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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Another lovely day with the sun shining, not so warm today and they say its going to get cooler as the week wears on, with showers on Friday. That will be a shame as its the Royal Wedding Day.
Today I am bring you some new stitched cards, all of them are my own designs and they are down with metallic thread and beads.
This card and the one at the top had vases from Stitching peel offs stitched and then cut out and glued onto the card. The one above has some red sticker flower in red and stitched leaves, This card has with flowers and leaves stitched onto the card. Silver peel off words on both to finish off.

This card is peach with shaded ribbon of blue, pink, yellow, green and stitching peel off butterflies. The thread used is a multi coloured in the same colours as the ribbon. Silver peel off words to finish off. This ribbon is my favorite and goes with so many cards of different colours is made by Spiral.

This is my favorite card again on peach card, stitch off peel off flowers stitched with red/gold thread and bronze beads which I brought at the craft show at Shepton Mallet earlier this month.
Finished off with gold peel off lines and corners and words.

This card is lilac with stitch peel off butterflies, I used beads in the middle of the large butterfly and gold peel off words to finish off.

This card, had printed design which I picked out and stitched in purple thread and then glued a spray of flowers in the middle and finished off with pale lilac ribbon, and gold peel off wording.

I hope you like my new stitching cards, I have a regular customer who only buys my stitching cards from my craft table. She says she likes the uniqueness of them. I enjoy my stitching and designing my own cards making them unique and different.

I hope you had a lovely Easter as we did although I had a bad day on Monday, we had a lovely weekend staying with Vernon's Dad, including a great barbecue on Sunday with Dee and Peter(Vernon's Sister) in their garden.
I hope you are still having and enjoying this nice weather, some parts of the country has had rain but so far we have not had any rain for at least three weeks.
Until we meet again in blog land take care, and I look forward to seeing again in the future.

Monday 25 April 2011

Royal Wedding Knitted Cup Cakes


I hope the weekend as been lovely for you and the weather has kept being as gorgeous as it was last week. I cant believe our luck that April has been so wonderful and so hot no not warm but hot at 23 degrees, it just got hotter as last week went on. To think that this country has been hotter than many parts of Europe. I just hope this is not all the summer we are going to have and we are not writing posts later on in the year saying how cold and wet it is. We have a holiday booked to go to Italy in July, well we are crossing our fingers that I will be well enough to go.
As the Royal Wedding is only a few days away, I thought of making something different and what could be better than knitted cup cakes. These cup cakes have one thing going for them no calories trouble is you cant eat them.

The flower on the top is done in two layers, the white and red petals I did in one piece and then made the blue knitted button on the top separate and then sewed it on.

I took the photos on my new dinning room table, although we brought this are a different shop it matches my new unit and display cabinet perfectly. I am so pleased with my display unit and my Lilliput cottages look so lovely in it, I have collected them for at least twenty years and its the first time they have somewhere just for them to be displayed.

I hope you are having a great Easter, this is a scheduled post so hope this finds you all well and until you pass this way again take care.



Saturday 23 April 2011

St Georges Day, and Happy Easter


Happy St Georges Day.

Also Happy Birthday to Gary our step son.

This is a scheduled post as I will be at my usual craft fair in Frome, which again this month my husband Vernon will be doing for me as long as I sit and only answer technical questions, he does not do technical.

During the week Jane of "Tatting and not a lot else" did a post about a piece of tatting she had found, she had been reading my mind or two great minds think alike as I found a piece of tatting at the bottom of my basket that I keep all my knitting needles in.

I have washed it and looked at it and found the pattern. I have no idea when I did this tatting but its found "Tatting in Lace" by Mary Konior, published in 1988. I know I brought this book soon after it was published I can only say I tatted this piece in the late 1988's
I think the thread is by Anchor and is gold and orange no 20 I have none left so I cant look at the ball to tell you exactly what it is, which is a pity as I did love this thread. The pattern you ask is Rose Garden
and Windmills put together to make a doily.

As the cloth is not finished perhaps one day I will try and either match up the thread with something similar or try and see if they make this thread any more and then sort it out and finished it.

I still like the pattern and putting two patterns together make this piece different.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope the weather stays this beautiful for the holiday, until we meet again in blog land Take care



Wednesday 20 April 2011

A Lovely Surprise


Another beautiful day, and warmer than yesterday, I am ready to go and sit in the garden for a while. This could be the only summer we get so I am making the most of if. They said this morning on the TV that we are warmer than Corfu, Tenerife, just to name a couple of places around Europe. When we went to Corfu they had a heat wave to think we today are warmer that than lovely Greek island is just amazing. I hope the weather where ever you are in the world is as good as it is here.

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise Fox and I have exchanged threads, I have sent her some Turkish threads that she was asking about on her blog, in return she has sent me some lovely threads and beads. I have itching fingers to try the threads out but at the moment I am busy doing something else, but after Easter I will be trying these threads out. Thank you Fox I hope your parcel will arrive soon.

