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Monday, 12 August 2013

Tat along with Wendy Round three - finished 8/25 motif challenge

Here is the last round of the tat along with Wendy link to her blog.   I have really enjoyed tatting with Wendy and hopefully we can do it again.
This is the link to the pattern  I used Lisbeth no 40 American Apple pie thread.  Can you see my little error,  one chain has 6 picots instead of five so it does not flute into a half circle around the petal.  Decisions do I cut and just re-do or leave it,  decisions decisions I expect I will sort it it would be a shame to leave it.  I am undecided if I like this colour thread,   but I do like the pattern and will be doing it again.
I have put this as number 8 out of the 25 motif challenge,   I have some other pieces of tatting which I have been doing in between but I will leave them for another day.    The tat along mat is now growing as the next round is going around.  I also received the travelling Angeline book Lets Tat,  I am the last person on the list to have the book that has been travelling around the world for the last three years.  Next stop for the book will be its home Canada and Fox.  I also have Michele's book The Ruins of Lace by Iris Anthony, not sure how long it will take me to read it.
I hope you are well and until we meet again Take Care.


  1. It was a pleasure. I'm sure we will do this again soon.

  2. It looks very beautiful in those colors!!! :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better now Margaret......... this is a lovely piece of work and I like the colours of the thread. I bet you do un-pick and sort your mistake which I had not noticed lol

  4. Beautiful Stunning And I Have Mine Which I Look At Every Day

  5. Its really beautiful Margaret, I do love the colours.
    Kevin xx

  6. Lovely! Interesting to see how the two mats look a bit different, tatted by different people in different colours.

  7. So lovely to see the finished mat Margaret, it is gorgeous. Clever you! Michelle x

  8. I love the colors you've used - looks great!

  9. so gorgeous margaret and i love the colours :D

    xx coops xx

  10. It is beautiful, I know what you mean about the color of variegated thread because to be honest the only way I use variegated thread is to pick one of the colors in solid that is in it and use it along with it. I also think the color that your project rest on is highly important, because it needs to show off your work! Oh yea,black works well many times but to me it's still matters what you lay it on when done.


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