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Sunday, 26 July 2015

July Pinterest challenge - Owl Puffs

As you know Suzanne and I have been doing this challenge if we see something on Pinterest to try and make it, or try it.
Well this is my July one,  these are called Owl Puffs,  the pattern is by Jenna Krupar and is a free pattern.
They are good for using up bits of wool as they don't take a lot of wool,   The only thing is they wont stand up straight for me to take a picture.  The eyes are white felt and a black button,
I used some old random wool  and put a plain colour for the head,  I am quite pleased how they turn out, and no doubt be making some more.
Unfortunately Suzanne's July pinterest has been a slight problem,  but she going to try again,  I know she will do it in the end here's a link to her blog
Until we meet again

Thursday, 23 July 2015

CD Sunday Challenge - add a stamped image

Today I bring you my card for the CD Sunday Challenge,  add a stamped image,  gosh its ages since I did any colouring,  my mojo did not work as well as I would have liked on this card,  Perhaps yesterday was not a good day to make it as its was a year yesterday that my mother died,  so I was feeling a little sad.
Tried something a little different,  has it worked possibly not.
The backing paper is off a CD which I cant remember which one, but I found when sorting out all my craft stuff in my new craft room, good start.  The image is from Joanna Sheens CD The Royal Horticultural Society disc no 2,   the stamp is from Creative Expressions peacock stamp,  the die cuts are from two ladies who kindly sent them to me,  thank you ladies,  I matted the image on a silver card, then layered the peacock and then the die cuts,   I added a royal blue bow, royal blue heart gems and pink gems,
I hope you like my card,
Until we meet again take care

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

You are my Sunshine

This last week sunshine has been in short supply,   I was so pleased to see my sun flower with a flower on it,   I have been trying for the last few years to grow a sun flower,  they either got eat or died,  this year I brought two plants and here it is flowering,
This is a picture of my yellow Day lilies,   I have orange in the front garden,  they were at their best while we were away so no picture perhaps next year,  but these are in the back garden and flowering lovely.  The centre on these is a dark red.
Hope the sun is shining where ever you are.
Take care

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Remembrance 19/25 motif challenge

This is the Remembrance pattern by Marilee Rockley,  this is a link to her blog.   Marilee has also made a video how to join the last ring on the ring.   Actually this is a simple pattern,   I made them in Lizbeth thread no 20 in white, purple and Springtime,  I still have to sew in the ends on the last one,
Here's my hand wearing a purple one I made for myself my fingers are larger so I added a couple more rings.  Its a selfy not easy to do so I hope the picture is OK.   I do like this pattern and something to use up thread on a shuttle too.  I plan to make some more and perhaps try adding a few beads.
On the pattern Marilee has added a saying for those who are not tatters I am putting on here for you
hope Marilee wont mind

                            ""Tie a string around your finger so you won't
                               forget" Here is a very Elegant "string",
                               worked up into a charming accessory""

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Take care

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bristol Parchment show 23rd June 2015


A few days after we came back from holiday,   we went to the Bristol Parchment show,  its was wonderful, I came home full of ideas and mojo working.   I also meet Carol again from the CD Sunday Challenge,  wonderful to see her again,  a chat over a cup of coffee.
I took so many photos these are just some of them,  believe me there was so much brilliant work on show it was hard to know what to look at first.  Anyway I cant remember who made what or what table they were on so this is just a few of the best photos to show you what can be done in Parchment.

 This was an outstanding picture of two swans

 He was lovely sat on his own just crying out to have his picture taken
 I don't know if you can see these planes but she did offer to stop them so I could take a picture thank you they were wonderful

The light on this picture but I hope you can see it,  it was another gorgeous picture

This cat was outstanding,  wonderful piece of parchment

 This picture every tatter will recognise,  even Vernon recognised as a tatting pattern that I have done more than once,  just shows he does take notice sometimes.

I love this and brought the pattern for it,   no idea when I will do it but anyone who knows me will know why I had to have the pattern.

 This picture is beautiful I wish I could do this pattern, I know one grand daughter who would love it,  well she's mad on owls,  she would loved these owls.

 Spiders web anyone,  its actually in parchment a lot of cutting!

Are you hot and need a fan......

 Glove anyone for the posh lady about town,  I don't think it would wear very well but it was a beautiful design.

 This was beautiful it was on a glass mirror and then spinning around,  totally gorgeous this picture does not do it justice

This design is by Anne Quinn,  she had just come back from Madeira herself and this was to remind her of her holiday,  it was beautiful and I have the pattern so I am going to try this one,  she is on Facebook so do look her up she has some wonderful butterfly designs,

Well that's the best of the photos of the show,  it will be again in Bristol next year in June, I don't have the exact date but if you can try and go its really is worth it.
Hopefully I have now caught up with posting and I can get back to some ordinary posts.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My last post on Madeira The Cable car

Today I am going to take you up and away from the sea front in Funchal Madeira to Monte by Cable car,   I hope you have a head for heights.
The picture above is in the main entrance above the ticket office,  this wonder lights they were stars falling from the roof.    This picture shows the cable car as it leaves base. This car cable literally goes above Funchal and to Monte.

So here we go,  this is Vernon sitting with his back to the top.
 As we travel above the city of Funchal

Over the main roads 

 This shows you the road or motorway they have built they did not take up land and demolish building no they built this road on bridges that spam the valleys and did they go around the mountains no they built tunnels though the mountains.

A view from the top

Ready to come back down,  this is the view as we walked back to the cable car station after having a drink in the cafe

 Here we go

Nearly at the bottom
Here we are back at the bottom.
I hope you enjoyed the trip,   this picture at the bottom is the beach in Funchal I took this picture by the bus stop while waiting for the bus to go back to the hotel.   Its just lave which has broken down with time and has become a sort of pebble sand.

Well that's our holiday I hope you enjoyed all three posts, cant believe how many photos I took in a week.   If you ever get a chance to go to Madeira I am sure you will enjoy the Island