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Friday 27 July 2012

I did it..............

Its a beautiful evening here in Somerset,  and a little cooler than the last few days,  not complaining long may this weather continue.   Today on various blogs there have been practising shuttle rings entwined,    well I managed it,  this is my first attempt and I cant believe I did it first time,   I watched the video several times before putting thread and shuttle together,   its not finished and one of the rings is not perfect and I still have the last ring to do but I thought I would share with you my attempt.  To view the video link here  Also the link to Joelle's blog   and  Jon her blog  they before having been playing with this pattern. The video was made by Karen Cabrera and is a really good video to watch.   Anyway this is eureka moment today,   I did not think I would be able to it and already I have a couple of ideas,  I will share them with you when I have perfected them.
These are my orchids,  I love orchids,   when we went on holiday in May they were in bud,  when we came home at the end of may they were beginning to come out,   I took this picture today and they are still out,  so they have been out for two months and look like they will be in bloom for a few more weeks.   I just thought I would share them with you,  hope you like them.
Tonight is the big show,   the opening of the Olympics I hope you enjoy the show and the Olympics.    They show American television and how they are reporting on the Olympics this morning on Breakfast Television.  I thought our television stations were full on but it seems so is America.
Until we meet again take care

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Sunday CD Challenge A is for..........

What another beautiful day,   this week has been glorious and hot makes a wonderful change after all the rain we have had over the last few months.   I just wish it would last until Christmas.  I don't think it will as they say its going to get cooler next week,  that is British weather for you.
Today I bring you my challenge card for the Sunday CD Challenge  this week its A is for............,   Well my A is American Indians,   I used Joanne Sheens American Frontier CD,    I made an easel card from deep yellow card,   Placed a piece of gold miri board on the easel part of the card and then used the backing paper that went with the image but I cut into two pieces and used gold peel off's around the edges.   I then used the main image matted it on gold miri board,  punching out the corners so the image slotted in the corner.  I used some of the backing paper on the base of the card and a strip of yellow card raised one side and a piece of gold miri board put on top with gold Happy Birthday.    
The dream catcher is one of my tatted dream catchers which is my own pattern and can be found on my pattern blog,  link is on my sidebar.   I placed a gold Indian head on the yellow card and cut around it and put it on top of the brad holding the dream catcher on.

I thought you might like to see the earrings I made on Marilee's course,  I have now finished then off by blocking them  and added the earring hooks.
I hope where ever you are the sun is shinning on you and you are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having here in the UK,   Tomorrow the Olympics start I hope the weather holds out over the next few weeks,  so everyone from overseas can enjoy the UK at its best.
Until we meet again take care


Friday 20 July 2012

Pay it forward (PIF) the Results. 10 of 25 motif challenge.

What a lovely sunny day here in Somerset so far,  although its cloudy we have had no rain so far.  The weekend looks better and next week looks warmer going by the weather forecast,  not holding my breath.
Now all three PIF have been delivered around the world,  I can now show you what I made for them,   I did not want to share it with you before and spoil their surprise.
  I used Joelle's new pattern which just popped out at the right time when I was thinking what to make them.  link to her blog here   Flowering Quatrain Bookmark, its a lovely pattern  I really love it,   now I did change the end,  from the last Josephine ring which I did as a split ring,  I did the tail,  using the middle piece of the pattern a split chain of 6/6  without the picot x two and then using the Josephine ring in the pattern I did 5/5 and repeated it until I had a long enough end.  Using the corner of the pattern I made a square.  I was really pleased with how it worked up. 
The first one is Sue's in Norfolk,  I used Altin Basak Thread (Turkish)  no 50 which is equal to no 20,  I cant remember the colour number they don't have names for their colours,  but this colourway I love and always works up lovely.
This is a close up of the square.

This is Kelly's which went to Canada,  Using the same pattern as above,   but I used the Thread Lorena sent (nctatter of intatters) Graceful Arts Hand paint,  no20,   sorry I don't know the name of the colour.  Her favourite colour was green and I don't have a lot of green,  this looked green when I took it off the skein but when it was worked up I was worried she would not like it.

