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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pinterest challenge from the Pin Chicks for January


Another year of Pinterest challenges from us,  we are now called Pin Chicks,  I rather like this name and at my age to be called a Chick is rather nice.  This year we are joined by Muskaan,  I have no idea what she will choose to make,  its going to be an interesting year with us,  so there are now four of us.
This month was a totally nightmare, partly being on the course at the hospital and not being well enough to concentrate on this.   I did like this pattern and I thought it would look good,  as you can see this is as far as I have got,  to say I am sick of it is an understatement. Sick of the pattern,  sick of colour,  sick of it full stop.  The pattern which went with the picture on Pinterest was totally different when I got into it,  to be honest it was wrong some of the spaces had no stitch numbers so it was like working blind and the picture of the butterfly around her neck had no picots but the diagram did.  The digram looks Russian and is marked Cxema K MoAenn 53,   I have tried to translate it but Google has no idea,  and there's no other link to the person who made it.    I carried on and this is what I end up with a butterfly,  no doubt you got there before I told you,  with enormous wings,  its supposed to be on a necklace with this butterfly in the middle,  it could and might look stunning,  I will finish it and I will blog it again when finished.  I am using Lizbeth thread no 20 called Niagare Falls.
Now here's the links to the other blogs do please pop over and see what they have made this month.   First Suzanne link to her blog,  Carolyn's blog,   and lastly Muskaan blog. If you fancy joining us, that us Pin Chicks, then let us know its so simple find something on Pinterest that you fancy making or having a go at,  and then blogging it towards the end of the month.
Until we meet again take care


  1. wow Margaret this is beautiful, I love the cotton you have choosen. I hope it dosen't cause you too much stress but I know you will get it finished as soon as you are feeling well enough. (feeling well, remember what that feels like)?
    don't be too hard on yourself, get lots of rest and go back to it when you can.
    hugs Suzanne xx

  2. Lovely tatting & design !!!! And such an elaborate pattern .... I would love to tat this, if you share the pin. Sometimes solid colours work best, but I like the blue shades here .
    So, we are now The Four Pin Chicks ;-P

  3. Oh Wow Margaret I have seen that pattern and tried it and you got way further than I ever did. I love it and the color but understand when working with something so long it is frustrating. I sure hope you finish it. Remember long ago there was a blogger that could read Russian and she said the pattern are not that easy, many chat rooms have talked about how they must tat with sight and not really go by patterns, like some play a piano that way :) except they hear it and play it:) You should write down the pattern the way you did and it would be revised! The second thing is that I find Butterfly patterns very hard to do any way!

    1. It's a good idea, I wrote down the last one and Shannon asked for it, I must type it up for her, I expect she thinks I have forgotten, but I have not,
      It's been a hard pattern and I think if I do I will change a few bits, there were gaps with no numbers so working out the stitches was hard, the second wing is working up faster than the first. I will finish it.
      Thanks for the comment

  4. Sounds as though you bit off rather a lot, but the results are spectacular, worth working on!

  5. Thanks for the comments, I am so glad you like it, worth all the effort

  6. It,s a beautiful colour and will be stunning when you finally finish it, hope you are feeling better

  7. Well it looks fab and incredibly difficult to do so well done. Hope you are feeling better soon x

  8. Lovely work Margaret can't wait to see the finished result. The colours are stunning.

  9. I think you have done a gorgeous job on that butterfly so far!!! It has a very elegant look to it!!! :)

  10. It's a beautiful butterfly. I hope to see the finished product soon. And a pattern too.


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