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Monday, 8 March 2010

Knitted Lace

Today I thought I would show you some of my Knitted lace pictures on for you.
Having learnt to knit from the age of three it seemed only natural to progress into knitted lace. I saw a pattern in a wool shop when I was in my twenties and thought I would have a go, the pattern had a doily, coffee mat and then a tablecloth Well I brought enough cotton for the doily and liked it so much went back to the shop for some more cotton and thought I would continue the pattern and make the coffee mat, when I got so far, I went back to the shop and had to order more cotton and then went on it finished up as the tablecloth. Its in my draw and I must get it out and photo it for one day. Yes I still use it on special days, My husband thinks its a total waste of time as tablecloths are not used but I still have it and it was last used at Christmas. He thinks I should sell them but I made it for me to use and as far as I am concerned its going to be kept and used. One day it might be an heirloom.

The pictures are of three mats that are on my craft table, I don't sell very many but its makes the table different and gives the table a something different to sell.

These are simple to make and I must confess they are from a pattern.

I used to take the magazine called "Anne" they used print it in English but a couple of years ago they finished saying it was costing too much money. I started collecting the magazines in 1972/3 and have every copy since then until they stopped printing them. The German patterns for knitted lace are not written out like the English pattern, they are on graph and are followed line by line, in fact although it sounds hard they are quite easy once you have master it and done a few items.

They also have a lot of tatting patterns, tatting patterns in this country are very difficult to get so they were the main source for me to get new patterns from. I am going to take some photos of my tatting for you to have a look at. but that is for another day.

I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog.

Take care

Hugs Margaret


  1. Margaret they are so pretty and don't sell them hun....memories and all that...lol....I never knitted but did used to crochet alot....especially when the kids where small,learnt from my Grandmother and never used a pattern....but I still have bits and bobs in the loft....lol....x

  2. wow margaret, these are so beautiful.you must have the patience of a saint.luv coops.xx

  3. oh wow wish i was as clever and no dont get rid it is lovely.


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