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Thursday, 1 July 2010

What is it?????


I hope you are still enjoying the lovely weather, we have rain forecasted tonight and tomorrow, my garden really does need some rain, I am not watering my tubs and tomato plants tonight as it is cloudy and looks like rain.

This is not what I was going to put on my blog today, but this bird is what I found in my garden today. I have no idea what it is, he did look a young bird. I heard a strange chip that sounded a bit like a dripping tap this morning but could not see what bird was making the noise.
I have a lot of sparrows, and blackbirds a couple of blue tits but nothing outstanding , which is hard to believe as we live within reach of fields so you would think my garden would be full of lovely birds but I just don't seem to get them even though I put out food in the winter and any bits of left over bread even in the summer.

So can anyone please tell me what this bird is.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog today and look forward to seeing you pass by again soon

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  1. It looks like an adolesant Peregrine Falcon to me.

  2. Hi Margaret,well I am not as learned as Naomi,but I would say some sort of falcon,bet you she is bang on the nail you know....whatever it is he is beautiful..xx

  3. wow he is certainly a handsome bird.i would of said either a kestral or a falcon but am not too good with birds.lol.thanks for sharing.luv coops.xx

  4. It's a bird der brain!

  5. looks like a perigrine falcon to me best wishes Lesley x


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