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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Parchment cards with Peel offs

Today's post is under the new blogger,  if you have not tried it yet,  then you might be tearing your hair out as I am now.    I finally got the pictures in the order I wanted them,  but as for the words,  well I can only hope.
I hope where ever you are the sun is shining and its warm,  here we are having heavy rain showers with sun in between,   its windy and its not very warm.  The lovely spring weather seems to have disappeared since they said we have a drought.  Although here in Somerset we have enough water so they say,  the wildlife are the ones suffering as the river levels are very low.
Today I thought I would show you three new cards, the first is my Oriental card with the dragon, and bamboo with the water lilies.   The gold peels have been put on plain parchment paper and them embossed.  I layered the parchment on gold card and then placed on a cream card.   The parchment is attached with brads in the corners.

Close up pictures of the dragon.

This card is of a peacock,  I love the peacock colours and I coloured the peacock with felt tip pens,  and embossed the parchment from the back though the peel off.

Put it on purple card with brads,  and then on a square cream card

Finally this card is orchids,   my favourite flower (my orchid is starting to come in flower I will post a picture when it does)  in the meantime this peel off of a spray of orchids,  I embossed with dots on the petals,  placed the parchment on blue shiny card with flower brads,  on a blue card. 

Well I have battled Blogger,  with hubby saying scrap it,  now I am sure if he meant the whole blog or just this post.  He says I spend too much time on my blog so I think he means the whole blog.
I hope you like today's post,  I still have a few strands of hair left on my head,  but the air is a bit blue here.
Until we meet again take care and have a lovely weekend.


  1. Your cards are really beautiful. I love the dragon! Yeah, I found the change really difficult too. It does get easier with practice.

  2. Blue air is good... healthy! I am glad I am not the only one... : ))

  3. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading this post! First, the cards are wonderful! You definitely come up with fabulous artwork with those stickers! Always something new and amazing!

    I have been really worried about the new Blogger 'interface', and wondered when they were going to switch us over. So I see it's arrived, although I haven't tried it yet. Now I'm REALLY worried, because if you found it confusing, I know I will! Your blog skills are so much more advanced than mine!

    I laughed about your husband's comment! My own DH has to put up with all my Blogger issues and my obsession with reading blogs, and the drafting and redrafting of my own posts! Not to mention my 20-years of tatting events, where I fill the van up with all my stuff! LOL


    1. Yes poor man does suffer a bit, once a month I do a craft table, he has to carry my bag downstairs so I can get it ready, then carry it to the car and into the hall, He helps me set up, and is happy as long as he has his bacon sandwich, he does sit with me for a while before getting bored. They cards have taken over the dinning area of the lounge, and the rest has taken over the rest of the house. I don't think he knew what he was letting himself in for when he married me nearly ten years ago. I started making cards about six years ago and enjoyed it so started doing a craft table to pay for my hobby, and it's grown form there. Poor man,

  4. beautiful cards margaret, i love the orchid. well done on tackling the new blogger, its really worrying me! lol
    tell vernon you cant scrap your blog, we all enjoy your work too much. tut tut vernon for even thinking it, bad boy! lol

  5. DHs, what will we do without them? Lovely cards, Margaret! I sympathize with you about Blogger.

  6. Gosh these are beautiful Margaret, I always marvel at these parchment creations. Michelle x


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