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Sunday, 21 February 2021

My Amaryllis


I was given this bulb by a friend for Christmas,  and wow has it grown,  it’s very tall and each flower is eight inches in dia.  

After a horrible week with the the vaccine jab,  I feel I have gone eight rounds in a boxing ring,  the fibromyalgia did nit like the jab at all,  my arm where they put it is still painful,  at least every mussel and joint and bone in my body is not causing me pain.  They said I would get a high temperature,  I was so cold I felt as if I was in a freezer.  My second one is in May of joy of Joy’s to go though this again.

Hooe you are staying safe well,  and for those of you in the USA warm.



  1. What a beautiful plant Margaret, and I'm sorry you had such an upset with your vaccine, I hope you feel better soon, Kate x

  2. The amaryllis is pretty. Sorry you had such a bad reaction to the vaccination, hopefully it’s effective and less dire than the disease itself.

  3. Hi Margaret, what a stunning flower and at such a time we need all the colour therapy we can get.
    Your lucky to have got the jab, we are struggling here waiting to get more, mine should have been done weeks ago and to be honest I am more than abit fed up waiting to try and get a life of sorts back. Hope your ok now.xx

  4. Wish you didn't have such a strong reaction to the vaccine and hoping the next time will be easier. The flowers look gorgeous; beautiful colours!

  5. Gorgeous flower Margaret. I know s lot of people who have suffered the same as you after the vaccine. I’ve heard the reaction to the second dose isn’t as bad so hopefully you won’t go through the same again.

  6. Oh this is stunning, I had one I bought in lidl and it was totally white when it came out. It was beautiful too. I hope that you are starting to feel better after your vaccine. Thats my fear that it will trigger a fibro flair :( Love Hazelx


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