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Sunday, 29 June 2014

April's Cross Bookmark, 24/25 motif challenge

After heavy rain and thunder storms of yesterday, the sun is shining today.
This is Wanda's lovely April Cross bookmark pattern,   I really enjoyed this pattern and I am delighted how the pattern worked out.   I have made three one as a bookmark , as two as a cross.
I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in white,  Red Burst and Purple Splendor.   Thank you Wanda for such a lovely pattern here is a link to here blog

In case you are wondering how the summer mat is coming along, here's a picture I took a week ago,   I am now back to the red for the seventh row.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, and until we meet again take care

Friday, 27 June 2014

CD Sunday Challenge - dies with Jenny


Its a bit wet today here in Somerset,   the garden is enjoying it,  not sure about Glastonbury.   There's 170,000 down at Pilton, on Worthy Farm, and already by the local news at lunch time it is a mud bath.   I am not going.
On to the card this is the first card I have done for the challenge this year,  I did enjoy making it even if Carol did bully me a little last Sunday,  so Carol here is the card.  Hope you like like it.
I used Joanna Sheens CD Patience Strong,  for the image and backing paper.  I matted the image onto green card.
The dies cut bit was hard,   but thanks to my friends who have die cut machines.    As they say with a little help from my friends here is my card.
I used pale green die cut flower corners and a pale green flourish and dark green leaves at the bottom.  The roses I brought in the market at Worksop while I was up there before coming home from Sheffield.    and I added a green ribbon bow at the top.
I know my mojo is not at its best at the moment so I hope you like my card.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Until we meet again take care.


Monday, 23 June 2014

Parchment Show Bristol 22nd June 2014


Another beautiful day here in Somerset, hot and very heavy,  with Glastonbury approaching and rain forecasted for the end of the week,  my garden is looking a bit dry so a few showers of rain will be appreciated as long as the summer comes back.
England play tomorrow night,  so its Here we go, here we go .....Home,   I am not a football fan so I wont say any more,   This girl is an F1 fan though and though.
Yesterday I went to the Parchment Show in Bristol,   I had a lovely day and meet Carol from the CD Sunday Challenge,  it was great to see Carol again,  we had a long chat,  thanks Carol for making the day even better.
The pictures are from my mobile phone yes yet again I forgot my camera but I think you will agree these pictures look good for a mobile phone.
The two pictures above were totally wonderful made from parchment and paper,  if you want to see more the web site is www.skills4you.org.uk
I wont go though all the pictures but thank you those who allowed me to take them.

Gorgeous dresses

This was one gorgeous fan.

 These gorgeous butterflies are beautiful and were glittered too, I got the patterns and instructions how to make them.


These beautiful swans in parchment complete with parchment feathers

 Close up


 This picture should interest the tatters,  does the picture look like a tatted snowflake........

 Another picture looks like tatting

 This was ladies clothing though the ages in parchment.

Henry the 8th with his wives

Wonderful Ferris wheel

 This lovely picture of the badger,  I was given instruction on how to do him and told yes you can do it,  even as a beginner you can do it.... well I brought the pattern,  so watch this space.


I hope you enjoyed my tour of the show,   I took 45 pictures and these are just some of them,   the next show is on 21st June 2015 in Bristol,  so if you are around try and visit it if you can,  I think you will enjoy it.
Until we meet again  Take care

Saturday, 21 June 2014

More on Malta Mosta Church


Its a beautiful day today,  it is hot and the sun is shinning,   I am not going to put a spanner in the works,  but towards the end of the week Glastonbury starts,  its going to rain.

  I wanted to share with you another post on Malta,  This is Mosta Church,    this is the famous church where on a Sunday Morning a bomb in World War Two fell on the congregation through the dome.
The Dome is the third largest in Europe,  the other two domes are in London St Paul's and Rome.
The building was started in 1833 and consecrated as a church in 1871.

The people of Malta always felt safer in the churches than anywhere else.    No one was hurt when the bomb fell in fact it went through the roof and never went off.   They call it a miracle on Malta,  as you scroll down the photos there is a picture of the bomb.

The bomb,   it is now a replica of it these days.

View of Mosta from the road leading to the village.

I hope you enjoy these photos,   and having a lovely weekend and enjoying the weather
Until we meet again take care

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Holiday Finds


Sometimes you find something you are not expecting,   the bookmark above was being made by an old lady of 85 sitting in the doorway of her house in Victoria the capital of Gozo.   She explained that she had been making bobbin lace since she was a child, her mother taught her,  she had a stoke a few years ago but she was still managing to make bookmarks,   Her bobbin lace pillow was long and was balanced on her lap.   She used a shiny thread unfortunately the photo does not show the shine of the thread,   I brought one off her,  she was selling them for 3 €,   which is nothing the rate of the euro at the moment is £1.20 to the pound.  It was a real joy watching her with the bobbins,  I must get mine out one day.

Then I found this tatted mat in the hotel gift shop,  no I did not make it,  I found them on sale in the hotel gift shop.  That is the first time I have ever found tatting on sale anywhere.   this little mat cost me wait for 1 €,   yes 1 €,  that's less than a pound,  I cant even make and sell a similar mat on my table for that.  Its a little different in the way that it has a crochet round in the middle,  picking up all the picots from the little middle circle.
I did look for some Maltese tatting while I there,  but it seems its gone out of fashion,  as I found none on Malta.   I did ask on Gozo but the day we went it was a bank holiday and the only place that I was told had some was shut,  just my luck.
Another post later in the week on Malta,   until we meet again take care

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sun Rise in Malta


We arrived home the other day but its the first time I have had time to start a series of posts on Malta,    So I thought I would start with the sun rise we had every morning,   I was up very early to go on a trip and took these pictures as it the sun got his hat on.
They were taken from our bedroom balcony,  we had a lovely room over looking the the Mediterranean Sea.  The hotel was lovely and I will show you more of the hotel in a later post.
Malta has a long history and with its sister island of Gozo and Comino, there's plenty to see a week really it not long enough.
I am going to leave you looking at the sun rise,  until we meet again take care.