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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I won an award


I cant believe it I have won an award from Jeanette

She must have known how down I am at the moment and it has cheered my up. Yesterday was a hard day, spending a lot of time at the hospital with this scan. They injected radio active dye in my arm, and I was on the scan bed for 45 Min's and unable to move, they asked if I would like some music, I asked for Elton John but they did not have any, so I asked if they had some country I had Willie Nelson. I was dozing off to some lovely country music when he came back and woke me. I had a 20 min break with a kitkat and a cup of coffee, and then back on the scan bed for another 20 Min's. They had paused the music and he started it off again when they started scanning. He was only a youngest and a trainee but he was good and very patient with this old lady, well I felt old compared to him. Now I have to wait for the results. I will be radio active for seven days, if I had to get on an aeroplane I need to carry that letter from the hospital as I could set off the security scanning equipment. I am not planning on flying in the next seven days.

Back to the award I have to say three things that would change my life:

Well here goes,
1. Getting rid of the pain, getting some treatment and getting life back.
2. Vernon retires next year, retiring together so we can enjoy life together without me going to work, and leaving him home (he might do the housework for me!!!!)
3. Winning the lottery, so I can spend lots of money on craft.

I would like to award this award to the following :-
1. Suzanne she is a brilliant Friend and always there when I need someone to talk, she is not well at the moment, so I hope they can sort her out as soon as possible.
2. Typstatting one lovely lady who does wonderful tatting and has a brilliant blog
Sarpreet she has just got married in India and has given me loads of compliments on my blog and encouragement.
4. Ginny An lovely lady who has a lovely blog, and also gives lots of encouragement.
5. Peter I am giving this to Peter who is disabled, and gives a lot of encouragement to all the do craft members and has a great blog. Peter is always willing to give us help. Thank you Peter for all your help you have given me.

Please collect your awards and then collect your $5 award on digsiswithattitude
Thank you Jeanette you are a real star and a great crafting friend,
Happy crafting
Hugs Margaret


  1. Hi Margaret, Glad you liked your award, it's not because I feel sorry for you at all, it's because you have a fab blog....and I do feel abit sorry for you...lol....just kidding, hope all is soon well hun.xxxx

  2. Hi Margaret! Thanks for nomiating me for the award I will sort it out later! Hope that you feel better soon!

  3. wow! well done on the award, you deserve it. thank you for giving me the award aswell, im so pleased and will display it with pride.

    big hugs, suzanne x


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