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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Craft lunch with a twist


Yesterday was going to be my last blog before I go on holiday, but after today I thought I would tell you about our lunch.

Angiebabe and me have lunch about every six weeks, I used to live in Castle Cary before I got married. To cut a very long story short, I had the cut hair cut from Hell, even today its still the talking point in the hairdressers. This was in the November and I went to Pauline hoping she could sort the mess out, which she did and on my wedding day in following August no one would have known about the problems, she got my hair looking wonderful. Since then I still go back because I just can't even try and go to another hairdresser.

Angiebabe and I went to a pub for lunch today, we have been in there before, but here we are she is a grandmother to three grandchildren and I am a grandmother to five grandchildren and a great grandmother, and here we are being chatted up by a man.

He wanted or thought he was going to have some of our lunch well he was unlucky, but he still kept on chatting away, he said he was a healer and did we believe, Angie said she did and he came and sat down and had her hand and then mine asking if we felt something. We both did, he said that he does not charge for healing and if we knew anyone in pain who wanted healing he would do it for free........... I never told him I was in pain as we were not sure what he might do next. anyway he finally left, we think he had one too many to drink, just thinking we could start our conversation again............

Another man younger this time in his forties came over and sat at the bar near our table and started chatting us up............ What ever is in the water in Castle Cary today is sending the men in a spin, because I never thought we would be ever chatted up by strange men.

When is was time for us to leave we paid the bill and left wondering if we had something written on our foreheads, we are both happily married, and we both told them we were married, nice to know we still have it, what ever that is. and can still get chatted up occasionally.

I think when we meet up again we might try another pub.

Hope you enjoyed our story, and you enjoyed visiting my blog today.
See you when I get back from Teneriffe.

Take care my friends
Hugs Margaret


  1. Lol well good to hear you both still have it and hope your husbands realise what catches they have. Enjoy your hols.

  2. enjoy your holiday, at least it started on a high lol
    tilly x

  3. watch out for more men on hols then margaret,x

  4. lol, sounds like you both had an entertaining day.have a fab holiday.luv coops.xx

  5. Hi Margaret

    There is a little something for you on my blog if you would like to call in and collect it..

    Hugs Peter

  6. oooo Margaret, you goer you! Wanna bum?


  7. Well Margaret I never...pmsl....see,you never know do you....did you enjoy it all though..thats my question,nice to be flirted with still....lol....xx

  8. I hope you had a fab holiday! there's an award waiting for you on my blog


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