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Friday 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

                              I wish all my followers and visitors to my blog

                                 A Very Happy Chinese New Year  


Wednesday 29 January 2014


Here is another two counted cross stitch pictures,  today I have chosen two from Mary Hickmott's designs which I did back in the 1990's,   these are very pretty samplers.
The top one is called Summer Sampler,   with birds and flowers from an English garden.   the pictures looks as if its not straight,  but it is,   it is its the way I took the picture to get the best light,.  its never been framed yet.

This is Wildflower garden showing flowers and butterflies from an English meadow although some of the flowers do also grow in an English garden.
I hope you like these two pictures,
Until we meet again take care stay safe and dry.

Sunday 26 January 2014



On this wet miserable day here in Somerset, yes its raining yet again,   we are fed up with rain down here in Somerset and we have an amber warning which is one down from the top level of warnings for flooding on the Somerset Levels,  They have been flooded since before christmas,  the area covered by water is now 25 square miles of countryside, with 14 billion tons of water,  I am not sure how they worked that out but lets just say its a lot of water and its going to take months before it dries out.  On the weather forecast for tomorrow we some snow,   that will be a change.
I still can't tat,  card make or knit,  the hand is still very painful and swollen,  the bruising is still there,  it drives me up the wall,  but my ankle is a lot better and my knee is healed.  I did manage to buy Jan Stawasz new book so now I have a long list of things to tat,  plus those lovely threads to choose from,  hopefully it won't be too long before the hand gets better.
 I thought I would find something I did back in 1990's,  I used to do a lot of  counted cross stitch,  which I enjoyed so I have a  lot of  pictures,   over the next few weeks until I can tat or knit something new I will post a few of them.  
The top picture is Elephants,   I really love elephants and this picture hopefully one day I might get to Africa and see them but in the meantime I will have my picture which I did back in the early 90's,  the kit was by Janlynn no 80-92.     

This is called the Barn Owl Family one from the series called Natures Kingdom by Anchor no CSK 306.  

These are two of my favorite pictures,  hope you like them too

Until we meet again take care


Sunday 19 January 2014

Rachel's Gift

It seems ages since I put anything on my blog, the hand is still bad and very painful, so this is another one handed post.
Today its a lovely sunny day here in somerset,   what a change from the 12th December to the 13th January we only had one fine day,  it just rained and rained,  my garden is just one sodden mess and its going to take many more days/weeks of sunshine before it looks anything like a garden.
This is gift is from Rachel (xstchntat) from intatters, she did a competition last year on intatters which I won, and this is the prize which I received this last week.  The balls of thread are Lizbeth threads,  which is great as I don't have any of these colours,   the threads on the cards are a mixture of hand dye and Lizbeth threads.   The best item of all is the beautiful wood shuttle made by Grizzly Mountain Arts,  I don't have any wooden shuttles so this is a real treat, I cant wait to try it out.  The beautiful cross she made is a wow piece in no 8o thread although it could even be finer than 80.  All in all it was a wonderful prize.
Rachel has been very ill for sometime, so I can't thank her enough for this wonderful prize.  Just got to get my hand better so I can start tatting again.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Until we meet again take care

Tuesday 7 January 2014

A bit Late, the last Christmas card

This is a one handed written post,  so its not going  look so good,  I was going through my pictures to see if I had anything to share with you and found this.  I have a few more items which I can share with you over the next few weeks.

  This is Vernons Christmas card,  I wanted something different for him,  I had this Kanban image which i matted it onto parchment paper with a dark red background behind it,  I added the gold and red flowers,  a flourish and some red ribbon and thats what he got.

The last card I made for the CD Sunday Challenge got a third,  I was over the moon when I found out on Sunday.
My ankle is a lot better after another x-ray they could not see a fracture but by hand although after a second x-ray I had yesterday which thankfully also does not show any fractures it is still very badly bruised, very painful damaged tendons and is still swollen.  All other injuries are healing nicely but its going to take a few weeks before I can get back to tatting and knitting,  and get my glasses repaired.  Still its given me time to design some new items in tatting,  get some of the pictures back on my blog,  read, and work out some ideas and  items for the blog.  watch this space as they say.
I hope you are not flooded, underwater or frozen,  our weather here in the west country has been beyond words,  it just keeps on raining, and the wind well thats going to get the record of the windiest winter ever.  There is a large part of Somerset flooded with many roads closed due to flooding, rivers bursting at the seams with large amounts of water and coastal regions suffering with high tides and rough seas.  At least its not snow, so to all my American / Canadian friends, please keep warm and safe,  if we have any more rain here we will be floating over the pond to you.
In the meantime take care