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Sunday 27 October 2013

Tatted Hankies. 15/25

Its a rough day outside,  we have gale force winds and heavy showers at the moment but its going to get worse with severe weather warnings for overnight and tomorrow.   I am definitely staying in.

Today I thought I would show you my tatted hankies I have done,  the one above and the one of the left,    close up below,  was a pattern I liked from Mary link to her blog  Mary very kindly gave me the pattern and this is my efforts.
 I do like this pattern its quick and easy and can be done easily.
I used Turkish Altin Basak thread no 50 which I find very soft and easy to do hankies with.

 Remember this me tatting in Cyprus well this is the hanky I was tatting again I used Marys pattern but with a twist.
I did a chain of 4ds 3ps separated by 1ds,
 ring 2-2-2-2,
 chain 3ps separated by 1ds, 4ds.
Again I used Turkish Altin Basak no 50

I hope wherever you are, you stay safe in the bad weather.  until we meet again Take care

Thursday 24 October 2013

CD Sunday Challenge - Fox and Friends

Well its dry for now and the washing is out on the line,  if it drys it does if not hopefully it will dry indoors.   We had two days of horrible weather and theres more to come from tonight,  and next week at least the beginning of the week is looking bad.   Its half term for our granddaughter next week and we have promised to take her out again,  hope the weather plays ball.

Now for this weeks card, the CD sunday challenge is Fox and Friends,  that had me beat I could only find one image on my CD's,  this is from the one I won a few months ago called Country life - Cottonball capers.   I went for the dancing fox and for a complete change a twisted pyramage.
 I use a round card and made an easel card,  using the backing paper that belonged to the image covering the base and front of the card.   I mounted the image on green pattern miri board added a few leaves and daisies and placed gems in the middle of the flowers.
 A piece of green pattern miri board to hold the cad with a Happy birthday in gold peel offs.
A close up of the image.

I wanted something simple and plain as I expect this will be a childrens card,  I hope you like my card.

Until we meet again take care

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Cyprus Part Two

Part Two of Cyprus,  We took the Red Bus trip Village Tour,  I hope you will find this interesting,  well I will try and tell you little more about Cyprus.
The above picture is Cape Greko the most easterly point of Europe,   not the best picture but the bus trip did not stop any nearer,   If you go up there and watch the sunrise you will be the first person in Europe to see the sunrise,   this is where Europe starts or ends depending on how you look at the map,  Syria is only 74 miles away from Cyprus,  so you could say the middle East is only 74 miles away,  Turkey to the north of the Island is in Asia.
This is the memorial to the four men who fought for independence known locally as the "Battle of the Barn" they were held up in the barn for four days and the british tried everything to get them out in the end they set fire to the barn and they were shot when they came out.   This war between the British and the Cyprus lasted from 1955 to 1959,  in 1964 Cyprus became independent although we still have three bases on the island.

This is the new church of St Thekla,  Thekla was a woman who they tried to execute back in the .... and I can't remember when sorry but after she lived they let her go and she went and live in the cave and became a nun,   today the cave is still in use as a church and they have built her a new church in her memory.   The cave is one of the oldest known places of worship on Cyprus and candles are lit daily in the church.  In the photo you can just see the steps down to the cave.
This is Achna a deserted village since 1974 when the Turks invaded Cyprus,   It was a thriving village before 1974,  even the cemetery has been moved over to the Cyprus side so the families can visit the graves of their families.
See the white post sticking up,  you would not want to go near the post, it marks razor wire and barbed wire plus there are landmines,   the other side is the Turks this is the dividing line,   the line which the British agreed before Turkey walked in and the British.  Today Cyprus is still a divided island occupied by Turkey.  the UN keep the peace between them,  it is the longest UN duty ever.   At the moment the duty of keeping the peace is being done by the British and the Argentines.  
This is a Turkish watchtower do not make a mistake they are armed and ready to shot. The guide said wave he will wave back,  we all did and he did wave back.     At the moment they are getting a lot of immigrants trying to cross into Europe yes that is now Asia across that line,  they think they can cross the line so they hide during the day and try and cross at night,  many never make it,   the land mines get them first.   This is an illegal occupation, Turkey wants to join the EU,  but until they get out of Cyprus they will never join.
These are some home of the refuges from the Famagusta Area,  in total there was 45,00 refuges,  they will not move out of the refuge homes because they say when they can they will go home.   There homes are occupied by the Turks,  but its these people who hold the deeds to the properties,  they were ordered to leave everything, they walked away with just their clothes on their backs and anything they could carry.

