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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kos find


We were walking around the town of Karadmara in Kos,   I brought some jewellery for the grand daughters and daughter in law,  and as we were leaving Vernon noticed some tatting,  When I looked it said needle tatting,  its very unusual to find tatting on sale in Greece,  so out came the camera.   The lady in the shop came out and said she made them, ( the picture above is her shop window),  well we ended up having a conversation on tatting,  naturally.
She asked if I had any tatting with me,  well I always take my tatting with me where ever and I said the next time I came into Karadmara I would bring some.    
Well I did,  I showed her some snowflakes and the Renulek's mat I am working on. (I will do a separate post on them)  she looked and said they were too fine,  I needed to use thicker thread and they would be bigger, it would be easier on the eyes,  
Anyway she showed me her needle,  it was the thickest needle I have ever seen,  I think it would be used on making leather saddles or goods,  her thread is thick too,   she explained she could not buy tatting items so I gave her the web address of Roseground.com.  Unfortunately I don't use tatting needles and I did not have a spare shuttle with me to give her,  I hope she will be able to get a proper tatting needle.
I think I will stick to my no 20 thread and dainty tatting.
I did some tatting by the pool,  it was over 30c so it was too hot to tat for long, Renuleks mat is coming along slowly,  an old lady staying at the hotel stopped and looked,  I think she was Danish and said something which I had no idea what, anyway the next day she was back again and said in English that it was lovely,  I thought that was nice of her.  
I will post my holiday tatting in another post.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
Until we meet again Take care


  1. Crafting always brings people together :-)

  2. Yes It is a language in it's self (crafting) and praiseworthy items speaks volumes and we all can hear and feel close. What a fun treat to see tatting unexpectedly!

  3. each to their own idea's and likes, it would be boring if we all used the same crafting things lol.....bet you were pleased that Vernon spotted the shop

  4. Goodness, I wonder what size thread she uses? I always think of size 20 as quite large and chunky! Of course, tastes do change over time. It used to be that tatting thread was assumed to be size 70 or 80, and it was intended to be dainty. Now most people seem to like the chunkier look of size 20, and some people obviously like it even bigger than that. Variety is what makes it all interesting!

  5. How amazing to see tatting on that small island! I applaud your husband for spotting it! Those must be very large earrings, although it's difficult to tell in the photo. How nice of you to give her some info re supplies!

    Although I started tatting with size 50 and 30, and used to think 20 was too thick, I now love size 20 and all the colors available in Lizbeth, because I can see the knots clearly, and it works well for jewelry, giving earrings some 'heft'. It works well for pendants, too - although I usually mount the pendants onto velvet paper discs, which are then put onto or in metal backings, to give them weight. And I think larger snowflakes and Christmas ornaments look good on the tree. I admire those who use the finer threads, like 70, 80 and 100 (!) and I like knowing that I really could tat with them (as opposed to crocheting with them, where my hands cramp up), but I prefer to be less stressed these days!

    Hope you're feeling better, and glad you had a good vacation. I'm sure it's beautiful there! Also hope your weather stays decent this Fall. Ours has been perfect all summer and September, and we are getting spoiled here in Western Pennsylvania. I can't believe October is here already.

  6. It's always a pleasure meeting another one with the same passion. That's a nice story, thank you


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