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Monday, 9 August 2010

Toad or Frog?

Look what walked across the patio yesterday, my husband Vernon was cooking lunch, (he likes cooking Sunday lunch so I leave him to it). He looked out of the open kitchen door onto the patio and was amazed to see this Toad or Frog just walking across without a care in the world.
He called me just to have a look so I grabbed my camera to take this photo. So is there anyone out there in blog land can tell me is he/she a Toad or a Frog. We don't have a pond, we have a large tray on the patio which the blackbird and sparrows love to have a bath in so he might make his home in there, it would be lovely if he stays.
Last year we had a green frog living in the empty flower pots but unfortunately we lost him during the hard winter as he went into the tray and froze in the shallow water, as the tray was frozen for weeks, as was the bird bath and bird dish around the garden. Hopefully we will not have such a hard winter this year.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my new visitor to our garden and look forward to seeing you again in blog land.
Take care
Hugs Margaret


  1. Hi Margaret,Really can't say, which is abit daft when I think of it as my Garden has a good few frogs and toads in it....usually I find toads to be fatter...but I could be wrong....love to see them, but they do have a habit of scaring me to death at times...lol....if you stick a plant pot upside down in a hedge somewhere you may encourage them....just don't blame me when you have alot...lol...xxx

  2. Like your visitor - I THINK it's a toad but I'm no expert. Must say it's lovely to visit your blog without the music - I had to keep turning my sound off each time I visited as it was impinging on 'his' television!!!!

  3. Hello Margaret
    I hope you are feeling better, I think it is a frog, easier to tell from the front though, nice to have him whatever he /she is ! lol
    Tilly x

  4. hi margaret.fab picture.i think its a frog.i always thought toads were fatter and lumpier:)

    xx coops xx

  5. I would run a mile from it - i certainly would not be looking at it to find out what it was

  6. Hiya! I think it looks like a toad...or maybe a frog...sorry not much help am i? lol!! xx Jenny xx


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