This is Sunela's from the U.S.  she liked pinks and in bright colours well I used  Lizbeth thread Raspberry Frappe,  no 20,  

   The pattern looks quite different in the different colours. 
As you can see they also got a snowflake each for their Christmas trees these were from a pattern I have used many times and you have seen before,  Sues was the middle of the 10 point snowflake from be-stitched,  and the other two were from Anna magazine.
This is no 10 of the 25 motif challenge.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and where ever you are it stays dry.

Thursday 19 July 2012

The Sunday CD challenge - Pearls and Swirls

What a lovely day here in Somerset and no rain,  we seem to get one fine day and then half dozen days with rain.  I am going out tomorrow so its bound to rain on me, as it does every time I go out,  no wonder I cant get rid of my cold.

Today I bring you my card for this weeks Sunday CD challenge,  its Pearls and Swirls this week,  I had so many ideas and until I started the card well this is what I ended up with.
I used the Art Deco Timeless Keepsakes, somehow this challenge said to me Art Deco,    I printed out three images and matted them on gold miri board which has not come out very well,   perhaps because I took the photo in the sun.  I put the middle image raised up on 3d stickers so its give a bit of height.  I found this paper from my stock and it leaned its way nicely with the swirly pattern.  I added two white roses,  plus gold peel off swirls and a white hand made bow in the top corner.  The pearls are put in each corner of the middle image and two at the top of the side images.
I had a great surprise yesterday and I feel on top of the world,   I had a very late birthday present of a silver dollar, from my penfriend Lou in America.   Thank you Lou you have made my year.
My silver dollar was in my purse where I have kept it since I was given it when I was 21,   when we went to Majorca my purse was stolen and with it the silver dollar,  after all the years of travelling I learnt one lesson don't take it with you.  She found a 1974 silver dollar, and this will be put in my purse  I was told when I was given it that keeping it in my purse meant I would always have money,  and it will stay home when I go abroad.   I don't want to lose it again.   I never thought I would ever get another.
I hope the sun is shinning where ever you are.
Take care

Monday 16 July 2012

Blogging problems


What problem you may ask,  but yesterday I had real problems with blogger,  after lunch I went to put a post on my blog and there facing me was a message to say Warning something or someone had infected my blog.   After a few choice words,   I found somewhere deep in the mechanics of the blog a page that tells you what is wrong,   nothing - no issues.  Hang on how can there be no issues when you wont let me view my own blog.
I went deeper into the mechanics of the blog now I am in what I can only describe as "no understandable" there is a page that you can clean a blog on,   don't ask any questions because it was beyond me but when I tired to clean the blog it says -  no issues.
I did manage to write my piece on the earrings even if I could not view my blog it accepted it.   I did later in the evening on my Ipad,  oh the joys of an Ipad manage to view my blog and the post was on it with a comment from Ginny so she had managed to get on,  thank you Ginny for the comment.
Jane sent me a conversation via Esty thank you Jane,  and I have had another from her just before lunch today saying she could view my blog.   Thank you Jane for letting me know.
If you had problems with my blog yesterday I can only say I am sorry but I did everything in my powers to sort it even sent a note to blogger not that they have replied to it.   I did change my password and they sent me an e-mail telling someone had changed it,  yes blogger it was me.
I think blogger must think we are robots with the word versification nonsense and now its numbers as well. Please Mr blogger I am not a robot just a woman who is getting fed with your letters and numbers.   My Ipad love it, NOT  because it keeps changing the letters into words.
I am fed up with spammers I had trouble with my e-mail just over a week ago and BT had a mouthful but hopefully that's sorted.  The trouble with BT you talk to India,  and then you have to explain more to them as they dont understand.   Oh the joys of a computer.
So if you are a spanner go and find someone else to play with.
Its been raining all day today I feel sorry for the Olympic competitors coming to the UK please remember to bring an umbrella you will get wet.
Have a nice day,  end of rant.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Marilee's Tatting Course - Earrings


