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Thursday, 19 January 2012

TIAS day 3 and 4, and Celtic Medallion

Its a bit dull and overcast today, we had rain yesterday and over night but its beginning to get cold again and they say a frost tonight. I noticed in Mothers garden there is a sole daffodil flowering, I don't think the plants know if its time to flower or not.
Today I am showing you the TIAS this is day three, yep we have gone around in a square. and this is day four any ideas what this is yet. Don't forget if you guess correct I will make you one, whatever it is.
I put the link for the TIAS on the last post if you need it.
I forgot to tell you that I am using coats No 20 cotton in pink, its an old ball I found a few weeks ago when I was looking for something else.

Now this is a Celtic medallion pattern which was on "intatters" in the last couple of weeks, the pattern is by Becky Clark
here is the
Its a lovely pattern and not too difficult well if you don't a mistake like me, this one shows the cock up, I was using Lizbeth thread no 20 butterfly breeze, I love this colour thread. Vernon said no one would know but I do and I like my tatting to be as perfect as possible.

This is my second attempt this time I used Lizbeth thread Grape Pizzaz no 20. and it worked out better this time.

We are busy clearing out mothers bungalow, not easy when she has not thrown away correspondence since god knows when, hopefully we are nearly to the end of the correspondence, I still have the bureau to tackle perhaps I better not speak too soon, we have sorted out the clothes and she has nearly all of them in the nursing home, its just books and other personal items to sort now, then the furniture, seems a never ending job. To be honest we are both feeling worn out.
I hope you are keeping well and until we meet again take care



  1. Hello Margaret

    It's still to soon for me to make a guess...not a clue!
    You seem to be doing well with the clearing, we do accumalate so much!
    Those Northern Lights are fantastic

  2. Pretty tatting! Love the thread you found. Nice colours.

    I didn't start the TIAS - no reason! Maybe I will catch up now!
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Gian sends spiders...
    Fox ; )

  3. Hi Margaret, Not a clue what this can be, at first I thought is it going to be a doily...lol...obviously not...will guess again later....

    Glad your getting sorted with your Mums bungalow....a life time of stuff is no small task.xx

  4. This is so pretty and delicate...I am always envious about real handcrafting talent. I look forward to the end product.

  5. Hi Margaret
    Sorry I haven't visited you for a while. Have been busy catching up with stuff before I go to Bluewater at the end of the month.
    I think you are making an earring. It is difficult to tell the size of what you are making from the photo but that is my guess.

  6. Hi Margaret,

    Glad you are enjoying the TIAS. I think it is a kite.

    I have grape pizazz but have not tatted with it. I like what the colourway looks like tatted up. Thanks for sharing that.

    I hope you get a good rest before the second round of packing.


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