The ghost town of Varosha,   this town had two six star hotels,  it was the riches resort in the mediterranean.  There are many five star hotels,  everyone was ordered to leave including tourists,   there belongs are still in the hotels,   food still in the restaurants,  no one lives in Varosha.  It is a ghost town.  There are two car showrooms full of what was brand new cars never been on the roads still sitting in the showrooms waiting for someone to drive them.
Close up of Varosha

This is the church as you arrive into Protaras, called St Elias,   the wishing church,   there are over 170 steps to the top,   its called the wishing church and there is a tree outside which you can tie your wish to the church and hope it comes true.

Cyprus is the one of the most fertile island in the mediterranean sea,   they grow three crops of potatoes a year,  why is their ground so fertile,  there ground is rich in copper which the romans dug out,  but the water id not fit to drink hence its bottle water only to drink on Cyprus,  they also have septic tanks and where does the water go from the septic tanks down into the ground and into the water table,  this is the water which is pumped up to water the field and crops,  Plants have a way of filtering the bad parts of the water out and using the good parts hence the ground is very fertile,  crops also include, oranges, watermelons, figs, peaches, apples, strawberries,  and of course Olives,   the green olives are picked first then the black olives are the ones left on the trees the longest,  no they don't have green and black olive trees,  Olives are from the same plant its just the colour that changes with the length of time left on the tree.
That ends the Red Bus ride,   If you go to Protaras do go on the trip,  there is more and hopefully one day the Turks will leave Cyprus and we can visit more of the Island.
This is Protaras,   This is the fountain where the picture of me,  yes that is me with the man on stilts I could just about reach him to shake his hand,  he was making balloon animals for the kids.  I am small only 5ft 2ins he made me feel about 5 inches tall.

This is Fig Tree Bay,   beautiful beach, that is an island just off the beach,  do visit Fig Tree bay its lovely
Another picture of the island taken from the top of the beach.

Two more picture of Fig Tree Bay.

This is a Sea Daffodil a bulbous perennial herb,  flowers mid August to October in Sandy coasts of the mediteen towards Caspian and Black sea areas.
I photo the piece that was beside the flower,  I have enlarged it and cut off the other languages
 This is another beach nearer to our hotel,  the sand was golden and fine and when the wind blow,  the sand did fly.
 This is the Black Pearl Ship,  they do daily trips around the coast,  the captain was Jack Sparrow,   we did not do this trip,  we felt it would be too much for me this time in Cyprus.
 This is us having a drink just before we left Cyprus,  sorry to leave but it was 40+,  that was a welcome drink,  As we say goodbye to Cyprus it is one holiday we would recommend.  I hope you enjoyed my piece sorry it was in two halfs,  but there was a lot to get in.

Until we meet again take care

Monday 21 October 2013

TIAS Day 10 and Day 11,


On this horrible day here in somerset with the wind bloging a gale and pouring with rain, dark and gloomy, to do anything today means having the light on.
 I bring you the last couple of days of the TIAS.
Well no one guessed it,  which is not surprising seeing Sherry had all the tatters around the world guessing too,  There was 100 of us doing this TIAS,  now by the picture have you have you got it,  yes its "The Piccadilly Express"  it was inspired by her daughter two year old daughter who is fascinated by trains,   hence the Piccadilly Express.  
I was not feeling too good yesterday and  I played with the pattern as I felt it needed a truck and this is what I came up with,   I emailed Sherry who laughed and said theres a bonus pattern which everyone has forgotten  and what was the bonus pattern today, one large truck and one small one and what did the pattern look like .......... ta da    
Not quite so big but the same,   Great minds do think alike.   I took the corner pattern and a piece from the top of the cab and a bit from the side and the wheels from the bottom,  I just could not work out how to attach it.  No wonder Sherry laughed.
Thank you Sherry for doing such a great TIAS,   
Hope the weather is better with you than it is here.

