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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Had enough of hospitals


I have nothing to show you today, I have not felt like doing any craft over the last week. I have spent the last two days in hospital, to get the scan done quickly they made me an in patient but let me go home, and then yesterday I went back and had the scan.
I have been in pain for some time, but just keep working and trying to carry on with life, but the pain at times has been severe. the pain killers really dont work and I hate taking them. Anyway I had the scan and it showed no stones which upset me, I was told on Monday that scans don't always show the stones, if they are small. I felt upset yesterday how can anyone be in so much pain and nothing shows up.
I meet the surgeon yesterday and he has a plan, he feels that the gall bladder may not be working properly so I have some more tests to go though, One test is to put something into the gall bladder, not sure what that will involve. At the moment don't know when these are going to be done, so in the meantime its pain killers and carry on. On our way home Vernon my husband and I both agreed he sounded like the A team........ I only hope his plan come together and it works. My father had gall bladder problems and had his removed when I was a child and apparently it can run in families.
We go to Turkey in September and he is happy for me to go so its another holiday in pain. hopefully by then something might have happen.
Thank you for all your wishes and thank you for visiting my blog today hope to see you again in blog land.
take care
Hugs Margaret


  1. Aww Margaret this is such a dragged on thing for you,hope they soon sort you out and get back to normal..xx

  2. Hope that all is well with you soon I shall be thinking of you!!

  3. oh no! I hope it all gets sorted soon

  4. Hi Margaret...just wanted to say hi, and hope all is well soon xx JEnny xx


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