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Thursday 30 September 2010

Home from Turkey

I expect you are wondering why I have put anything on my blog, well its a long story and I wont bore you.
We arrived home in the early hours of last Saturday morning, to be honest we were knackered as the flight was delay by an hour and half, having had to leave our apartment at midday we had to sit around for many hours waiting to be picked up to go to the airport. The weather was beautiful in Turkey but very hot and at 45 to 46c it was a long hot wait. Then an hours journey to the airport and a long wait for the plane, we were hot and tired, when we finally got home. When we landed at Bristol Airport the temperature was 7c we had lost 40 degrees in four hours. At around 9.30 on Saturday morning we had a phone call from A and E Royal United Hospital in Bath telling me that my Mother had been admitted during the night.
I have a post ready to put together as I wrote a piece in Turkey so when I have time I will upload the photos that go with the piece and load it onto the blog for you.
I did some tatting in Turkey, our maid who look after really well was really taken by my tatting and I gave her a piece that I had made when we left, it was only a small thank you for all she had done, plus a tip, but she was over the moon with it. I will be putting a picture of the work later on my blog, plus I also designed a piece while I sat in the shade by the pool.
In the meantime I hope you are well and thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to seeing you again in blog land soon,
In the meantime take care
Hugs Margaret

Thursday 9 September 2010

Flying tomorrow to Turkey


We are off on our Turkish holiday tomorrow so there wont be any posts for a couple of weeks. I will wave to you as we pass over southern England , sorry if you live in the north but we take off from Bristol International Airport. We are hoping that I will be OK while we are away, we get the results to my MRI scan on the 27th September, I hope they find out what the pain is.
Take care while I am away and look forward to seeing you all in blog land in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for having a look at my blog
Hugs Margaret

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Special card for Garduation


Today has been quite a nice day, the sun was shinning most of the day until we had a few spots of rain, its brighten up now, at least I got most of my washing dry.

Today I am bring you a special card for Vernon's niece Becky who is graduating from Lincoln University tomorrow. In a couple of weeks she is off to Africa for a year on work experience and at the moment is having to learn Swahili as the part of Africa she is going to does not speak a lot of English.

I am afraid my mojo is not working very well at the moment and I tried to do a really special card for her. I stamped out the owl image ( from the Dawn Bibby range) and coloured it in with pro markers, I am still learning how to use them, and them stamped foliage around the owl, I put or tried to put a university hat on the head of the owl. I want to add something of Africa at the bottom of the card and ended up with the elephants, not my first choice but I hope Becky will like her card.
I hope you have enjoyed my new card and I look forward to seeing you again on my blog.

until the next time take care

Hugs Margaret

Friday 3 September 2010

My hosptial Hell Day

No cards tonight but I wanted to tell you about my Hell day I had yesterday,
I went to the Pain Clinic Royal United Hospital Bath, I was referred to them from Fenchary Hospital last January, because I have a problem with my neck, they found a bowed disc and I get a lot of pain in my neck.
He said he could put a steroid injection in my neck, I went into a theatre room and sat down, the doctor started putting an injection in my neck, both sides and then both sides at my hair line, and then two more further up my head in line with my ears on both sides. I felt like a dart board, he was moving my hair around and before I got over the first one he was on number three, but by the time he got to the last one, I was in shock at the speed he put them in and pain.
Then the doctor walked out we both thought that that was the anaesthetic and he would put the steroid injections but the nurse said no it was all done and the anaesthetic and steroids were all in one.
The last one bleed so much the nurse had to clean my hair, telling how lovely to have thick hair (NOT) by the time she had cleaned it perhaps she did not think so either. I was wearing a white top, it just missed most of the top.
Vernon said if he had known what he was going to do he would not have let him and he hopes I never have to go through that again. In someway I hope I don't have that again.
I had a letter this morning with my MRI appointment for my gall bladder and guess what we have told them I am on holiday from the 10th for two weeks so the appointment is for the 21st I blow my top and now I am having it on Sunday afternoon. Why cant they listen when you are kind enough to tell them you are going on holiday. I now have an appointment on the 27th to see the surgeon I hope they find something on the MRI, as the pain is all the time now.
Sorry for my rant on my hell day, I will find something nice for the next post, promise.
The weather has been lovely this week and I have managed to do some spring cleaning washing ie the settee throws and some of the cushions and my fluffy mats in the lounge and landing ready for the winter. We have rain forecasted for tomorrow, I was hoping to wash the other cushion covers and my table cloth and material I use on my craft table, hopefully it will stay fine to get them done, and then I am finished and leaving the house clean.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing you again in blog land.
take care
Hugs Margaret