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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Pinterest Challenge for October - Open Heart

This months Pinterest Challenge was hard not only did I have to restart it, after a disaster with the iron,  I embroidery the heart and thought I would iron the material,  wrong the silver thread definitely did not like the iron and well lets just say a mess.  Then the roses I made for the heart using a pin that had instructions how to make them were too big for the design,  so I scrapped them and made my own the way I have made thousands of them.  I tell you between the iron and the first lot of roses which I spent hours on this pinterest for October has been a big headache.
I combined several pins and made up my own design,   I love these ribbon embroidery designs on pin and there's a lot of embroidery on there too,  so rather than do all ribbon or embroidery I combined them into my own design for a change.
I am calling this design open heart,  the roses and larger leaves are ribbon,  I embroidered the smaller leaves with variegated thread and the white  French knots which are not showing up in the photo,  and then added the silver beads scattering them around the design,  I did sew a few on the roses to make it look as if the I thrown them on the material.

This challenge has taken me the whole month,  what with trying to get days with good light so I could see to embroider,  and days when the pain was too bad to do anything,  yes it was a challenge,  a big challenge,  did I enjoy it yes and no, but I do like what I achieved,  I just hope Suzanne and Carollyn like it,  I know they had problems so please do pop over and see their blogs

As its Halloween I have not had time to make anything new so here's a picture I used a few years ago
 So I wish you all a very happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend, until we meet again, take care


  1. Wow it is beautiful! I did some years ago and love the look of the embroidery this looks great hard to believe you, had a ruff time of it, the iron has eaten a few of my projects in the past too!

  2. I wouldn't know where to begin with something this beautiful. Margaret you are so talented and its really so pretty. it might have been a real challenge but it was worth it. I love it! lets hope we all have an easier time in November LOL

  3. It's gorgeous Margaret, you should be proud...xx

  4. It may have been a headache, but it turned out beautifully. I especially like the small roses, with a touch of green ribbon and embroidery peeking out from behind. Well done!

  5. Such beautiful work Margaret. I can imagine your frustration when you ironed it! Those roses are gorgeous. Michelle x

  6. Beautiful !!!
    Soon all the troubles & hear burn will be forgotten, but this will stay for long, to give pleasure & satisfaction :-)

  7. 10/10 for persistence because the result is really lovely.


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