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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tias Day 9

From a windy Somerset, we still have the high winds, we had some rain yesterday, although its fine at the moment but I don't think it will be long before it rains again.
This is Day 9 nearly there only one more day to go, now do you have ideas now, I think we are back to aeroplane again, it looks a bit more like it at the moment, have to see what Day 10 begins.
Yesterday we went shopping in Wells, Wells is the smallest City in England, Vernon wanted to get his driving licence picture renewed, every ten years now we have to renew our driving licence pictures at a cost of £20 plus doing it at the post office costs another £4.50 as they take the photo for you. They don't use the photo you bring, they take another one and you have to take your glasses off, even though he wears glasses all the time the picture has to be without them.
I went into Barret and Holland, I wanted something because I am so down and crying, Connie the manager is brilliant in there and she sorted me out when I went through the change. She came over asked if she could help and I started to say I want something and burst into tears, poor Vernon he stood there feeling, well I felt the twit. She took us into her office at the back of the shop, sat me down and talked about what I was going though, she was wonderful, she gave me a spray which you spray on your tongue and boosts you up and then sorted out some tablets, St Johns Wort and Lemon Balm. I don't want the Gp's happy pills shes given me enough to take, Connie checked what would go with my pain killers and well I could not have asked for anyone better, she was marvelous.
I treated myself to two craft magazines, one has some free stamps one I love which is a car with bears driving it, and a Prima just for a change, I rarely buy women's magazines its nearly always craft ones.
Day 10 of the Tias I think is tomorrow.
I hope you are OK and thanks for visiting my blog today look forward to seeing you again soon in the meantime take care.


  1. Margaret, I know just what your going through hun, glad you found a friend who tried to help you out, oh it's such an awful feeling, and poor Vernon wouldn't know what to do would he....hope your soon back to your old self hun...speak soon.xxxx

  2. well, it still looks like a crocodile to me lol, hope you soon feel better

  3. Well Margaret Hope you are feeling better just hang in there! I still think it's a croc or a gator.

  4. hiya margaret.i still think its an aeroplane.i hope you are feeling a little better now and the new herbal remedies are helping.

    xx coops xx

  5. well i still dont have a clue! lol
    sending you a big hug margaret.
    x x x

    suzanne x


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