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Friday, 10 August 2018



During this heatwave,  we have had two dragonflies in the house,   this is a picture of the second one,  I might add this is the smaller one,  hes green and only just fits into the bug catcher that is about 2 inches square,   He was not harmed in any way Vernon managed to catch him and release him back into the garden.
The first one was about 4 to 5 inches long,  a beautiful blue colour,  I wish I had taken a picture of him because he really was  beautiful. Vernon did catch him just in the bug catcher with a large part of him on the outside,  he was released back into the garden without harm
Normally are dragonflies are about the size of a butterfly this year they seem to have gone mad in the heatwave and seem to have grown huge.
They say its going to get cooler with rain,  my garden really could do with some rain now,  but I don't want the summer to be over,  just enough rain to water the garden would be fine,  and less humility would be welcome.  If it did cool down I could get back to my knitting,  the evenings seem to be hotter and the nights are impossible to sleep in.


  1. Oh we have caddy fly near us very much like dragonfly's but larger but never had one in the house. Yes sleeping is abit uncomfortable but like you hope the summer lasts longer don't want my coat and heating on just yet

  2. He looks huge! Glad you could get him back out to the garden where he belongs.

  3. Gosh he looks pretty big Margaret, good that he was released back into your garden without injury. We are much cooler up here in the North of Scotland, it's beginning to feel like Autumn first thing in the morning, have a great weekend, Kate x

  4. Beautiful dragonflies. I wish you rain but less humidity. It sounds like our weather all year long.

  5. I once tried to take a pic of a 'dragonfly' in my balcony. But it was perched on the mesh of door and the pics didn't come out nice.


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