so I added a chain,  in case anyone wanted it a bit longer.

 Earrings,  these are crown earrings which the original pattern came from Joelle's blog,    she very kindly shared a pattern for a crown edging,  which was then turned into earrings by  Crazy Mom Tats link to her blog,   she inspired me too,  and here is my earrings,   I just put a glass pearl in the middle of the large ring,  the picture above is not the best black was hard to photo,  but the close up is the Rainbow Taffy Lizbeth thread no 20.

These earrings were inspired from the site on facebook which Sue found link to site  called Tatting box,  its a great site not that I belong to facebook,  but it has some great tatting on. Sue's site link is  both are well worth a visit.
These are my earrings called the cross earrings,   I used Coats pink  no 20 which I had on the shuttles,  and wanted to use up,   I am happy with the results one looks a bit one sided don't know why it was ok when I blocked it,.  must have looked at the camera and thought it would be better looking wongy.  I shall be doing this pattern again.  it was quick and easy.
Well thats 6/25 of the 25 motif challenge done.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.  take care

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy American Independance Day and a Happy Birthday


I wish all my American followers a very Happy American Independence Day.    It just happens to be my birthday today,  its a big birthday this year and I am spending it in Portugal,  without telling you exactly how old I am,  you can work it out yourself as I am a coronation year baby.   

I would also like to wish Sally from Tat's Heaven link to her blog  a very Happy Birthday.  Hope you have a lovely day.

Until we meet again take care.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

AT last TIAS 2013 5/25


Hooray I have done it,   yes this is the TIAS 2013,  and it makes the 5th part of the 25 motif challenge.
By the time you read this I will be up in the air flying or have landed in Portugal.

I expect you are wondering why this was not done in parts back in January,  well regular readers of my blog will know that we had two deaths in the family in January and to be honest I just could not think about it then,   yes I printed each of the 11 days out ready to tat,  but well it never happen.   I started this the other night and finished it over a couple of days.   I used Lizbeth thread Pink Parade and Black no 20.  Its not been blocked yet but I was happy with it.

Its nice to catch up,   Hope you all have a lovely week. see you soon.