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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Travelling Lace part three

This is the final part of the travelling lace,   she been out about in Somerset with me over the last couple of months,  I am waiting to hear form the next lady who going to have her so I can send her on her way for her next adventure.
We went to Mells and this small  stone building in the centre of Mells is reputed to be where Little Jack horner sat eating his Christmas Pie,  The earliest Version of "Little Jack Horner" dates back to the 18th century.
This is Vernon holding her up for me to take a picture,  only it didn't work

We went back through Kilmersdon and I managed to stop and take a picture of this thatched cottage who had its thatched roof redone recently and on the top of the roof they have built two figures of Jack and Jill and they even have one holding a small bucket.
Kilmersdon is recorded in the Domesday book.which dated back at least 1,000 years,  most of the village dated back to the 19th centruy

We took a trip out passing the Glastonbury Tor,  unfortunately Lacey decided not to co-operate in taking a picture of her and folded back over my hand as I took the picture of the tor,  while Vernon was driving,    on  this road there was no where to stop to actually take the picture.
On our way back we drove through Pilton and I managed to get this picture of the centre of Pilton with Lacey.
The Glastonbury music festive is actually just outside the village of Pilton, and Pilton is about five miles from Glastonbury,

We had to go back to Castle Cary,  and I managed to get parked and take a couple of photos,  the top one is the Horse pond,   the horse pond which is said to be part of the moat to the castle,  The first castle was besieged in 1138 and again in 1152,  originally made of a timber frame  and would have been built by the Normans.   Today no is sure where the actual castle was.  The history of Cary appeared after the Norman invasion in the 11th century,  but there is evidence of  occupation before that.
The Horse pond was used where they had horse and wagons and the horses where driven into the pond for a cool off and drink,  Its fed by underground streams,  having only lived a few yards away with an underground stream under the stone cottage I rented,  I can say in winter after heavy rain there was some dampness.
The bronze swan was put in the pond in 2001 for the millennium year 2000,  I watched as they lowered the swan in place,   Years ago there was a pair of swans living on the pond but after the mink killed them,  they were not replaced instead this bronze was put in the pond.  There is fish in the pond but don't think about catching them,  the locals would soon chase anyone off for stealing the fish.
The other picture on the side if looking up the high street.  There are many listed buildings in Cary,  it is a market town rather than a village.   One factory still exists in Cary and that is the horse hair factory making cloth from horse hair and is said to be the only left in England.  When you see some of the chairs and furniture in stately homes or in the royal palaces the fabric will have been made in  Cary.

This is the last picture of Lacey before leaving me and I thought it would be nice to show her with my heirloom cloth,  this tatted lace doily which was made by my fathers mother is over 100 years old,  is in good condition even through I washed in the washing machine.   

I hope you enjoyed this post and some of the history of Somerset.



  1. Thank you, you took us on an interesting tour, as well as Lacey!

  2. Beautiful pictures and interesting, thank you very much. Wow!!! a 100yo doily, how did you dare to put it in the washing machine?? Bad girl ((!))

  3. Brilliant photos thanks for sharing Ginny
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. 'Lacey' has had a wonderful tour with you two margaret, I do love to read the history behind all the pretty places you visit, we have so much to be proud of in our past, thanks so much for sharing.xx

  5. Fun travel pictures! When you washed the 100-year old tatting in the machine was that on purpose? It’s beautiful and I’m not surprised it held up but I’m not sure I would have been daring enough to do so!

  6. Fabulous photographs Margaret, Lacey is certainly well travelled. We went to Glastonbury back in August, the boys climbed to the top - I decided to give it a miss!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  7. I love the thatched roof and you imformation and the furniture cloth is fun fact💐and your keepsake cloth is fun to see💐


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