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Monday, 26 November 2012

Rain, rain, rain, and tatting mentioned in my reading book

From a very wet Somerset,   I am sorry I have nothing to show you today,  but just to let you know we are dry even if they garden is looking very very wet and sorry for itself.   We have acres upon acres of water,  farmland, and  the levels just covered in water.
We managed to get to Oxfordshire yesterday,  Vernon's Dad is in hospital at Bicester, we did go though some flood water in places not very deep and we got there in one piece.   This green and pleasant land as they call England is more like a water wilderness, in some places its hard to see where the rivers should be and where the fields are.
Dads doing well and seems to have got over his infection,   Mother seems to have had the same infection and she's a lot better.   Me I am still waiting for an appointment.
At the moment I am reading a book called The Ironmaster by Jean Stubbs,  it says it is a continuing the splendid Lancastrian saga of the Howarth's of Garth.   The book was published in 1981 (ISBN 0 330 26636 5)  Part one Man on His Mettle 1785-1793,  the print is small.   In chapter two "The ladies of Thornton House pursue their course in life unchanged,  he continues to tell his sister that they are managing without another teacher as she used to teach Latin and Greek to the young ladies.,  he continues "One feels your learning was too much for the Misses Whitehead,  they would rather their female charges tatted and tattled than studied ancient languages!"
I am only on chapter three and long way to go as the book is quick thick, I will let you know if tatting is mentioned again,   its not very often you see tatting mentioned in any book other than a proper tatting book.
Until we meet again keep dry and please whoever you are that did the rain dance for rain when they said we were short of water,   can you please stop and so a sun dance.

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  1. Dear Margaret,
    I heard about the floods on the news and thought of you in Somerset. I hope the weather isn't getting you down. Let's wish the rain will stop soon. It must be cold too.


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