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Friday, 26 March 2010

Cards for new Grand parents


A couple of months ago I was commissioned for a card for someone who had just become grandparents. They chose one of my baby cards with the knitted jacket on.

So I made the card with the knitted jacket on the knitting needles. The needles are tooth picks with a small bead on the end so the stitches don't fall off.
This got me thinking, it might be useful to have a card on my stall, so after making two cards, one blue and one pink, i put them on my stall. One thing I like is to have something for every occasion, it is very difficult and even if is only two cards for the unusual occasion's at least there is something on the table for that one off customer.

Since I made these two cards, I sold one last month and I have therefore have made another one to replace the sold card. If they want great grandparents on it, I can put the great on it as I have left enough space for it.

The knitted jacket is only about 15 stitches and about 15 rows then I cast on five stitches each end for the sleeves, depending on the thickness of the wool, this one was knitted in four ply, I leave a long end and then roll it up so it looks as if there is a ball of wool attached. Place on tooth picks and add a bead on the each end. The whole thing is then glued to the card.

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  1. Love the little knitted jacket....how sweet is that....good job I love Dolly Parton to...lol.....yes hun it's working...lol....xxx

  2. oh these are fab margaret, really love those little knitted jackets, so sweet.the music is really fab, you`ve even got my little lad jigging.luv coops.xx


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