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Friday, 28 May 2010

Enjoy the beauty of the clematis


Today I am bringing you some pictures from my garden, our neighbour planted this clematis in their garden, but they have some large round conifers in front of this trellis that they put on top of the wall, so they cant see the clematis.

Over the last few years its has gone mad and grown over the trellis, which is the boundary to our gardens and now we have the whole beauty of it.

This year I took some pictures of this lovely plant and e-mailed them over to them so they could enjoy the beauty of their lovely plant.

I feel guilty that we see this wonderful display and have all the pleasure of it. I just hope they don't pull it up as I am beginning to look forward to the plant flowering every year.

I took some lovely pictures and thought I might use a few of them for some cards

I hope you have a lovely weekend and what ever you are doing the weather is kind to you.

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  1. What a beautiful display for free....... hope they leave it alone !
    tilly x

  2. Hi thank you for showing us this we had one of these and both me and my neighbour loved this time of year but unfortanately this year the heavy snow crushed the plant and the weight broke the surports it was on . Tried as we could we couldnt lift it so had to cut it back to the bottom. Wish it was still here. Neighbour would say he never saw so many flowers. When i move i will be pl;anting another they grow to about 24foot, love the little flowers .

  3. wow this is so beautiful and i have exactly the same clematis in my garden, it surrounds one side of my drive and it just looks after itself and i only have to cut its long tendrils off every now and then.just love clematis.thanks for sharing.luv coops.xx

  4. Hi Margaret,I have this one,it looks so pretty right now,hope they don't chop it for your sake.....am determined to get another of these,the one called 'NellieMoser'....have you seen the flowers on that one...omg...devine...lol...thanks for sharing.xx

  5. Just popped in to say Hi.. Your blog is looking really good... Glad the music is still working LOL.. Love the flowers my garden is full of 'alternative blooms' at the moment I'm a useless gardener..LOL

    Hugs Peter XX


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