I wanted to show you these orchid earrings, Sheila has asked me to make her a green pair, I hope she likes them, they have a Chinese crystal bead in the middle which I brought at the craft show at the Bath and West showground a couple of weeks ago.

I have not forgotten to write the pattern out and add it to my pattern blog, I hope to get around to it soon.

That's it for today but I have something special coming for the royal wedding which I will post nearer to the wedding.

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather. Until we meet again Take Care.



Wednesday 13 April 2011

Commissioned Easter Card


This is a short post today, I was asked to make an Easter card, she wanted eggs so I hope she will like a basket full of them.

I used an image from the Paper craft tutor, her link is here she does some lovely designs and worth have a look at her site.

I placed the image on a poker dot card mounted it on cream card, I placed red ribbon with a gold edge alone the card and secured it behind the poker dot card, used some red gems on the basket and in one corner and finished off with gold peel offs.

It was going to rain according to the forecast but so far we have only had a few spots, the garden does need some rain but I would like it rain at night and be sunny all day, if only we could have the weather we want but unfortunately we cant do anything about the weather.

Last Sunday we went to the craft show at the Bath and West Showground, at Shepton Mallet. I have been every year since the show started but this year was not as good, funny every year I say it was not as good as last year, but this year was much less stands and they had a workshop on the ground floor in the middle of the floor. It was not as busy as I have known it, I did buy some beads and few other bits I wanted. I hope next year it will be better if it continues as it is I don't think the show will last many more years.

I had a lovely day at the show, we also had lunch I thought I had been very careful with food, but by the time I got home I was in pain and that started a bad night of pain, I felt really bad on Monday, its just a circle of painkillers at the moment.

I hope you are having a good day and until we meet again in blog land take care



Friday 8 April 2011

Just a few more Earrings


On this most beautiful day here in Somerset, not a cloud in the sky for the third day and its quite hot around 20 degrees, I hope this is not all the summer we are going to have and it lasts for the whole spring and summer.

Today I bring you just a few pairs of earrings that I have made during this week. the first picture is a pattern called Sheilas Earrings in Lizbeth thread no 20 called Sea Shell.

These are in the same thread and called Cymbinum orchid Earrings. I have put a pale pink pearl in the middle and I still like using the pearls in the middle of these instead of a small bead.

These are the same pattern but I have used a new thread Altin Basak Turkish thread number 3053 the colours are pink, blue and white very pale shades but perfect for a summer wedding.

These are again the same pattern but in yellow and a cream pearl in the middle the thread is anchor no 20 yellow.

By visiting some of the tatting blogs I follow I see that many tatters have had some wonderful International tatting days, I was at home but I did do some tatting and knitting. We don't have a park or cafes near for me to go and sit and tat. Tatters all around the world were able to find somewhere to show their craft to the public. Perhaps next year I will be well enough to get out and about and find a cafe to sit and tat.

I am afraid that's it for today. From now on I am unemployed I was officially made redundant yesterday, they sent me details of a few jobs within the group of company's but nothing suited me, they were for full time and I work part time, one was for a man as there was a works van and tool kit, as I am not a DIY person they might have had a man to go around behind me putting anything I did right. Somehow I don't think they would have kept in that job very long. The jobs were all miles away and too far for me to drive and with the cost of petrol, it was not worth it, so today I am unemployed. At least I can concentrate on getting better, I still don't know when my op will be but with the gorgeous weather we have at the moment I can sit in the garden and knit.

I have knitted the baby cardie and little hat and I have another one to do plus I now have a basket to line for the baby things to be put in. I think I am going to busy for a while yet. Plus I am knitting a lace cloth my fingers are never still.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather while we have it.

In the meantime take care



Friday 1 April 2011

International Tatting Day


Today is International Tatting Day, yes it is 1st April but I am not fooling around today all tatters around the world will be tatting. Where ever you are you may see someone tatting out in public either in a cafe having a cup of tea, or on a train, or just sitting in a park. Don't forget the chocolate while you tat, unfortunately I am a diabetic so I wont be eating too much chocolate.

I had a bad night of pain, Vernon is home with me today, poor thing must be tired I kept him awake for hours.

The pictures are another new thread, Lizbeth no 20 Sea Shell, it looks quite pink in the photo but its more peach then pink and grey pink. As usual my Mary Koniors butterfly.

This is Sheilas Earrings, I tried last night to make a pair but not being very good they did not work out very well, one on the left is plain and the one on the right has beads. I have put the pattern on my pattern blog, there is a link in my sidebar.

I was asked for the pattern this week by Susan a member of in tatters, I hope she enjoys making these earrings as christmas presents for her family members.

I don't mind anyone using the pattern for personal use or to sell but please acknowledge my name as the designer.

I was asked about the basket I showed in the last tatting post, it comes from the book called Three-dimensional pattern.

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the tatting day.

Until you pass this way again take care