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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Stitched Cards

I hope you are getting into the Christmas mood, Unfortunately we are not there yet and possibly wont be. I stitched these two cards on holiday along with some others, I thought you might like to see these.
I used Starform peel offs, they have glittered centres and look lovely. This card has two large gold bells, and holly leaves with a red sheer ribbon bow. I used red and gold metallic thread with red and gold beads for the bells and green thread and beads for the leaves. They were stitched onto a white scalloped card, I sew the beads on as I go so they wont fall off. I don't use glue, I finds using the same thread when sewing them on makes them look better, although I did put the ribbon on with a spot of glue.

This card is also a white scalloped card I put three silver bubbles on stitched with red and silver metallic thread and red beads, with three red bows at the top of each bubble. The holly leaves are stitched with green metallic thread and green beads, I put some leaves in each corner of the card at the bottom.

A close up

Another close up.

One day is rain another day is cloudy, one day mild and the next day cold with a frost, the weather at the moment does not know what it wants to do, no wonder we get colds and flu in this country. I don't know what is worse, cold, dry and a frost, or mild and wet.

Until we meet again please don't over do it, its only a couple of days, the shops will only be closed for one day.

Take care




  1. 2 lovely stitched cards Margaret..... they look really nice in metallic thread.

    I hope you will enjoy your Christmas and have a healthy, happy and peaceful new year

  2. this is gorgeous, i love the colours used

    Sorry I have not been able to visit your blog in such a long time, I have been so busy, and there have not been enough hours in the day.

    I wanted to also wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year from our house to yours.

  3. These are beautiful Margaret, I love the matallic thread makes them look so shiny, Merry Christmas.
    Kevin xx

  4. If it weren't for your blog, I wouldn't know about stitched cards! I certainly have never seen one in person. I have looked for information on the web, and there are some very informative tutorials. However, the samples I've seen don't use the peel-off stickers, which are so clever! Was that your idea? I'd definitely like to try doing this!

    Here in Pennsylvania in the U.S., we're having similar weather to yours! The rain is getting a bit tiresome, but I sure don't want it to snow. If it does snow, I want only a dusting on the grass!

  5. Hi Margaret!
    Love the cards they are really terrific hope you have a peaceful Christmas.

  6. really beautiful cards margaret.the stitching is stunning.
    wishing you a peaceful christmas.

    xx coops xx

  7. Beautiful!! Stitching is lovely and they make such wonderful cards.


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