Friday 18 October 2013

TIAS day 9


This is a scheduled post as I posted my card yesterday,   I lost internet connection on wednesday and with the painter plus flu/cold I am really having a hard week.
This is Day 9 any ideas yet?
Have a nice weekend.  

Thursday 17 October 2013

CD Sunday Challenge - Butterfly

It so nice to be able to rejoin this challenge, it seems weeks or months since I did any cards for the CD Sunday Challenge.
This week its Butterflies,   I used one of my favorite images,  although I don't think my mojo worked very well this week as I have cold and the Painter is in doing the hall, its been a hard week,  well never mind here is my card
I used Joanna Sheens  Enchanted Dreams CD,  for the image and the backing paper.  The butterfly is a die cut which was sent to me from Sue, thank you,  its beautiful and I glittered the butterfly which I layed with a large and small and added blue gems in the middle.  The flowers are from stock,  I had a mad moment I thought I would glitter the flower,  I asked my husband to pin pick the new bottle of glue, he split the side of the tube as well and well it went a bit of everywhere.

The ribbon was two bows put together, and left to hang down for a change.  The leave flourish is from Suzanne,  thank you Suzanne,  I wish my husband would let me have a die cutting machine,  he considers I don't do enough card making
I really enjoyed making this card and I hope you like it too.
Well the sun is shining for a change time to clear up now the painter has finished and put some things back,  next it will be the carpet man.

Monday 14 October 2013

TIAS Day eight


I am scheduling this post,  as I have the painter coming in tomorrow to paint the hall and landing,   its just a bit too high for us to paint.   I am glad I photographed this on saturday while the sun as out as today (sunday) its so dark and raining,  I need the light on to do anything.
This is Day eight,   and I have no idea what it is,  so is anyone of my followers going to have guess?
I am using Lizbeth thread no 20 purple splendor.
Have a nice day.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Our lovely Holiday - Cyprus Part one

Sunrise from our balcony
We had a wonderful holiday in Protaras in Cyprus,  not only was it the first holiday in many years that I was not in pain,   but the weather was fantastic as well.  While we were there we went on a trip to Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains which this post is going to show you.  The island of Cyprus is illegally divided and was invade by Turkey back in 1974,  it has been illegally occupied ever since.

 This is the check point in Nicosia,    Nicosia is the only capital city in the world to be divided.

These pictures of Nicosia was taken from Debenhams who have an 11 story departmental store in Nicosia,  I took these from the cafe on the 5th floor,   you might just see the window frames or a shadow as I took them through the windows.
This shows you the flag that Turkey have marked on the mountains and this is the turkey side of Nicosia

 Close up of the flag.

Another picture of the Turkish side

These pictures are the Cyprus side of Nicosia, a modern city, can you see the difference.   Sorry the window frame got in the way.

This is the waterfall at Kakopetria, we stopped in this village for a short while and I only had time to take the waterfall.

Lunch was in the Troodos Mountains, a lovely hotel with a buffet lunch,  these are pictures of the view from the restaurant.

The white golf ball is the British listening post.  We still have three bases on the Island.

