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Friday, 24 February 2017

Tatted Ice Drop Snowflakes

Gosh today the weather is so different after the storm names Doris yesterday,  although we were not in the worse part of the storm is certainly gave us a good bashing.  Now its heading for Russia they can have it,  today the sun is shining I have been out in the garden just doing a bit of tidying up.
I thought you might like to see my Ice Drop Snowflakes, I used Renuleks Snowflakes from her napkin sniezynkowa in 2012 here is the link for the pattern.
I did one with picots and the other has beads both look really good with the clear glass nugget in the middle.
I did a spiral chain to hang them as the glass nugget is on the heavy side the spiral chain holds the weight better.
I used Lizbeth thread no 20 for both Ice drops

I am really enjoying tatting these at the moment,  I am about to start a large project for myself more about that in the coming weeks.
Have a lovely weekend

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tatted Snowflake Ice Drops

Just two more Snowflake Ice Drops,   I tatted these with white Lizbeth thread no 20 and used Diane's Snowflake pattern, I put beads instead of the Josephine knots and a Spiral chain to hang them by.
I really am enjoying making these Ice Drops and there's more to come.  I have been looking for different patterns which I can adapt,
As they say watch this space.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day Hearts/Ice drop Heart

Happy Valentines Day,
Would you believe that I found two patterns for hearts both called Valentines Hearts,  
These two hearts are from a pattern called Valentines Day Heart by Edda Guastalla this is the link I have,  the pattern is in Italian but there is a diagram which is easy to work from.
I used Lizbeth thread Springtime and Green Coral Sea no 20.
I still have the thread to sew in the bottom one,  but I did like the pattern and will be making more.

Ice Drop Valentine Heart

This pattern is also called Valentine Heart by Etha Schuette and I have made it into an ice drop heart,  I used some old coats thread which I have had for a very long time, no idea when I brought it but its a variegated red,  the red glass nugget was too dark so I put a clear one in.  its not perfect there are two mistakes,  but I am happy with it.  link to the pattern I have is.    I am making another one hopefully that will be prefect.
Hope you have a great day

Sunday, 12 February 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Friendship, Love and Romance


A new challenge today from the CD Sunday Challenge blog this fortnight is Friendship, love and Romance chosen by Meg.
My card today is made for Friendship which has been sent to a friend who is suffering with pain and depression,  I hope she likes her card.
Anyway I used a backing paper from the Crafters Companion compendium CD,  which was free a couple of months ago with any orders placed,  I must say its packed with lots of useful designs and coloured backing papers.
I put the words on a blank card from the computer and then embossed the card with hearts,  The die is a new die which I won off Facebook from Craft World called True Love stem by Poppystamps,   The ribbon is from stock and I finished off the card with gold peel offs.
We have a new member of the team Jane from Onions and Paper,  and we all welcome her as a new member, her first challenge won't be until April but in the meantime do have a look at her blog when you have time.
I hope you will not only visit the CD Sunday Challenge site,  remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend


Monday, 6 February 2017

Together we Fly Butterfly

This is a new butterfly pattern which was a joint project on Craftree in October 2016,  Muskaan wrote up the pattern and did the diagram here is a link to her blog 
I do love this butterfly and it was easy to tat,  the first one I used Lizbeth thread Springtime no 20
This butterfly I changed the picots on the top wing and made them graduated in size and I think it made the butterfly bigger.  I used Lizbeth thread Green Coral Sea no 20.  I still have the ends to sew in,  need a good light for that job and the light some days has been very dull here.

I am pleased with how these butterflies turn out and will be making more in the future.


Friday, 3 February 2017

Tatted Ice Drops and Snowflake Ice Drop

Just a couple of Ice drops today,  they have taken the tatting world by storm,
The above one has a red glass nugget in the middle
This one on your left is a snowflake with the glass nugget in the middle most of you will remember this snowflake I called it Diane's snowflake but its real name was Doodad Snowflake which she designed some time ago,  I put beads where the Josephine rings should be in the same colour as the nugget,  and made a Spiral chain,  here is a link to Tatting tales blog which shows how to make this chain.
I used Lizbeth white thread no 20 for both.

There's more to come in fact I am nearly finished another snowflake ice drop,  I will post more as and when.  in the meantime I hope you are keeping well.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January Pinterest Challenge by the Pin chicks

This is the first challenge of the year and I may be the only one posting illness has depleted us,  we have also lost one of our members for a year Mushaan has decided to take a year out,  but we may have some new members joining.  If anyone would like to join us you will be very welcome.
This month I decided that I would try some knitting this little bag is called Sundance Make up Bag by Classic Elite Yarns,  the pattern I found a challenge more the way it was written more than anything,  but I got there in the end,  below is the piece laid out when knitted,  above is the finished bag and to your right is the back view.

I did not like the decorative gusset as they called it,  so I knitted another bag without the gusset and I think it looks better,  

The picture below shows the finished knitted piece without the gusset and the back view of the bag

The handle I knitted slightly different to the pattern I used the three stitches as in the pattern but I only knitted enough for the handle and then sewd the two ends together making a ring rather than in the pattern a long strip and tried with a knot.
I have lined the bag inside (a) so it wont stretch and (b) to keep its shape better.
I used a glittery wool which has not shown up much but the glitter is there its called Baby Twinkle double knitting wool by James C Brett Limited.
This Pinterest challenge was a challenge in as much working out the pattern but I do like the outcome of the bag.
At this point I usually say do pop over and see the over ladies,  here's is a link to  Carollyn's blog but not much point giving you any others I may be the only one this month.
As from January this year our challenges are now every two months so the next posting will be on the 31st March.  Hopefully everyone will be back on track and well.