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Monday, 31 January 2011

Tias day 6 and 7 and the missing hook

Today I bring you Day 6 and Day 7 of the TIAS (tat it as seen) I had a very bad day on Friday and a lot of pain during the late afternoon and evening, Saturday was not much better and with all the painkillers I took I was like a walking zombie. Unfortunately I had to do mothers shopping I was dreadful and ended up walking around Tesco in some sort of state of dreamland. I have no idea what I was doing or going good job I had Vernon with me as I would never have made it driving. I fell asleep in the car going to Tesco, and he woke me up asking me if I was OK. No I am not OK I just want to go back to bed and forget the day had even dawned, I had no sleep at all Friday night due to the pain what did he think I was. MEN

Anyway this is day 6, which I did yesterday, spot the mistake I made the picots too long (that's the loops for the not tatters) and the beads well look silly as they are fairly small, no actually the right size for the thread its the picots that are wrong. Yes I know I have been tatting for 40 years this year and I do a silly stupid thing as to making them too big. Will you forgive me as I am not well at the moment.
Day 7, now do you have any idea where this is going because I don't, Vernon has no ideas what so ever, Nic (coops) thought early on it was a flower, Nic I don't think so, Jeanette (Little Bo), Suzanne and Tilly keep asking, girls have you any ideas now.

I think I will start another one and get the picots right this time, in the meantime, if you think you know and want to guess please leave a comment.

I want to tell you about my stoke of luck that happen last weekend, I am not well and signed off work at the moment, and certainly not well enough to do my craft table, thinking I would have to forgo this month, which would mean I would have to pay double next month. Vernon stepped in and did it, on one condition that I sit with him and answer any technical questions, technical you may ask, Vernon is not a crafter any question would be technical in his eyes, I was not allowed to do anything, fine I sat and did some knitting. Last November I lost my tatting hook, I brought this hook with a shuttle back in the very earlier 1970's, so it is very old, the craft fair in December was cancelled due to the snow. So when I saw Roger who does the setting up and clearing up I asked him by any chance did he find a tatting hook, he had no idea poor man what I was talking about, I described it and he thought and then disappeared. He came back and asked about the length, its about 2 and half inches long, silver colour and has the most tiniest of hooks, he then handed me the hook, Oh joy of joys I could not believe he found it, he only saw it because it shone in the light. See miracles do happen once in a while.
I hope you are keeping well and look forward to seeing again in blog land, perhaps by then we might have found out what I am tatting. In the meantime take care.


  1. Well Margaret, I really am stumped now, it is a mystery that only you can solve....how many more days did you say....lol...can't wait to see what it turns out to be.....glad you found your hook, that was lucky.....take it easy.xxxx

  2. Sorry you have had a bad week-end........ Well,, it looks like a very angry turtle that has lost it's house to me lol......or a crocodile without it's tail..... roll on tomorrow
    Tilly x

  3. No clue wat it is going to be. Maybe the large picots won't harm after all. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. margaret i have no idea what it is yet but its getting exciting!

    suzanne x

  5. Wonderful that your lost hook was found - it must have been one of the really old Milford ones - worth a lot these days as collector's items! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy tatting with it very soon.

  6. morning margaret.i`m sorry to hear you had a bad weekend.
    now looking at your fab tatting i am thinking its possibly an aeroplane.the left side looks like the fin on a plane?

    xx coops xx

  7. hi margaret,hope you are having a pain free day today,am stumped as what it could be,x


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