On this trip the guide told us that the weather was cooling down,  cooling down the next day was hotter and then it just got hotter every day until we were in a mini heatwave of over 40+c
A few facts about Cyprus,  they drive on the same side as the UK,
They have pedestrian crossings and the traffic do stop to let you cross,  unlike most of Europe.
Cyprus is part of the EU and they have the Euro,
Turkey would like to join the EU,  but they are illegally occupying Cyprus and under EU rules if a country occupies a EU country then they cannot join the EU, Turkey have a choice leave Cyprus and join the EU, or stay in Cyprus.
At present the UN peace keeping duties are done by the British and the Argentines,  this is the longest UN peace duty ever.
Now Cypriots may go over the to the North but they have to show their passports as if they are going to another country.

The guild we had told us about another trip she did where this woman was making notes, so pleased that someone was taking so much interest, she asked if she was making notes,   yes replied the woman.  As the trip continued she continued to make notes so the guild asked her if she might see what she had written,  upon looking at the notes it read ABC, ABC  the guild asked if this was some sort of code, No replied the woman,  then she asked what it meant,  She replied Another Bloody Church,  Another Bloody church.  Cyprus is full of churches.

On Cyprus the churches have what they call their name day,  ie St George and on that day they church has a celebration and anyone who is called George also gets presents from family and friends,  it is like having two birthdays a year.

When we left the last village we passed the cemetery and outside the cemetery their was a sign that read.

                                      "Please drive slowly, we can wait"

This is the first part I have another post to put which I will post in a few days.  I hope you enjoy reading about our holiday,


Saturday 12 October 2013

Wedding Bliss

I thought it was time to show you a card, to be honest I have not made any since before my Holiday in Portugal, my op and going to Cyprus, well yes I did Vernons wedding anniversary card.
I sat down the other day and made a few this was the biggest,   the backing paper was from stock its lilac with glittery flowers on,  the image is from Kanban with a piece of the romantic picture behind the Bride and Groom,  the beautiful die cut is from Suzanne, thank you Suzanne and the flowers match the backing paper from stock.  The ribbon was part of a free gift from a magazine.   I am pleased with this card.  Hope you like it too.

Have a nice weekend

Friday 11 October 2013

Sherrys TIAS day 6 and 7

Day Six
This week has flown by,  Monday I did a talk on tatting to a club at Priddy,  then on Tuesday I did another talk on tatting to a W.I. group at East Harptree,   both went well and for my first time doing a talk about tatting I was really pleased how well it went. They were very interested and had some really good questions which was nice to find two groups of people who not only made me feel welcome but showed interest.
 Wednesday Vernon had an appointment at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and I took my tatting while I waited for him.  While we were there we meet up with our Granddaughter who had an op,  shes feeling a lot better now.  She wants me to knit a hat for the smoothy bottles which is running at the moment as the Big Knit.
Day seven
Well I am behind again so here is Day Six and Day Seven,  Do you have any idea what this might be,  don't forget I am giving a little prize to any of my followers who can guess what this is.  The light again over the last few days has not been good the thread is Lizbeth Purple Splendor no 20, 

I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care.


Friday 4 October 2013

Sherry's TIAS day four and five

Day Four

Hope you are keeping well,  we have had some really heavy showers and a bad thunderstorm over night,  so again the pictures even though they were taken this afternoon look very different.
I am very behind and for those who think its only tatting blog,  there will be some cards coming, I took the pictures yesterday,   and a few other bits plus two pieces on cyprus,
Top is Day four of the TIAS,  this picture was taken when the sun was shining.  the middle should lay flat not cupped like it was, I read on another blog that she pulled the sides and it went flat,  well I did that too but i have a little bump in the middle,  forget the bump its flat,  I say its flat.

Day Five
Here is Day five and although the picture was taken within a short while as you can see the weather changed hence not so good,
This is Day five now does anyone have a clue what it is yet?   dont forget if you guess correct there will be a prize.

I am using Lizbeth thread Purple Splendor,  no 20
Tomorrow I am in Cheese and Grain in Frome, first time for three months, everything for my craft table is really and I just have to remember to get up early.  I hope the weather is better and the sun shines.
I hope you have a good weekend and until we meet again take care,