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Friday, 27 February 2015

Update on Renuleks Wisona 2015 Mat


What a beautiful day we had today,  the sun has shone all day and its warmer,  it felt like spring is here.
This is Renuleks Wisona Mat round four finished,   it was too dark for me to sew in the ends last night and it needs a press,  today she has published round six hopefully I can get round five done quickly and then catch up,  I seem to be lacking behind.
I am still using Lizbeth thread, no 20 in Countryside and white.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. until we meet again take care

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Monday, 16 February 2015

February's Pinterest Challenge / update on Renuelks mat Wiosna 2015


This is February Pinterest challenge that Suzanne and I are doing, hopefully we will complete 12 one for every month of the year.   This is my February's piece,  its a tatted cross using a button in the middle,  the pattern is called  Encapsulated Button Sunburst Motif of which this cross is a variation.  The pattern was originally published in November 2002 issue of the Tatting Times published by Karey Solomon and was a free pattern by Lily Morales who uses variations of advanced techniques adapted from the "3-5-7-9 Button Motif" from a Labour of Love by Lily Morales 2002
link to  patten   I was not as happy with this cross and may do it again,

Here is an update on the Renuleks mat I have finished round three it was too dark yesterday to sew in the ends.  I am using Lizbeth thread White and Countryside no 20.   I have not blocked it yet so it looks a little creased perhaps after the forth round I will give it a quick press.  This pattern is being done by a lot of tatters around the world,  each with there own colours its proving to be a popular pattern which Renuelks has designed.
Hope you are having a nice day, take care 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Renulka's New Mat (Wiosna 2015)


Happy Valentines Day,    Hope you all got a card and present.

Today I have the first two rows of the new Renulka's spring mat called Wiosna 2015 that she is designing,  I am already nearly finished the third row and yesterday she published the forth row,  so I am not too far behind hopefully I can catch up this week.
I have used Lizbeth no 20 white for the chains and countryside for the rings.  I am liking the way this is working out so far.
Have a nice day

Friday, 13 February 2015

Land of Laces challenge 13/25 motif challenge

Its very cold here its blowing a gale and raining hard with hail.  I am glad I am inside today.
Land of Laces set a challenge with a heart pattern well here's my effort,   I added a tail and made a small bookmark with it.   I used Lizbeth thread no 20 Red Burst and white.  simple because they were on my shuttles. I started the heart in a different place so that the split ring on one side could be done of the other side and therefore I could use the white chains all the way around,  I think it worked OK. link to Land of Laces blog
I am giving this heart to my hubby tomorrow,  I have been told he does not want a card so he's getting this instead.
Have a nice weekend and until we meet again take care and keep warm

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jewellery set and Bookmark 12/25 Motif Challenge

Gosh it has been cold over the last few days,   I know we have to expect it, at least its been reasonably dry not like last year when it rained and rained non stop and we had the floods.   We had a few snow flakes at the beginning of the week but nothing lasted very long.
Today I have this Jewellery set I did to show you the pattern is from tatting box called Bridal Lace,  I do like this pattern,   I made a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earring, there are no earrings on the pattern but I use two repeats for the earrings.  I used Lizbeth thread Countryside no 20.

Then I made this cross from a new book I treated myself to called tatted Bookmarks cross shaped by Lene Bjorn,  I have seen a few bookmarks on other blogs and when I saw the book for sale I brought it,  I did enjoy making this cross its called Maria page 9.  I hope to make some more from this lovely book.  I used Lizbeth thread No 20 in White and Countryside.

I have started Renuleks new mat and will post when I have done a bit more.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
Take care

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Peacock. 11/25 motif challenge

Its very cold here and a cold wind from the north pole blowing,  but at least its dry, we had some snow during the week,  but it did not last, hopefully that will be all we get.  We have some forecasted for Monday and Tuesday,  hopefully it will either miss us or it wont last.
As promised here is my peacock from the book, Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite, it has taken me days to find the right light to get the perfect picture.   He is tatted in no 20 Lizbeth thread called Country Side,  he was a pain, perhaps because I had flu when I was tatting him,  it made it harder.   His pattern is in German, but he learnt a whole lot of English words that are not in the English Oxford Directory.    Vernon said after I finished him that he's a one off, I don't think his ears could take much more of what I thought of the peacock,  nice as he is,   I cant see me doing him again,  I am going to frame him when I have found the right piece of card as a backing,  and then he will be finished.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and keeping warm and safe.