The sun is shining wow a fine day, well so far but not shouting too much,  I am sure we have not seen the last of the rain yet,   if only it would get a little warmer,  its been so chilly for the time of the year.  My washing is out so I hoping it will dry,  its hard to catch a fine day or few fine hours to get the washing dry anyone would think it was winter.
I still cant shift this cold,  I got wet again when I went shopping with Vernon yesterday,  every time I go out I get wet no wonder I cant get rid of this cold.   My knee seems to be getting better too,  the  Ibuprofen gel seems to be working but the skin gets very sore when I put the gel on,   I am allergic to some of the ingrediants in the gel but the doctor said they only had a very small amount in so it and it was going on the skin not taking it, so it should not be a problem,   so it could be those that make the skin sore for several hours after I put the gel on.
Anyway enough of me,  I thought you might like to see these earrings I made from Marilee's course,   the green ones are made from some thread I was sent by Lorena (nctatter) of intatters,  I dont know what the colours is called but the label says it is Graceful Arts Hand-paint,  with three silver seed beads at the base
The other pair is made with Lizbeth thread Raspberry Frappe No 20,   with three white seed beads at the base.
The pattern is easy and very quick,  I have not yet added the link and earring hook or even blocked them but  I wanted to show you as I don't have anything else although I have been working on a couple of things which when they have been received I can show you.
She has done a really good tatting course,  yes I have been tatting for a very long time, but things change and its been good to see some of the new techniques that are used today.
I am having more problems with blogger and had trouble logging on today something about a virus being put onto my blog,  I hope you are not having the same problems,  I have had problems with BT and the e-mail system in the last week,  these scamers are being a pain at the moment.
Hope the sun is shining where ever you are and you are having a nice weekend.
Until we meet again take care

Wednesday 11 July 2012

The Sunday CD Challenge - The best of British

Its been a lovely day here,  not so a few miles away when a river burst its banks during the night, near Shepton Mallet.    The heavy rain we had in the early hours caused the flooding.  We have more rain coming in from the west tonight and for tomorrow,   Oh well it wont be long before we have webbed feet.  I don't know where the summer has gone.  Has anyone seen it recently.

Today I bring you my card for the Sunday CD Challenge,  this week its the Best of British.   Well with the Olympics and the Jubilee this London girl had to make a card with a London image. 

 The CD I used this week My craft Studio Klever Konstruction -  On the Shelf - Once in a Lifetime ~Volume two.   I used the backing paper and image of Tower Bridge,  which I 3D,   I placed a gold line peel off around the picture and put three thin ribbons down the side,  tried them together and made a bow,  fanning out the ribbon at the top and bottom of the card.   I finished off the card with red and blue gems.

With all this wet weather we have been having I now have a summer cold and cough,   just to go with the knee which has been diagnosed as Housemaids Knee,  all I did was knee down into a cupboard.  I have some gel to rub in only it contains Aspirin which I am allergic to Aspirin but the doctor says its low in Ibuprofen and Aspirin so she hopes it wont cause any problems.   Its very sore for a few hours after putting the gel on.
I hope you have had a good day and stayed dry,   until we meet again in blog land take care

Sunday 8 July 2012

Calorie Free Knitted Heart Cakes


Well we have not floated away yet,   I just wish it would stop raining,  here in the West Country yesterday they had severe flooding in parts of Devon, Somerset and Dorset,  we were for the first time on red alert.
If we flooded the majority of the UK would be under water as I live high up in the Mendip Hills.

 I dont have much to bring you as I am working on some tatting but I cant show you yet,  anyway this is some new knitted cakes I made in some different colours for a change.
These look purple but they are a very dark maroon and a maroon and white mixture wool for the top with a ribbon rose
The bottom picture are white with a purple mixture wool for the top and a purple ribbon rose.
I made the ribbon roses from ribbon I had,  they are easy to do these are sewn but the same way can be done on a wire. Would anyone like me to show you how to on my pattern blog?
The top picture shows you the original ones I made with the dark red wool and pink mixture wool and a pink ribbon rose.
I really love these cakes and I thought it was time to try some different colours,   they are for sale in my Esty shop,  there is a link in the sidebar.

