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Friday, 31 March 2017

Pinterest Challenge - Pin chicks

Hi,                                                                                                              Its time for another Pinterest challenge from the Pin Chicks,   this time its tatting from me.                                                                                       I start with the bookmark above,  its in Lizbeth thread Grape Pizzaz no 20.  Below is the pattern its looks like a Japanese pattern but I have no clue who designed it.

Do you remember this angel I did for the December Challenge and the ink from the pattern got on the white angel well here she is again but this time in perfect condition,  She is the Dimpled Angel By Lenore English.  Tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20 in white

This is the Onion ring snowflake,  I did enjoy tatting this snowflake,  the above one is in plain white and the other one is white and purple thread,  both are in Lizbeth thread No 20.  The original pattern is by Mrs R.R. Richardson and has been updated by Wally Sosa.  link to the pattern 

I hope you will pop over and visit the other pin chicks and see what they have done for this challenge
links to their blogs,  Margaret,    Suzanne    and Carollyn

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Renuleks Snow Frywolitkowa Napkin 2012/13


This is my UFP  unfinished project,  actually Vernon calls it my work in progress,   well its been a long time in progress,  I finally got it out of the bag about two weeks ago and thought perhaps I should make the effort and finish it,   well after a press and only another row to do here it is,  it was badly creased but with a wash when its finished and a good blocking it will look a lot better.
I started this mat in October 2012,  and last night I started the last round,  its going to take a while its a big round.  At the moment it measures 18 inches across.
Its tatted in Lizbeth thread  Sea Island Citrus no 20.    
This is my only unfinished work and before I start my next project I think I better finish this,
I will post a picture when its finished and I can finally say hooray.  I got so bored  and fed up with it,  that I just put it in a bag and left it,   its been nice to come back to it afresh.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

CD Sunday challenge - Any Old Iron

Time for another Challenge at the CD Sunday Challenge blog and this time its Jocelyn's choice,   Any Old Iron
When I first saw this title I had no idea what to do,  it took quite a bit of thought,  having thought of a rag and bone man which we never see any more,   I could not get an image I liked but looking at the free images on google I found two of Steptoe and son.
Now I am of an age that remember these programs and after I lot of playing around with some die cuts,  distressing them and cutting bits off them this is what I came up with.
The backing paper came from the Crafters Compendium free CD which was free a couple of months ago,  originally this card was for the last challenge but I changed my mind as to the shape and then used it for this card.   I matted the images onto a dark gray a piece of card before putting them onto a lighter piece of embossed gray card.   I wanted to keep it to limited colours as the programs where in black and white.  The sentiment I generated on the computer.
I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site,  and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sad News


The other day I received an email from BellaOnline.com saying that Irene Woo had died,  She designed this heart one of my favorite patterns called Butterfly Heart.   Its sad when a tatter dies and I hope shes in haven teaching the angels how to tat. 
I tatted this heart sometime ago in Lizbeth thread no 20 in Scottish Thistle


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Baby's Knitting

Spring is here with the daffodils out but the weather over the weekend is not what you would call spring,  its windy and its been raining,  no sun yet today.
This is a little baby's jacket and hat I knitted in a salmon colour I have done the pattern many times before,  starting at the neckline and working down.it would fit 0 to 3 months.
The pattern is Marianne's Famous Top-down- with sleeves.

 This is a lovely white baby's blanket,  its in double knitting wool and the pattern is called Lilac Blossom Baby Blanket,  The pattern is in lilac but I had a lot of white wool so I knitted in white.
It measures 22 inches wide and 29 inches long

Here is a link for both  patterns

Both items are on my Facebook page for sale

Have a lovely weekend

Sunday, 12 March 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Enjoy (tea or coffee)

Another challenge from the CD Sunday challenge blog,  gosh the fortnights go quick,  this fortnight its my challenge and I am using a photo for my challenge called Enjoy (tea of coffee).   I saw this picture in a cafe in Polyochrome in Halikidi Greece.  We used to sit and have a drink and I knew when I saw the picture on the wall outside the cafe that it would make a great challenge.   So its using colours from the picture enjoying a tea of coffee.

This is my card, I did use the image as you can see,  the backing paper was from the  Crafters Companion compendium free Cd which they gave out a couple of months ago,  I seem to be using it a lot at the moment,   I made a step card and the lilac card marches the words in the picture exactly,  I used a die cut of a tea pot and cup and placed them on a silver card, and finished off the card with silver peel offs.  Below is a side view of the card

I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site,  and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tatted Ice Drop Heart

Today we have bad weather and more gales and heavy rain,  oh for Spring but its around the corner as the daffodils and spring flowers are starting to flower.
This is my tatted ice drop heart,  in white lizbeth thread no 20,   I did one in red for Valentines day and I had another go at the pattern this time its perfect.  The pattern is called Valentine Heart by Etha Schuette,  which I used and made into an ice drop.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Happy St Davids Day - Daffodil Ice Drop

Happy St Davids Day,
Ice drops have taken the tatting world by storm and this is an idea I came up with when I looked at a bunch of daffodils,   It was a try and see but when I put it on Ice Drops Facebook page they went wild for it,
The pattern is partly the ice drop pattern and then an extra round of rings joined around the ice drop again.  I used the idea from the pattern Daffodil brooch for St David’s Day by Jennifer Williams.  It worked well.
Below is two the original all in yellow and one with white rings around the glass gem  / nugget,   I am pleased with my idea at first I thought it was just something that had not worked but all the ladies on ice drops loved it,  so I must have done something OK.
Have a lovely day.