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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I cannot believe Specsavers in Frome


I was going to post my knitted angels but after a conversation this morning with Specsavers in Frome well I just had to write and share it with you.
I think I had the most stupidest person that works there, I rang up for an appointment for my husband between Christmas and New Year, you would think that would be simple.
The conversation went like this :-
"Could I please book an appointment for my husband between Christmas and New Year"
"We have a cancellation for this afternoon if you would like it"
"No thanks my husband is at work and he is not working between Christmas and new year"
"I have one for the 21st December",
"No I want an appointment between Christmas and New Year"
"You are confusing me" she said by now I am getting a bit annoyed.
"What is so confusing about an appointment between Christmas and New Year" I ask
"Christmas Day"
Now I am angry, "No one works on Christmas day and I am not asking for Christmas day he wants an appointment between Christmas and new year are you open then"
"Yes what about the 29th"
"Fine what time"
By now I am to the point of screaming, Where do these firms find there staff because she needs a lot of training, I better not go with him I might be rude.
Sorry to share this little story with you, but I hope when you make an appointment over Christmas and New Year you have better luck than I have had at getting one.
Hope you are keeping well and warm, take care and I hope we do not any more snow before Christmas


  1. lol maybe she didnt know when christmas day was. Have a relaxing Christmas

  2. Ha, ha - you just reminded me of a call I had last week from one of those call centres that are based in India or Pakistan or somewhere far afield. The man was asking me different questions and it was going quite well and then he said 'can I take your age please?' So I said 'I'm 33 but it's my birthday tomorrow so then I'll be 34', so he said 'no, can I take your age, please', so I repeated myself. Then he said it again, so I said 'I'm 33 today but it's my birthday tomorrow, so tomorrow I'll be 34' and he asked me the same question again. I was getting a bit annoyed and repeated myself but I did raise my voice a bit, then all of a sudden another man comes on the phone and said 'If you don't want to give us your age, it isn't a problem'. I was like aarrrggghhh, 'it's not a problem'. In the end, I just said I was 34!!! Mxxxx

  3. I usually get the thicko people lol, pleased you got there in the end.... not been around much, some lovely cards added and hope your painis sorted a bit better now
    Tilly x

  4. Hehe that did make me chuckle Margaret xxx

  5. Sounds like quite the conversation!


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