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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Happy 20th wedding anniversary


Today 20 years ago, Vernon and I were married,  gosh 20 years it does not seem like it,  yes we have had our ups and downs,  the good times and the bad times, illnesses,  that’s me more than him,  wonderful holidays here and in Europe and Turkey,  not a lot more I could ask for.

I made this card for him,  reflecting on it I think it’s more female than male,  originally I was going to add an invitation in it hence the table where she sitting for afternoon tea,  but Vernon said he did not want an afternoon tea,  he wanted a pair of slippers,  so I will get him a pair when we go shopping.

Last week I had an injection in my hip,  a guided one with a scanner,  the injection goes deep into the hip,  the gland is very inflamed,  and I told to rest and it would take two weeks to settle down.  I could not shower for 24 hours because of the hole where the needle went,  and the dressing was not to get wet.  I am following their instructions,  it still hurts and is bruised inside,  just hoping this injection will work and the pain will ease,  it’s been very bad over the last few months,  less pain would be good.

Today we are having a quite day,  a Chinese meal and a bottle of wine.

Hope you have a lovely day



  1. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary,I hope you had a great day and lovely meal.Your card is beautiful.Hope the hip improves

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. Ow, the injection sounds daunting, I hope it helps.

  3. wishing you a very happy 20th anniversary, what a lovelky card you made for Vernon , Tilly

  4. Beautiful card Margaret, and hope you two have a happy anniversary, 20 years is quite good these days..
    I hope your hip soon feels the benefit of that injection, take care.xx

  5. Happy anniversary! I hope your hip heals quickly.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope Vernon enjoys his slippers and your meal.The card is so beautiful, such a lovely desig too.
    Oh my that sounds a very painful injection, but I hope it does the trick and eases your painful hip, Kate x


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