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Friday, 11 November 2011


Today is a day of remembrance for those killed in the first war world, at 11am on the 11th November, the guns fell silent. Today it is not only the first world war, the second world war and those wars since that are remember in this country. Afghanistan is also high on remembrance not only for those who have lost their lives but those who are serving in Afghanistan and other countries around the world.

I have made this lovely tatting pattern for today, Its in white Lizbeth thread no 20 and red thread which I don't know I think it might be DMC by the shape of the ball, as there is no label and I know its been in the draw for a long time. The pattern is called Eternal Rose Cross by Yarnplayer
Its the first time I have done this pattern and I found really easy, I did make the bottom half of the cross longer than pattern.

Update on Mother she came out of theatre very late last night, I am going in to see her later, the only information I have is that they have put a plate in her leg and have managed to get the hip back in place. The hip was originally replaced back in 1989 as it was a war injury done by the Japanese in the second war world, they pined the hip, knee and ankle all on the same leg but the pin and hip had disintegrated. Mother is a Japanese POW and was captured by the Japanese when she was on the Australian conveys, she was assigned to the Royal navy as a nursing sister and spent two and half years in Japan. My father was in the army in the Dental Cor, he went in France, Belgium and Holland, he was on leave to go to Japan when the bomb was dropped. My mother never played ball with me as a child or ran any school sport day events, I have always known her as disabled. When I was at school the wars were never taught which annoyed my father greatly, many history teachers had their ears bent over not teaching about the wars, they always said it was not old enough history.

We should never forget those who either lost their lives in the wars or those who have suffered since from their injuries.



  1. Margaret, this is a beautiful cross of rememberance with the small red poppy, I am pleased that your Mum has had her operation and hope you find her awake when you see her. I hope she now has less pain after the operation.

  2. The flower in the middle of the cross is a red rose, I am sorry if I did not say that in the piece.

  3. Its beautiful Margaret, and perfect for today. I do hope all has gone well for you Mum and that she will recover as best she can.
    Kevin xx

  4. Wonderful sentiments and reminders Margaret. The cross is lovely and many good wishes for your mother in her recovery!

  5. margaret, what a lovely post today! it really made me stop and think about all those that were lost and all those who suffered and are still suffering, like your mother. how brave they were for us. your tatting is perfect for today and looks amazing, its beautiful.
    hope your mum is back home soon.

    hugs suzanne x

  6. Hi Margaret, I agree with this post completely, and your Father was right too I may add....

    I hope your Mum will be well soon...
    Beautiful Cross, very apt; for today.xxx

  7. Your cross is Beautiful.Do hope your mum will be ok.xx


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