Vernon and I are both suffering,  my knee is still no better,  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow see what she is going to do,  and now I have a cold,  no wonder with the weather we are having at the moment.  Vernon had a fall and has pulled a few muscles plus he landed on his shoulder so that's playing up again,  we got it better when we went to Crete but carrying the cases up the steps pulled it about,  and now with the fall looks as if he will have to more treatment on it again.
I hope F1 has a dry race today,  what a mess up yesterday when the second session of the qualifying was stopped for the heavy rain,  if you did not see it no way would I want to drive a car let alone a formula one car in it.  The grass car parks are so wet they cant be used but I hope they can get everyone into the hard base car parks which they are going to try to do.  Our local boy Jensen Button is 18th and Lewis Hamilton is 8th, so come on boys lets have a British win.  I am not a Tennis fan but it would be nice for Murray to win at Wimbledon.   Our TV will be on the F1.
I hope you have a nice dry day and until we meet again stay dry or if you are in the US stay cool,  please could you send a little heat and dry weather over the pond.
Take Care

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Happy American Independence Day - My Birthday

I wish all my followers and visitors to my blog a very happy American Independence Day.

Actually its my Birthday today and I am a very independent lady and always have been,  I don't follow like a sheep as I keep telling my husband I do my own thing,  well I try to.

This is a scheduled post and the weather forecasted for today is rain,  now there's a surprise,  I have not had many wet birthdays over the years,  but next year is a big one for me,  if the government had not increased the retirement age I would have been joining Vernon in his retirement,  as it stands now with the latest increase I have another nine months added to my actual retirement date,  its now 2017.  I am not amused.

I wanted to show you this wonderful shuttle that La Cossette made me,  its actually mothers birthday present to me.  Joelle has done a wonderful job with Haie which was my dog on one side,  and her two daughters Gertie and Gussie on the other side. There bred was  Belgium Griffon dogs. It was packed in a beautiful envelope with a green bow and tatted pea pod.   It is really a beautiful shuttle and something that has already been admired and will be treasured for many many years to come.  Thank you Joelle you have been a beautiful job.  Here is the link to her shop on Esty 

I hope you all have a great day and as they say over the pond "Have a nice day"

Monday 2 July 2012

Fan card and Poppy Field

Another wet day and its windy,  yet across the pond they are having a heatwave,  can you please send a little heat over in exchange for some rain,  please,  pretty please.

Today I am showing you my fan card I was commissioned to make,  I have used the Glitter Girls fan board to make the card shape,   the card I used  is pink,  I cut out three panels and placed real lace behind them,  and then outlined the them with gold peel off's.   I made some parchment feathers large and small ones,  placed them on the card in a fan shape and put a pink bow with white rose on top of them,  finishing off with a matching pink bow at the top and gold happy birthday.

Yesterday I showed you the corn field picture of Poppies,  the corn field is just outside the village where I live,  I told you that Vernon stood on the rim of the car door to take the picture but it would not transfer from the mobile phone.  Well I tried again today and it flew onto the computer,  so here it is looking over the field.   From a distance the field looks red,  I have never seen such a beautiful sight of a corn field full of poppies since I was a child.   I hope you enjoy the picture,  I just wish I could get a picture from the air to show you how red it is.  unfortunately the sun was not shining at the time the picture was taken,  so I hope you can  enjoy the poppies.
I hope you had a nice weekend and until we meet again take care

Sunday 1 July 2012

Crosses 8/25 motif challenge and Poppy field


The weather forecast said today would be the best day,   ha ha,  its rained and been showers and black clouds all day,  so much for sunshine and a better day.  Who makes up these weather forecasts,   more rain tomorrow and Tuesday,  not looking any further.
Today this post seems to have put itself together,  these two coloured crosses are  from the book Pattern Collection by Mary Konior.  I have put Lizbeth Purple Splendor in the middle in the top one and the Flora Green in the middle of the other one with Lizbeth white on the outside,  all threads were no 20.
I do like this pattern and its easy to do.  I feel this pattern lends itself to two colours.

Yesterday was Armed Forces Day and I managed to get a photo of the corn field just outside the village where we live,   its full of red poppies,  from a distance its red,  this is a closer picture which I took on my mobile,  I had another one but the blue tooth wont let me transfer it onto the computer,  when I can I will show,  Vernon took the picture standing on the door rim over the field.   Its a long time since I saw a field of corn with poppies in and I had to share with you,

As I say this post seems to have put its self together,   the crosses are no 8 of the 25 Motif challenge.
Until we meet again take care, keep dry, and for my American reads I hope you stay safe in the heat,  could you send a bit over to us in exchange for some rain.